Large Screen TV Buying Guide & The Best 85 Inch LED TV

The experience of having a large screen TV is incomparable. With the advancement of technology, TVs have gotten increasingly bigger and better with high picture quality and high definition. Big TVs with good surround sound systems inject reality into the experience of watching a movie, by covering a greater field of view, the movie is more absorbing, for really large screens, 70 inches plus, you might get that movie hall feeling.

For this article, we have reviewed a selection of TVs to find the best 85 inch TV at the start of 2016. This guide is applicable for TVs over 70 inches in diameter – the most common sizes being 75 inches, 78 inches, 79 inches, 85 inches, 98 inches, and 100 inches plus.

To enjoy all the advantages that come with having a large screen in the house there are two options; either you could install a projector or buy a large screen TV. This is the Top Upminster Technology Venture guide on buying a large screen TV as compared to buying a projector.


Large Screen TV vs Projectors – Advantages

Owning a large screen TV comes with many advantages depending on one’s preferences and needs.

Outstanding viewing experience

A large screen TV is a perfect screen for movie and gaming enthusiasts, large screen TVs are the way to go, to enjoy a mind-blowing experience. Games such as Wii and Kinect cannot be played on projectors with front projection.


TVs are increasingly being used to enhance interiors. With increasing size, manufacturers put more effort into delivering seamless, modern design. Therefore a large screen TV is guaranteed to be beautiful whether it is on or off. What’s not to like?


Still, on the matter of interiors, TVs beat out projectors in picture quality in well-lit rooms. Regardless of a projector’s brightness and material, ambient light will wash out images on a projector. Consequently, there are two options; to only use the screen at night or to keep the room dark during the day.

Audio Performance

Most TV brand manufacturers are putting a lot of effort into not only the visual experience of using a large screen TV but also the audio experience. TVs will, therefore, have quality sound and in the cases where the audio performance needs a boost, surround systems are generally very easy to connect to a TV.

Ease of Installation

In comparison to projectors where you will have to install the projector, the screen, and a sound system, large screen TVs are easy to install and in most cases, the TV’s inbuilt speakers will be sufficient.

Large Screen TV VS Projectors – Disadvantages


The hugest disadvantage of the TV screen is the cost, the price will generally increase with an increase in size. Other factors that make large screen TVs rather expensive are technology and picture quality. In recent years, the cost of large-screen TVs has dropped steadily as better models are released into the market. A high quality large 85-inch screen is still bound to cost significantly more than the entire cost of setting up a projector.


When not in use, a projector screen blends into the background, large screen TVs command attention even when they are turned off.

Viewing Experience

The image size of a projector is generally significantly larger than that of the TV. Also, some people do not feel comfortable with the brightness of TV screens.

Best 85 Inch LED TV in UK 2017

85″ TVs come with many specialized features for improved viewer experience. However, they also come at a significant price with most models going for upwards of GBP 8000. Here are a few of the best models in this category:

Samsung LH85QMDPLGC/EN 85 inch UHD Signage LED Display

Best 85 Inch LED TV

This amazing television has stunning picture quality. 4K up-scaling lets you enjoy the content of lower resolution such as classic films and TV shows with high clarity and definition.

With screen mirroring technology, sharing of videos and photos from a tablet or smartphone straight to the TV is easy with either WiFi Direct or Bluetooth Low Energy.

Another ingenious technology is light-absorbing Ultra Clear Pro, this reduces the reflections cast on the TV screen from external sources thereby allowing clarity and improved quality of images from all angles. The option of a multi-link screen is also provided to allow two channels to be viewed on the screen at the same time.

On an 85″ screen, both pictures will be clear and of good size. In addition, while on multi-screen, each image can be adjusted. With voice search, you will also be able to interact with your TV effortlessly and get suggestions, recommendations, on-demand services and apps and instant searches.



Sony XD85 4K HDR with Android TV

Sony XD85 4K HDR with Android TV

Sony brings together all the things needed to make a spectacular viewing experience. X-Reality Pro technology enhances and cleans HD content to provide clearer pictures from HD TV and Blu Rays.

For football enthusiasts, the Live Football Mode will adjust the settings of the TV automatically to simulate the feeling of being in a stadium. In addition, you can access up to date FIFA World Cup standings directly along with replaying memorable goals and matches directly from YouTube.

One-Flick Entertainment and the One-Flick remote allow you to easily flip through channels, locate and launch apps and view network photos using only your thumb, which is quite smart. The edge of the LED screen is lit enhancing your viewing experience. For the complete 3D experience, every TV comes with two pairs of 3D glasses that are designed to fit comfortably.



Panasonic Viera TX-85X942B LED TV

Panasonic Viera TX-85X942B LED TV

Studio Master Drive technology is used when viewing scenes with low light. It enhances the detail of shadows as well as color saturation. The TX-85X942B can be personalized to match one’s personal preferences, the interface as well is very intuitive making operations very easy.

The striking TV screen leans back at a slight angle to the robust stand. Other features include; 4 HDMI 2.0 ports, active 3D with each TV shipping with 2 pairs of 3D glasses that are polarized for the truly realistic viewing experience.


With full back-lighting, there is zero halo effect and with advanced local dimming, the color gamut is expanded making colors look very realistic.

Thanks to its back-lighting specs and color gamut, the manufacturers promise that this model will deliver the best reproduction of color out of all the TVs currently in the market. The refresh rate stands at a whopping 240 scenes per second, which means the motion changes will be seamless.

Other features include full WiFi connection capabilities, HDMI ports, a Roku Streaming stick and an internal upscaling engine to convert HD content to 4K UHD. Another aspect that makes this particular model stand out is the price tag. Compared to TVs from other brands with similar features, this TV is considerably cheaper.

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