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Hitachi 32 inches Televisor


For eight hours of work, you deserve to take a break and let your body rest on your couch while watching your favorite movies. Or playing your favorite games this Hitachi 32 inches television helps you relax and enjoy the rest of your evening. The 32 inches size of the television is just right for your bedroom with its HD ready resolution. Hence, with its powerful backlighting LCD LED, you will enjoy its same and vivid color tones to every edge of the TV screen. Also, with its multimedia apps that are directly on your TV screen, you will enjoy and be thrilled to watch. So no need to download the apps it is already provided all you have to do is to switch and choose what you like.

Product Description

  • Hitachi TV provides you possible streaming of your current favorite programs and old TV shows, games, and other shows.
  • You can directly connect your network with the use of built-in WiFi technology.
    The USB port helps you to record your movie and TV programs on your USB hard drive or stick.
  • With the features of DLNA, it helps you to connect your multimedia devices with other network devices.
  • It has a built-in DVB-S2 tuner where you can pick-up satellite signals for excellent coverage and with a wide range of selection of programs. 

Point Of View

Affordable price and worth the product, easy to install though. It is light that is not hard to place in its place. It has a simple and strong TV stand that you can trust to stay longer. The sound is enough to cover the space of the bedroom, kitchen and other small space. The speaker has good stability to provide the sound. It has a consistent color image that does not hurt our eyes.

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