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Iiyama A LED Gaming Monitor

Iiyama Gaming Monitor

Are you looking for a monitor with a clear screen? Iiyama screen monitors provide you with a clear, not choppy monitor for good and perfect for gaming. With the technology of Freesync, you have clear streaming on your gaming adventures. Hence, in every game you play, you will see every detail of the images of your games. This 24 inches monitor is perfect for every bedroom, study room, or any other room you have. Not to mention the adjustable stand. Also, you don’t have any problem where you want to place the monitor without moving it from its place.


Product Description

  • Freesync Technology – a technology that will end choppy gameplay and broken frames with fluid, a free artifact performance at any framerate.
  • With 1MS it has a fast response time for ultra-smooth playing games. It lessens ghosting and blurring giving the user enhanced graphic performance.
  • Black Tuner – The owner can modify the brightness and the dark shades with the black tuner. Thus, it provides perfect streaming performance in obscure areas and aiding to get the enemy easily.
  • New modes for predefined and custom gaming – You can choose one of the predefined gaming modes that include FPS and strategy or you can set and remember your own settings.
  • Headphones and Speakers – With the high-quality speakers you play with your friends with a good sound of the speaker. Or if you want to play alone you can use the headphones and enjoy the good sound of each game.

Point Of View

Though not a common brand in the industry, it is one of the best monitors you can have in terms of a bright screen. No delays, every change of scene you will see it clearly because of the Black hawk technology it provides. Hence, it is very affordable and worth the price, though it is not that popular. As you bought this you will not regret having Iiyama in your bedroom or even in the kitchen.

iiyama G-Master G2530HSU-B1 24.5 Inch TN LCD, 75Hz, 1ms, FreeSync , Full HD 1920x1080, 250 cd/m² Brightness , 1 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort, 1 x VGA, 2x USB, 2 x 2W Speakers
  • TN LCD TECHNOLOGY - TN LCD is a great all round display technology, providing some of the fastest response times on the market, as well as delivering a vibrant and sharp image
  • AMD FreeSync –AMD FreeSync means the monitor has been through a rigorous testing certification process to ensure tear free, low latency experience when gaming. Generating a smooth judder free transition of frames to maximise performance even with lower end graphics cards.
  • 1MS - Fast response time is key to ultra-smooth gaming. It reduces ghosting and blurring providing the user with an improved graphic performance.
  • GAMER CUSTOMIZATION – Get the ultimate performance when gaming by choosing one of the predefined gaming modes (including FPS and strategy) or set and memorize your own custom settings. With the ‘Black Tuner’ technology, users can adjust the brightness and the dark shades with the Black Tuner, giving greater viewing performance in shadowed areas and helping to spot the enemy earlier.
  • SPEAKERS AND HEADPHONES - Playing with friends? Use the integrated high-quality speakers, Don’t want to disturb anybody? Plug your headset into the headphone socket and turn the volume up.

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