LG LED UQ75 43 inch smart tv 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV 2023

Best LG LED UQ75 Are you looking for an affordable 4K Smart TV. After all, That is latest and has the latest features in it?  Then you might want to check out LG’s latest 4K Smart TV from their 2023 model lineup.

After all, It’s an UltraHD 4K Smart TV. That features the latest trend. Overall, and technology on 4K TVs such as HDR. After all, Smart TV, IPS, Upscaling, and much more.


LG LED UQ75 43 inch smart tv 4K Ultra HD Smart TV



  • Lg 43 inch smart tv Display Panel Size
  • IPS LED Display Panel
  • 50Hz Refresh Rate
  • 100Hz Processing Rate
  • 4GB Internal Storage
  • Quad Core Processor
  • Likewise, 3840 x 2160 Native Resolution (UltraHD 4K | 16:9 Aspect Ratio)
  • After all, Active HDR (output both HLG. That is to say, and HDR 10 high dynamic range formats)
  • LG webOS3.5 (Smart TV)
  • WiDi, Miracast, DLNA, HDMI, USB 2.0
  • WiFi: 802.11ac
  • 97.7 x 18.7 x 61.5 cm
  • As well as, Digital Tuner: DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-S2 mpeg4 DVB-S2 (HD)
  • Weighs 8.4 kg
  • Vesa: 200 x 200
  • Class A Energy Efficiency
  • Likewise, Smart TV services
    • Catch up TV: BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4, My 5
    • Streaming: Netflix HD, Amazon Video 4K, YouTube 4K
    • App store: LG Content Store
    • Likewise, Full internet browser: webOS
  • For more details, visit LG Website.

Display Panel


As well as, we always recommend. When looking for a TV. After all, always look for the one that features either an IPS display or OLED.

After all, Luckily, the display panel of the LG LED UQ75 is IPS. As well as, Meaning, it offers high-quality colour reproduction. After all, and viewing angles than your typical TFT-LCDs.

Overall, In terms of picture quality. The LG LED UQ75 boasts an outstanding quality. After all, This is pretty much expected for a TV that is 4K in native resolution.

That is to say, And of a well know brand but on the top of that. After all, the active HDR really adds up to the overall picture quality.

As well as, because it offers bright and colourful images. All in all, with better deeper details. Of course, it’s not on par with the quality that you can see on SUHD. After all, or OLED TVs. That is to say, but it’s still above satisfactory.

Of course, it’s not on par with the quality that you can see on SUHD or OLED TVs. As a matter of fact, but it’s still above satisfactory.

All In all, terms of the depth of black. After all, it’s not that quite impressive. After all, because this TV doesn’t feature ultra-luminance.

Overall,, but not to a point of disappointment. It’s quite okay if you ask us.  It still meets our satisfactory standard.


After all, Like most smart TV’s on the market. All in all, The detailed specification. That is to say, and hardware components are not displayed for the public.

However, we do know that it has a 4GB internal storage. Meanwhile, Which should be enough given the lightness of the apps available for this TV.

It also uses a quad-core processor for that smoother. Meanwhile, And faster responsiveness  when browsing the internet or using the built-in apps.

After all, Like most 2023 LG Smart TV models. All in all, it uses LG’s latest operating system. Which is called webOS3.5.

Such as NetFlix, Google Play, Amazon, and much more. Also, the LG 43UJ630V has all the screen sharing technologies like Wi-Di, Miracast.

That is to say, And direct Wi-fi. the LG 43UP75006LF can receive every type of signal. After all, so you don’t need an external tuner.



After all, Looking at the back. That is to say,  the LG LED UQ75 features four (4) HDMI 2.0b ports. About all, The use of HDMI 2.0b is a plus for this TV for that 4K@60Hz gaming support.

LG LED UQ75 ports

It also has two (2) USB 2.0 ports for other types of connectivity. As well as optical audio, component input, and composite input.


LG LED UQ75 audio

To sum up, The combination of the active HDRThe LG 43UP75006LF – Lg 43 inch smart tv features two built-in speakers that use 20 W of power. Overall, The ultra surround mode is of good quality.

After all, it’s pretty much expected from a brand. As a matter of fact, That’s been in the business for as long as. I can remember but the quality of audio solely depends. All in all, on the quality of the content being played.

After all, Other sound features include. The LG sound sync and the Hi-Fi audio support.

Our Verdict

Meanwhile, The LG LED UQ75 is an outstanding TV given its selling price. After all, Compared to its predecessor. Which is the LG LED UQ75, it definitely offers a significant improvement.

To sum up, The combination of the active HDR. All in all, the native 4K resolution. Overall, And other essential features makes. The picture quality amazing. It provides vivid colours, deep details.

After all, And a wide range of black and white. As a matter of fact, For its price, it feels like you bought a far more expensive TV but then again. As well as, it’s nothing compared to OLED TVs.

LG LED UQ75 our verdict

It really is a great 4K Smart TV. After all, So if you’re looking to buy a brand new 4K Smart TV.

As well as, You should consider checking out this TV from LG. We also recommend that you take a look at LG LED UQ75 TV.

LG LED UQ75 43" 4K Smart TV
  • Sharp 4K Ultra HD viewing with intelligent processor for a stunning picture
  • Immersive sound quality with AI Sound
  • WebOS smart platform with Freeview Play, Netflix, Disney+ and more
  • Instant movie theatre with FILMMAKER mode and HDR
  • Enhance your gaming experience with built in Game Optimiser and ALLM


What is this important LG LED UQ75?

Here’s what you need to know about the LG LED UQ75. This is a high rated TV. Which has image quality, design features like local dimming%, and smart capability.

And received excellent reviews from experts. Convenient than having separate ones on your phone or computer. There are also some complaints about the sound output.

But overall people seem to be satisfied enough. Until they can find something better up front. That will probably happen soon as new models come out every year.

Why buy this LG LED UQ75?

This 43 “inch LG TV is a great option for those who want to save space and money. It comes with Full HD 1080p resolution. It has an amazing picture quality.

Which brings all your favorite shows to life on screen. After all, In Wi-Fi technology with built-in Wi-Fi. You can connect wirelessly without any hassle or complicated settings.

 – Just turn it into a Netflix streaming device. So that next time someone will ask “what’s going on?” You can access videos from Youtube. Also thanks for letting this little box double.

What are the benefits of buying this LG LED UQ75 TV?

If you are looking for a good affordable TV. However this product can be perfect. You can find many reasons why people would recommend it. And buy their own. The main advantage of owning such a device is. That they are able to enjoy high-quality pictures from various sources without any problems.

After all, Programs aired on network stations or movies streamed online. All in all, Will looks gorgeous in part because of its outstanding picture quality.

The house has 2 dozen visitors instead of just one. As modern technology allows. (Which also means less wear) makes it fun to watch. Also these sets tend to see more youthful appreciation than others.

What are the features of LG LED UQ75 TV?

Those who want to watch TV series. The LG LED UQ75 is an excellent choice for them. It has got all the features you need. Including smart capabilities and Alexa integration. After all, Access from multiple devices on your home network or smartphone. If it doesn’t fit in with what you’re doing. However, another model may be more appropriate. – But it will not disappoint at any rate.

Because it has perfect image mode which ensures. Each frame of that footage optimizes color. At this time to His absolute best looks. As well as, Settings according to certain moods (such as sports games). Input language should have been listed first. After all, Vision translation recognizes natural speech while protecting the right to privacy.


This LG LED UQ75 TV is a great device for those looking to upgrade their home cinema. With 4K resolution and HDR compatibility, you can now experience the latest technology without any hassle!

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