Best HiSense TVs – 30″ to 60″ TVs Reviewed in 2019

Smart, 4K Ultra HD TVs are the wave of the future. Not only can these types of TV stream 4K content to your living room, they can do it through Ultra HD supporting streaming services like Amazon and Netflix. Using built-in Smart TV and Ultra HD technology, Chinese company Hisense has an excellent line of televisions that will provide a wealth of entertainment for any owner. Ultra HD provides a stunning four times the visual resolution of 1920 v 1080 (1080p) televisions; allowing for more details and striking colour presentations.

Hisense has been producing “white goods” or home appliances for almost 50 years now and their latest selections of televisions have pushed the state of the art to new levels. Today their product catalogue features curved units, TVs with HDMI 2.0 support, and even USB 3.0 supporting models.

Firstly, it’s important to know what exactly it means to have a Smart TV. Hisense TVs with this feature will allow you to instantly stream content from a variety of services, like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Youtube; without the need for an external device like a Chromecast or an Amazon Fire Stick.

Secondly, these Hisense TVs can be very large; traditional TVs used to be considered rather large at 27 inches, but most HDTVs today are considered averagely sized at 40 inches. Also, many of the TVs in this line have 4K Ultra HD screens operating at a pixel density of 4096 × 2160, which means that each image will have more pixels, so you’ll see more intricate details of an object.

Best Hisense TV by screen size

30″ – 39” TVs



  • The stand that this television comes packaged with is very easy to assemble, so for someone who plans on moving around a bit, like a student, this is the perfect HD television.
  • Despite the fact that this is a 720p television, the picture is still very vivid and colourful.
  • Its size is once again, perfect for someone who needs to move around without a lot of fuss; it’ll easily fit in the boot of your car or in your backseat as you go from home to dorm, or room to room.
  • Freeview HD is also bundled in with this TV. You’ll be able to have quick and easy access to many of the UK’s best programmes.
  • This TV has a large number of inputs so that you’ll easily be able to hook up your Blu-ray player, your game systems, and your sound bar with ease. In totality, this TV has three HDMI and two USBs.


  • Not a 4K Ultra HD television, so you’ll be limited to 720p HD definitions. The TV still has excellent colour depth.
  • This TV doesn’t have much in the way of instructions; most users had to consult online repositories for information on how to set up the device.
  • The power switch, which is hidden under the screen, is sometimes hard to locate.
  • Some people like to purchase smaller HDTVs and use them as computer monitors. It’s not recommended for this TV, as its relatively low resolution won’t look good with many graphical software suites.


40″ – 49” TVs



  • 40 inch is a more front room friendly television size. You’ll have no problem watching a TV with these dimensions from anywhere in a moderately sized TV room.
  • It features smart TV functionality. The 40-inch models are where Hisense TVs start to incorporate app features. With this 40 inch Smart TV, you’ll be able to instantly stream internet-based television services like Amazon, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer.
  • At this size, the pixel density of 4K allows you to experience some truly sharp and detailed visuals. Also, this television uses a collection of HDMI 2.0 connectors. HDMI 2.0 has a higher refresh rate threshold than standard HDMI 1.0 connectors, so you’ll be able to get faster frame rates in your games, TV shows, and movies with this type of connector.
  • For the rich feature set, this HDTV is a steal.


  • There’s not as much application support as some other brands of Smart TV; as a matter of fact, relatively common apps like Tversity and Windows Media are only somewhat supported. This can lead to an uneven viewing experience for some owners.
  • Access to some applications can cause the TV to stutter somewhat. This TV doesn’t have a blazing fast processor, so your experience can vary based on running operations.
  • Since contrast is measured by the TV’s deepest black to its whitest whites, you may be unsatisfied with the black levels, as they can sometimes tend to be a bit washed out.


50″ – 59” TVs



  • This is one of the Hisense TVs that features a plethora of ports. You’ll have plenty of devices to connect to this television since it has provisioning for four HDMI 2.0 connectors, two USB 2.0 connections, and a USB 3.0 jack. It also has several legacy connections including a component and RCA section, a coaxial connector, and even a headphone jack.
  • The sound is crisp enough to not require a dedicated soundbar for a fully immersive, home theatre style experience.
  • The picture quality of this product is amazing. Like a few of the higher end devices on this list, it is a fully 4K television that brings to high definition life nearly any image that you display on it.
  • As a Smart TV, you’ll have instant access (with an internet connection) to services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video.


  • Doesn’t have Bluetooth functionality, so you won’t be able to easily tether your mobile devices in order to playback Spotify or Pandora through the TV’s excellent sounding speakers.
  • Some users have reported that the TV has a somewhat uneven backlight, though this can be a result of the fact that this is a LED TV, and backlights tend to vary with these types of televisions.
  • Since this TV has a middling refresh rate and an IPS style of display, you may experience some “ghosting” when playing games or when you watch high-speed media. This motion blur can be a bit distracting, but fortunately, it doesn’t happen a lot with this Ultra HD television.



60” and Up



  • This television is curved! You’ll experience a much more immersive visual experience; as long as you are viewing the TV from the right angles, which will easily happen in most home theatres.
  • This model features very smooth upscaling, i.e even with standard HD programming, the onboard quad-core processor can fill in and boost the number of pixels displayed from two million to eight million pixels. This will result in a much smoother image experience.
  • If you have many devices that you’d like to connect to this TV, you won’t have to worry, this TV features connections for USB 3.0, HDMI 2.0, and even has support for legacy connections like component and RCA.
  • The device is also beautiful. It is comprised of a svelte-looking black and silver material that makes the entire device look futuristic, while also allowing the television to fit any décor.


  • Has a relatively limited application selection. It primarily supports BBC iPlayer and Netflix.
  • The TV’s firmware isn’t that great for native 4K content; you’ll have to update to the version of the firmware featured in the 40 inch Hisense TVs in order to get the most out of Netflix’s 4K programming.
  • With its 4K limitations, this might not be the most future-proof television, though at the startlingly low price tag.
  • This TV has severe input lag, which could be a real deal breaker for some gamers.



Generally, Hisense has a great line of competitively priced TVs that easily stand with more prestigious brands such as Samsung and LG. The product you select will certainly depend on your own predilections and needs. Are you a cord cutter whose favourite programming comes from the iPlayer or Netflix? Then, a Smart TV model is for you.

Do you find yourself needing a telly that’s more portable? Then, a smaller HDTV may be more your pace. In any situation, Hisense has a great line of displays that is definitely worthy of your attention.

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