Indoor Digital TV Antenna

1byone Freeview TV Aerial with stand

Are you looking for a digital box without a monthly subscription? Got one for you, you’re all in one digital antenna that can grasp almost all the channels without a monthly subscription. It comes with lightweight that you can put on the side of your TV or hang it at the wall. With easy connection, you can watch your favorite movies and series without bluffing and shaky images.

Why do you need to choose a 1byone digital antenna?

  • One advantage of this digital antenna is its lightweight where you can place it anywhere and no need for power connection.
  • With its elegant color black, it matches to your home decoration without noticing it is an antenna.
  • With only three steps you can enjoy its benefits – Unwrap, plugin, and scan all channels.
  • It is adaptable with its stand, whether you put it higher on the wall, place on top of the window, or even stand flat on the table. You can freely move the antenna you want.
  • However, if your location has a weak HDTV digital signal or you are far from the broadcast tower you may need to buy the high gain TV Aerial booster. This way, you will have a clearer view.

Most people are satisfied with the features that this digital antenna offers with the viewing experience. It has a strong signal that all channels have clear images. It has an elegant style that can add to your home decoration. Ideally good for a bedroom with clear reception and so easy to assemble. Furthermore, it’s an affordable price that makes you happy acquiring one for your room. If other people are happy with the product there are also people not satisfied, those that are far from the broadcast transmission. They need to have additional aerial booster and need to find the right place to set up.


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