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JVC Smart TV with DVD

JVC Smart TV with DVD


Are you looking for a smart TV for your kids? JVC is your choice you can have for your children for their studies or fun. With a built-in DVD player, they can easily watch cartoon movies or educational DVDs. 32 inches is just enough for their room and at their age. The screen is made of LED which is not harmful to their eyes. 

Product Description

  • JVC TV is HD ready with 720p, where you catch up your favorite TV and viewing with webOS and a DD Plus DTS TruSurround for clear sound.
  • With built-in Freeview Play, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows without good images and you can even record it for future views. Its Built-in DVD Player helps you record movies and show without other connections easy and fast. Another built-in feature is WiFi where you can easily establish an internet connection.
  • With its Freeview Play and an internet connection, you can almost watch all channels like BBC iPlayer. And many other channels and View Netflix and other apps right on your smart TV. 
  • Moreover, it has many connections for connecting your other devices for more viewing and streaming. HDMI 2 ports, Component 1, composite 1 port, USB 1 port, and optical 1port.

Point Of View

Most of the buyers love the features of the smart TV and they like to use it for their children’s use. The sound is good and the images are color and cleared though it’s not the same as clear with other brands. However, it is worth its price and with its other features, you can enjoy it. The size of the television is good in any room such as bedrooms. As well as, kitchen and medium place where the sound is just enough to cover. Thus, for people who do not look for much of the highest features this is good for them and the decent price it offers.

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