LG 49 inch 4k TV – Best & Affordable Smart TV

Are you planning to buy LG 49 inch smart tv a brand new 4K TV. And are looking for recommendations? Then you’ve come to the right place. As well as, we take a closer look at one of the most popular.

After all, And one of the best Ultra HD 4K Smart TV on the market. The LG 49 inch 4k TV is the best smart TV for you.


LG 49 inch 4k TV – LG 49 inch smart tv – Best Ultra HD 4k TV Review

At first look, we first noticed that LG retained their simplistic but elegant looking design. Such design can also be seen in some of their 2022-2023 upcoming TV models like the LG 32LF580V Smart TV.

So you have to be aware of the model code to prevent yourself from accidentally buying a different model by mistake.

LG 49UH603V Specification – LG 49 inch smart tv

  • 49 Inch Screen Size
  • 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • 6ms Response Time (GTG)
  • 300 x 300 Vesa Wall Mount Support
  • LED IPS 4K Display Panel
  • 3820 x 2160 Native Resolution
  • 1200 Picture Mastering Index
  • True Black Panel Type
  • 2CH Audio Output
  • LG Smart TV WebOS 3.0
  • Supports WiDi, Miracast, and DLNA
  • Quad-Core Processor
  • Digital TV Support (DVB-T2/C/S2)
  • 802.11N WiFi Support
  • 3 HDMI 2.0a Port
  • 1 Ethernet LAN Port
  • 1 USB 2.0 Port
  • Visit LG Website For More Details

 Closer Look – Display Panel

LG 49 inch smart tv

At a closer look, the LG 49UH603V has a dimension of 1.11 m x 20.9 cm x 69.6 cm. It boasts a true black display panel, a proprietary technology.

That minimizes reflections. And enhances contrast ratio for the more comfortable viewing experience. And an IPS display panel that provides an enhanced color quality display.

After all, amazing color accuracy from all viewing angles. As well as, and it does not lighten or show tailing when touched.

As a 4K TV, it is expected that it has a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. So if you try to play a 720p movie. After all, the experience of watching it might not be likeable but that is not the case for this TV.

LG equipped this TV with a 4K upscaling technology. Meaning, the TV will convert your movies that are not 4K in resolution to 4K quality. So you can enjoy your movies, videos, or even video games on this TV.

Closer Look – System

LG 49UH603V TV is also a Smart TV. It uses LG’s very own operating system called WebOS 3.0. A few notable features of the LG’s Web OS 3.0 are the split-screen viewing allowing.

You to watch two different channels or two different videos at the same time. You can also browse the internet, watch videos on Youtube, Netflix. And Google Videos using their respective native apps or even the built-in internet browser.

In terms of hardware for those that wish to know the TV’s components, LG did not specify the details of the components used in this TV.

That means we have no idea. How much RAM it uses but we do know that it uses a quad-core processor Which is a big upgrade from their dual-core processors.

That are used on their older TV models. So you can expect. That the LG 49UH603V Ultra HD 4K Smart TV will be fast and responsive.

LG 49 inch smart tv

Looking at the back, we can see that it has 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB 2.0 port, 1 RJ45 Ethernet port, and an RF/Components inputs for those with an old component system that still uses old cables such as audio/video jacks.

Closer Look – Audio

LG 49 inch smart tv

The LG 49UH603V features 2 audio channels that use 20watts of power. It also features LG technology such as ULTRA Surround sound, Smart Sound Mode, Clear Voice III, and as well as Hi-Fi Audio, and Optical Sound Sync.

Our Verdict

For under £450.00, the LG 49UH603V, popular as LG 49 inch 4k TV is one of the best 4K Smart TV on the market. It is even one of the top-selling 4K TV on Amazon.

Some might say that there are other better options out there but finding the right 4K Smart TV for you solely depends on your preference.

For us, the LG 48UH603V really hits that right spot for a 4K Smart TV. The display panel alone packs a ton of feature that dramatically enhances your viewing experience.  

The richness of the color and the depth of the contrast and black is really amazing thanks to its IPS True Black display panel.

In addition to that, having a quad-core processor packs this TV some muscles that really upgrade its hardware performance.

After all, Assuring you that smooth and fast responsiveness of the TV when you’re browsing the internet or using the native apps.

Overall, the LG 48UH603V is a great UltraHD 4K Smart TV and it’ll be difficult to find an alternative. Although, since it is already 2022.

If you plan to buy a brand new 4K Smart TV from LG, then we highly recommend looking forward to LG’s 2022 models. Since the LG 49UH603V is a 2022 model.

LG 49NANO866NA 49" 4K Ultra HD NanoCell Smart TV
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • webOS Smart Platform
  • TV Energy Efficiency Class A
  • Screen Size in " 49


What is the best LG LG 49 inch smart tv?

With a 49-inch screen, it is the largest smart TV. Which you can buy 7 This is Netflix. And Amazon Prime has access to video as well as many other streaming services.

Which means it will be able to stream any show or movie without fail. The picture quality of these TVs is also great for playing games. Thanks for their 4K resolution capabilities.

So if your family likes gameplay. But make sure they check out our latest pick today. “Congratulations LG49!”

How do I know LG 49UH603V is a good model TV?

You can tell that the LG 49UH603V looks at the picture quality of a good TV. Maximum color accuracy in this particular model.

And including smart pixels for brightness capabilities. Includes an LED backlit panel. As well as being designed to optimize your viewing experience.

It has two 10W speakers powered by DTSS surround sound system (which sounds amazing). And is equipped with whistles like all other common bell- and wifi connections.

So when you watch Netflix or YouTube. Can’t miss any updates. 3 HDMI inputs means no need to worry about running cords everywhere .– Just play plug-n without hanging.

So, are you looking to buy a new LG 49 inch smart tv?

 Good choice! There are many different models and sizes. Deciding which one is best for your needs can be difficult.

Fortunately we have done some work by sorting through all those available options. So that when you visit our store (or click on the link). Only the price will not be low. But the quality will also remain high. Because both were # 1 in their respective positions according to the TVNZ poll by Walmart’s divisions.

Which is the best smart TV of LG 49 inch smart tv?

LG has come up with a new line of smart TVs. And we want to know which one is best for you.

In recent years, some types of television sets to buy. Demand from customers has increased.

Looks like everyone wants other people. Which is – such a large screen size with amazing brightness levels.

Offers (and not sharp) HD quality images. Although at first glance it may seem pure vanity.

Because most people don’t stand by and watch TV. Instead, they sit on the sofa under it.

 What are the best features of this TV?

We all know that finding a good deal. And then there is nothing more satisfying than getting it.

But before you get your credit card out online. How do you know if something is worth buying ?!

Fortunately for us here at Best Buy we start with the refrigerator. We’ve compiled a great list of products up to TV.

Which anyone may need. Our experts are among the best performing smart TVs today.

After all, Consider what you thought. So read carefully and see our site later. This is because retailer prices often vary by retailer.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of LG 49UH603V?

There is a lot going on for the 49UH603V. However, there are some flaws. The biggest advantage of this TV is. Its image quality – such sharp detail to the images.

And being able to display in vibrant colors. When you see the media on your big screen, it looks like you are sitting right next to it.

Another plus aspect?

It has got a wide range of connection options. So that everything from the game console can be connected without any problem through Blu-ray player.

They will not only show their high definition righteousness. Rather it will also provide access to the content of the source we want.

Even if those sources offer poorly according to today’s standards (like old movies).

However, due to the lack of brightness, the response time of the sound system sometimes stutters or pauses.

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