Review – LG 32 Inch TV Free with Sky – Model 32LY330C

If you are upgrading to Sky multi-screen or buying any new Sky TV package, you can get a free LG 32 inch TV. If you already have a TV or don’t want the LG 32 inch TV, you can choose a Prepaid MasterCard or a  Amazon gift certificate voucher. The LG 32 Inch TV Free with Sky has been reviewed in this article. See our verdict at the end of the review below.

Which LG TV is Free With Sky?

We wanted to find out which model it is, so we chatted to a Sky expert and found that the TV on offer is the LG 32LY330C which was launched by LG over 2 years ago and was primarily used a commercial TV in hotels. Sky’s terms and conditions state that the models may vary, but we can confirm that as of August 2016, it’s the LG 32LY330C 32 inch HD Ready TV.LG 32LY330C 32 inch TV LG 32LY330C side viewLG 32LY330C 32 inch TV Front View


Whether you choose the LG TV, prepaid Mastercard or Amazon Gift Certificate, you will have to log on to and claim your offer within 90 days of ordering Sky TV. The TV delivery may take up to 28 days and there is an additional fee for set up.

 LG 32LY330C 32 Inch TV Review

It is a good TV for very basic TV watching – fewer pixels than the standard 1080p HD. It is not 4K UHD which means it doesn’t make sense to avail it with Sky Q’s awesome UHD offering as the TV won’t be able to watch 4K content. It has 1 HDMI port, a built-in TV Tuner, a VGA port to connect to your computer/laptop and decent quality speakers.

As mentioned above, it was initially made for the hotel industry and has stuff like USB cloning that you need if you’re a big hotel and want to install multiple TVs in different rooms. That bit won’t be used for an average household, but it doesn’t harm either.

  • Image viewing angle: 178 degrees (good)
  • 1366 x 768 resolution – Much lesser than the more popular 1080p
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 6 Kgs give or take
  • Launched in 2014
  • Not smart
  • 20W speakers – good for general TV viewing
  • LED backlit technology
  • Doesn’t connect to the Internet
  • 100:1 contrast ratio – average, recently much better TVs are in the market
  • Average refresh rate – 50Hz – Not the best TV for gaming
  • Thickness over 55 millimetres – not very thin, but not too bad either
  • Energy efficiency A

Our Verdict

Get the TV if you really need a TV and are not an advanced user. It will show the standard TV channels and will do the job, but it is not a smart TV, not the best for gaming and doesn’t have a great resolution.

If you already have a nice TV that you’re happy with, we recommend you go for the Amazon gift voucher or the prepaid MasterCard.

Is it really worth the claimed? In our opinion – No!

Choosing The Prepaid MasterCard

Do bear in mind that the Prepaid MasterCard cannot be used for cash withdrawals or at petrol stations. Any money not used in 12 months will expire. You can’t use the prepaid card for online gambling either. It works everywhere a standard MasterCard would work.

MasterCard is trying to promote their prepaid cards and this seems to be some sort of a Sky-MasterCard partnership to bring that to you and I. When you have said under £10 left on your prepaid card, you will want to put in more money to use the remaining balance or it will expire. This would mean you become a MasterCard user. Prepaid cards have many advantages and are a good way to put a limit on your spending.



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