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Last year, LG offered a premium series of 4K LED Smart TV known as the “QNED” series, eg. LG QNED 4K TV. This year, LG released the successor of that series and is called “QNED” series. So today, we are taking a closer look at the LG QNED review of 2023.

The “QNED” series are super UHD screen TVs that will feature Nano Cell display technology with full array local dimming.

The inclusion of F.A.L.D or Full Array Local Dimming should offer a significant improvement in the uniformity of black levels. Furthermore, the LG QNED Premium 4K TV series will be powered by the Alpha 7 processor.


The LG QNED Super UHD 4K HDR Premium Smart LED TV is the lowest end of the QNED series. It is considered as the “Poor Mans LG QNED 4K TV”.

LG QNED QNED81 65 inch 4K Smart TV, LG QNED review

LG QNED QNED81 65 inch 4K Smart TV


The LG QNED81 is available in super slim design. Its adjustable stand is very effective and stylish also.

LG QNED review

On a closer look, the LG QNED81 exhibits a minimalistic but elegant design. Boasting a metallic glossy finish look all around the frame and stand. It also features the simplistic metallic but reflective logo of LG.

The back of the TV is aluminum with a metallic brush accent which adds an elegant touch to its overall design. It’s also simplistic and minimalistic.

It’s also nice to mention that LG did an overall change in design to their TVs stand. Before, the two feet stand design is installed via screws at the back of the TV.

This then caused some issue to the TVs stability as it wobbles easily. The LG QNED81 now has its stand installed at the bottom. This adds to the overall strength and stability of the TV. We prefer to have it wall mounted though.

LG SK8000 Super UHD 4K HDR Premium Smart LED TV with Freeview Play - Brilliant Titan Bezel

The QNED81 is considered as a baseless 4K TV but it still has a thin, very thin in this case, bezel. This adds to the overall viewing experience by minimalizing the bezel. It’s made of aluminum and it also has a metallic brush accent to its design.



The LG QNED81 features all standard input-output connectivity. It has 4x HDMI 2.0 ports and 3x USB 2.0 ports where the 65-Inch version only has 2x USB ports. It also supports wall-mounting and has VESA standard.

Picture Quality


Year by year, LG produces TV that offers magnificent picture quality. Something that outshines or an upgrade from the predecessor of a certain model.

This can be very well be said with the LG QNED81. It’s predecessor, the LG QNED81, did not feature the α7 Intelligent Processor. This processor delivers an enhanced 4K HDR image.

Fortunately, the LG SK8000 will be featuring the α7 Intelligent Processor. On the top of that, the LG QNED81 carried on the Edge LED backlighting system. This allows the TV to be thin. Having a depth of 64mm only.

LG SK8000 FALD Full Array Local Dimming

With the inclusion of the α7 Intelligent processor along with its Edge LED backlight, this gives the TV deeper blacks and better black uniformity in 4K HDR.

Black uniformity was an issue with the predecessor of the LG QNED81, the LG SJ8000. It seems that LG addressed that by equipping the QNED81 with one of their high-end processors.

Though at non-HDR contents, the QNED81 seems to be suffering from the same black level issues. The LG QNED81 features an IPS display panel that gives its picture quality with rich and vivid color. 

After all, IPS technology is capable of projecting images. With a color close to real objects, it is commonly used in professional designing.

The LG QNED81 also features “Active HDR” with support for the latest HDR technology, HDR10 and HLG. This provides scene by scene image mastering.

After all, delivering pinpoint picture reproduction and lifting HDR content to higher levels. The TV is also capable of applying dynamic tone mapping. That brings more depth and detail to HDR content.

LG Active HDR HDR10 HLG Tone Mapping 2018

Nano Cell Display by LG

Now the best and latest thing about the QNED81 is that it features the latest technology of LG for their LED TVs called Nano Cell Display

After all, Nano Cell technology allows for consistent pixel placement one nanometer apart for improved black levels. It also allows for uniform color volume and outstanding picture quality.\

After all, even at off center angles. The accuracy and precision of Nano Cell technology let you can see every subtle gradation. And previously hidden aspect of your TV picture.

Nano Cell Technology 2


The LG QNED81 features a built-in 2.0CH 20W Downfiring speakers. It comes with Dolby Atmos and surrounds sound support.

Overall, the speakers are quite decent. After all, Powerful enough to get the job done but a 2.0CH 20W speakers may be too weak in large rooms.

It may even lack a punch when watching movies. We recommend pairing this TV with LG’s latest sound bar in 2023.

LG SK5 Soundbar 2018

The LG SK5 is a 2.1CH speaker with a total power of 360W. It has a bass reflex subwoofer of 85dB and a 20mm AL Dome of 82dB main speakers.

It’s priced at ir?t=httpwwwtopupt 21&l=alb&o=2&a=B07B9N5F9ZCheck on Amazon on Amazon right now. This will definitely elevate your viewing experience, especially with movies or sports.

LG SN5 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar with DTS Virtual:X
  • Original branded product
  • Two years warranty for factory defects


TV Gamers

In terms of gaming, the LG QNED81 has a native refresh rate of 120Hz. This then enables any console or gaming system to run games at 120 frames per second so long as all the requirements are met.

Furthermore, the TV has a response time of 32ms. It’s quite a bit, to be honest, but that is to be expected given that inside the TV, a lot of picture enhancement process goes on.

After all, Resulting in high input lag and response time. On game mode, the input lag or response time drops to 15ms which is very pleasant. Any gamers would be pleased to know that.

Our Verdict

LG SK8000 SK8000PLB SK8000PUA
  • Excellent Picture Quality
  • α7 Intelligent Processor (Found on OLEDs)
  • Nano Cell Technology
  • Edge-Lit Backlight LED
  • Mediocre Contrast

The LG QNED81 is considered or definitely is a premium 4K TV with an affordable price. Some even call it, the “Poor Man’s QNED81“. The inclusion of LG’s latest technology, Nano Cell Display, and equipping this TV with one of their top-notch processor.

The α7 Intelligent Processor that’s also found on LG OLED TVs. After all, makes this TV a strong option or a great choice for those wanting to have an affordable but premium 4K TV with HDR10.

LG 65UN71006LB 65 Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview HD/Freesat HD - Ceramic Black colour (2020 Model) with Alexa built-in [Energy Class A]
  • Stunning 4K Ultra HD picture quality with sharp and detailed images
  • Immersive sound quality (Ultra Surround)
  • Stylish design and minimalist two feet stand
  • Award-winning easy to use smart platform LG webOS
  • To use Voice control, this requires the LG Magic Remote, which is sold separately
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