Best 4k Gaming TV in UK

Best gaming 4k tv 2019 in UK

Gamers are always looking for the best 4k gaming TV in the United Kingdom where they can play games as well as they can enjoy their favorite shows and movies. Although, all the TVs are the same and there is no main difference if you are looking for gaming TV. However, there are some of … Read moreBest 4k Gaming TV in UK

5 Innovative Gaming Trends To Look For In 2019

5 Innovative Gaming Trends

The gaming industry continues to rapidly change as newer, more innovative technologies are introduced. Whether it is the popularity of virtual reality or the enhancement of television technology, game developers rely on such advancements to improve gamer experience and their games. The year 2019 is predicted to bring a lot of joy for gamers. As … Read more5 Innovative Gaming Trends To Look For In 2019

2019 Best 4K TV for Gaming

Gaming TV 2019

Welcoming the new year are the best 4K TVs for gaming! Boasting of 4K Ultra-high resolution, these 4K TVs have everything you could want in a television. Impressive contrast for more effective and realistic viewing Picture-perfect quality that lets you see content with crisp details Top notch ultimate processor Unmatched clarity and detail Today’s Best … Read more2019 Best 4K TV for Gaming

Lenovo IdeaCentre C20 All-in-One PC: More Than Meets The Eye


Lenovo IdeaCentre C20 All-in-One PC When it comes to work and leisure, nothing beats all-in-one PC TVs. The moment we heard the word ‘all-in-one’, we imagine things that bring convenience. But what if this all-in-one product can be purchased at an affordable price? In the world of all-in-one computers, hefty prices are the main issue. … Read moreLenovo IdeaCentre C20 All-in-One PC: More Than Meets The Eye

Top Asus Gaming Monitor 2019

asus vg278 monitor

The Asus Company has finally released the newest with the greatest style of gaming monitors. Recently, the Asus released the no.1 gaming monitor in worldwide that includes impressive features and specs. Likewise, this is a good thing for all gamers out there. So, check these top Asus gaming monitor 2018 that supports high-quality gaming features! … Read moreTop Asus Gaming Monitor 2019

Top Multi-Touch Screen Monitor 2019


The touchscreen technologies are prominent in today’s generation – it can be either a phone, tablet and even a television could be used as a touchscreen. However, the touchscreen simply allowing the user to interact with the computer by touching the screen of the devices. Likewise, in today’s era, the touchscreen turns out to be … Read moreTop Multi-Touch Screen Monitor 2019

Samsung Curved LED Gaming Monitor Under £300

samsung cf390

Have you heard the biggest upgrade for gaming PC? Well, meet the newest and biggest upgrade for gaming PC, the Curved LED Gaming Monitor. It actually turned the ordinary gaming PC into incredible gaming PC that let you experience the gaming sessions exciting and enjoyable too. And it has too many advantages compared to the … Read moreSamsung Curved LED Gaming Monitor Under £300

Best 4K UHD TV for Gaming (PS4 Pro and Xbox One X)

Best 4K UHD TV for Gaming PS4 Pro and Xbox One X

Today, we’re listing a selection of displays that are considered as the best 4K Ultra HD TV for gaming. 4K TVs that are ideal for PS4 Pro or Xbox One X. Though some TV models might not be available yet, depending on the country. Video gaming is now bigger than ever. It has a big … Read moreBest 4K UHD TV for Gaming (PS4 Pro and Xbox One X)

Review – Sony XBR XF85 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Sony XBR X850F XF85 topuptv uk

Today we are taking a closer look at the Sony XBR X850F, XF85 in the UK. Sony’s mid-range TV offering for the year 2018 and probably their mid-range flagship model. It is the successor of the Sony XBR X850E. Other than the overall changes in its aesthetics and frame design, it also features the brands … Read moreReview – Sony XBR XF85 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV