Fluance the finest Surround sounds for Home Theater System


Home Theater SystemThe finest sound system you can have for your home theater system is what Fluance provides your family and friends. For the great viewing of your favorite movies and shows. Hence, Fluance is the finest series of speaker systems that provides brilliant and attractive performances with a cleverly matched seven-speaker surround sound system. Excellent elements to make sure sound reproduction that will surpass audiophile beliefs. From the dynamic solo sound trip to exemplify lyrics, the floorstanding towers, surrounds. As well as, ends surround, and middle channel speaker coordinates for pure hearing sense.

Product Description

  • Composed of seven sound systems that coordinately sounds together with a superb home theater system sound.
  • With high-frequency Floorstanding towers, dynamic midrange, and a subwoofer all together in an accurate-crafted enclosure to conceal distortion and deliver a great response.
  • It gives a remarkable creation of the best details, the finest sounds are greatly accurate and deeply musical with a wide frequency reaction and low distortion.
  • Highlighting the great sound radiation and great timbre creating in top increasing the quality in music and dialogue, you will sense as if you are part of the on-screen experience.
  • The Classic woodgrain finish that boasts its finest wooden crafted. It engineered the MDF wood cabinet to make sure a natural, distortion-free sound delivers a clear listening experience.

Point Of View

Thus, the great partner for the best home theater system that you will need for perfect cinematic experience right in your living room. Thus, the wooden design case takes you back to the past and makes your home a different lifestyle. The sound is very good. Hence, it delivers equality around the living room. Moreover, it offers the best and affordable price which you will be thankful that you have. If you want to have the right and great sound this is your great choice.

Fluance Elite Series Surround Sound Home Theater 7.0 Channel Speaker System including Three-way Floorstanding, Center Channel, Surround & Rear Surround Speakers - Walnut (SX70WR)
  • 7.0 Speaker System - Expertly timbre matched 7 speaker system that will surround you with every brilliant nuance the way the artist intended
  • Three-Way Floorstanding Towers - High frequency tweeters, dynamic midrange, and subwoofer come together in a precision crafted enclosure to suppress distortion and provide an accurate response
  • Dynamic Surrounds - Remarkable reproduction of the finest details, the Elite Surrounds are a highly accurate and intensely musical system with broad frequency response and low distortion
  • Detailed Center Channel - Featuring superb sound radiation and rich timbre resulting in top reproduction qualities in music and dialogue, you'll feel as if you're part of the on-screen experience
  • Precision Crafted Cabinets - Boasting a classic woodgrain finish, the engineered MDF wood cabinet ensures a natural, distortion-free sound offering a pure listening experience



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