Get Your Hands on the Top 5 BEST-SELLING TVs in the UK Today!

From design to entertainment features, we reviewed the top 5 BEST-SELLING TVs in UK today. Read on and discover the best of the best when it comes to giving you the ultimate entertainment experience that every TV in the market promises.

Choose the Top 5 Best-Selling TVs: Your Buying Guide

First, let’s discuss the key features that will give you the most bang for your buck. This guide reveals the top secrets to buying the top 5 best-selling TVs in the market today with confidence.

Don’t be fooled the next time you go to the store or browse their website. Be sure you make the right decision. Check out these main features that the best TVs should possess:

  • High-Resolution – For a future-proof TV set, don’t settle for any less than 4K resolution. You can get the best picture with HDR, 4K Ultra HDR, and 8K TVs. This set offers more realistic colours and better contrast for better viewing and entertainment.
  • Smart TVs – Most TVs today are SMART TVs. This means easy access to infotainment and online technology.
  • Screen Size – This is the most significant factor you shouldn’t take for granted when deciding which TV to spend your money on. Choose the largest screen size that will fit easily and comfortably in your living space. The best TVs are between 40 and 65 inches.
  • Refresh Rate (Hz) – The standard refresh rate (or the number of times per second a picture is refreshed on the screen) is 60 times per second or 60 Hz. Don’t buy a TV with less than 120 Hz.

2019 Top 5 Best-Selling TVs in the UK

Now that you know what to look for, let’s review the top five best-selling TVs in the UK that will give you the best deals in the market today!

1. Samsung UE49NU7100 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Certified HDR Smart TVtop 5 BEST-SELLING TVs Samsung UE49NU7100

Coming in at the top spot, this 49-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV boasts of smart features that make binge-watching series and gaming even more pleasurable. The Samsung UE49NU7100 is a smart TV that allows you to connect to the internet and access online applications to watch catch-up services including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. What’s more, the Samsung UE49NU7100 offers excellent quality pictures thanks to its 4K resolution and panel quality. It also features HDR10+ technology, which when combined with a gaming device or a Samsung 4K Blu-Ray will give you ultra-colourful images and exceptional shadow detail. Other features that make the Samsung UE49NU7100 the top TV in its category include:

  • Catch-up TV & 4K Streaming with Smart Hub
  • Picture quality: 1300 PQI
  • HDMI 2.0a x 3
  • “Smart Things App” for remote access to other Samsung devices on your home network
  • Auto Motion Plus for impressive clarity in moving pictures
  • Dynamic Crystal Color and HDR 10+ combination
  • Well-designed cable management; cables are concealed in one of the TV’s feet which can house up to three cables


2. Samsung QLED 8K TVstop 5 BEST-SELLING TVs Samsung QLED 8K

Among the best of its class, the Samsung QLED 8K TVs come in various screen sizes for more buying options: 65”, 75”, and 85”. Samsung’s QLED 8K TV set offers high-resolution that adds a new dimension of reality to any living room. Samsung’s first 8K TVs dazzle with industry-leading off-angle viewing for a wide range of viewing options at different viewing positions. With this new feature, everyone can now enjoy accurate and consistent colours and contrast wherever, whenever. Samsung’s 8K TV state-of-the-art image processing is also second to none. It uses artificial intelligence to utilise all extra pixels and local dimming.

With the Samsung QLED 8K TVs, you can expect:

  • 8K Ultra HD stunning images
  • Incredible brightness and colour
  • Groundbreaking upscaling
  • External ‘One Connect’ box that jacks into the TV via a single, slender cable
  • Very low input lag
  • 4x HDMI in, 3x USB multimedia port
  • LAN and Wi-Fi network options


3. Samsung UE40NU7120 40-Inch 4K Ultra HD Certified HDR Smart TVtop 5 BEST-SELLING TVs Samsung UE40NU7120

If you’re looking for a TV with excellent picture quality and small frame, then this 40-inch Ultra HD Smart TV is your best choice. Samsung made connecting the device to your phone as fast and easy as possible with the Samsung UE40NU7120. Now, you no longer need your remote to navigate through the television. With just your smartphone, you can switch channels and explore various options! In addition, the Samsung UE40NU7120 guarantees sharp contrast and brightness and pure colours with its latest 4K resolution standards. Its Auto Motion Plus also allows you to appreciate every detail in fast-moving pictures without blur! Experience stunning dim lighting details and authentic colour with the HDR powered by HDR 10+.

The Samsung UE40NU7120 offers:

  • Great value for your money
  • Stunning picture quality
  • Easy set up to cast programs on the TV
  • Ultra HD certified colour and clarity
  • HDR 10+ technology
  • Auto Motion Plus
  • Clean cable solution
  • 360-degree design


4. Panasonic TX-24E302B 720p HD Ready 24-Inch LED TV with Freeview HDtop 5 BEST-SELLING TVs Panasonic TX 24E302B

Although the Panasonic TX-24E302B does not boast of the same large screen size as its competitors, it raises the bar with added amenities that are a sure win for gamers and film users.The Panasonic TX-24E302B is not your ordinary TV. It boasts of brilliant images and great sound that will give you a bang for your buck. This TV set gives you a first-class television experience unlike any other. It comes with a great HD resolution,70 FREE channels, and two HDMI ports, perfect for the gamers out there. The Panasonic TX-24E302B also saves you on power thanks to its handy setting that automatically turns the TV off when not in use.Among the notable features that will give your money’s worth are:

  • Energy-efficient class
  • A+ energy rating
  • Energy-saving mode
  • 720p HD ready
  • Good all-around picture quality
  • Built-in Freeview HD tuner
  • SD card multimedia playback
  • Easy & Multi Connectivity 2 x HDMI 1.4 / 1 x USB 2.0 / SCART / RGB / Component & Aerial
  • Real motion rate 200Hz, Panel Brightness 220 nits

5. LG 43UK6300PLB 43-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview Playtop 5 BEST-SELLING TVs LG 43UK6300PLB

Not to be outdone, LG also brings to the table its very own 43-inch UHD 4K Smart LED TV that will leave every game in awe. The LG 43UK6300PLB offers four times resolution than the Full HD, producing brilliant clary and contrast. It also provides vivid details perfect for viewing even up close.The LG 43UK6300PLB’s vibrant and vivid picture from any angle will give you a modern viewing and gaming experience you never thought is even possible. It also comes with advanced HDR technology that can adapt to a variety of HDR formats. Other features that will leave you in awe when you purchase this TV include:

  • Wide viewing angle
  • Adaptive sound control
  • ThinQ AI
  • HDR 10 technology
  • In-plane switching (IPS) technology

Pay for the Right Price

When looking for a TV, be sure that you get your money’s worth. There are a lot of bargains out there, but are they worth it?

Don’t hold off: choose one with the latest features and best capabilities; choose the Samsung UE49NU7100 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Certified HDR Smart TV. As the best of the top 5 best-selling TVs in the UK, this Samsung model wins the category with Ultra HD and Auto Motion Plus that is the best of its class.

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