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49SJ800V LG tv 49 inch UHD Premium HDR Smart TV Review

If Samsung has its own Quantum Dot Technology, LG also has its own technology. A kind of technology that aims to beat the Quantum Dot of Samsung and it’s called “Nano Cell Technology“.

According to LG, Nano Cell LCD displays utilize uniformly-sized particles to create a more subtle, accurate colors that can be viewed from wider angles than other typical LCDs.

So basically, displays with Nano Cell technology aims to deliver consistent colors at wider viewing angles. That also aims to reproduce images with virtually no color difference whether you’re positioned directly in front of the screen or viewing off-angle.

For us to further look into this new technology by LG, we have here is an LG SJ800V 49 inch TV from LG. It’s being sold

Is this new offering from LG worth looking into or it’s just another gimmick? Let’s find out!


LG 49SJ800V 49 Inch UHD Premium HDR Smart TV


  • 49 Inch Screen Size LCD
  • Ultra HD 4K Native Resolution (3840 x 2160)
  • Edge-LED Backlight Panel Type
  • IPS Display Panel
  • 120 Hz Refresh Rate
  • 15 ms Input Lag (Game Mode)
  • LG Ultra Luminance
  • HDR10 | HLG Support
  • LG Nano Cell Display
  • 300 x 300 VESA
  • 2800 Picture Mastering Index Rating
  • webOS 3.5
  • DVB-T/T2/S/S2/C + Analog-NTSC/PAL/SECAM
  • 2.0 ch Speaker System 20W
  • Dual-Band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Bluetooth
  • 2x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0
  • 4x HDMI 2.0
  • For more information, visit LG Electronics.

Picture Quality

LG 49 Inch UHD Premium HDR Smart TV

The LG 49SJ800V is a 49-inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV. But this TV is not just any ordinary 4K TV. This TV is one of the latest offerings from LG that features their Nano Cell Technology.

A technology that aims to provide a higher level of colour accuracy and a wider viewing angle without losing any details or suffering from display issue.

Out of the box at its default settings, the TV is already capable of producing stunning performance and amazing picture reproduction. The quality of every image and scene are so bright and detailed.

The color is deep and vibrant that will make you wonder if this is the newest version of OLED displays but it’s not. What’s even more surprising is that this is just an LCD panel that features IPS type.

So the downside of this is that it’s still not on par with OLED in terms of deep black levels though you will even barely take notice of that if you already have one of this TV.

Overall, the picture is amazingly sharp with vibrant colours and is clear without losing any details in every single area.

With its nano cell technology used in its display, users can enjoy viewing from all parts of the room at a wider angle without suffering any loss of definition or quality.


The LG 49SJ800V is a TV that will surely be loved by gamers. All of its HDMI ports feature the latest HDMI 2.0 version. Giving you the option to enjoy 4K video game play running at 60 frames per second.

Furthermore, this TV features a native refresh rate of 120Hz for that amazing fluid and smooth video play experience. Giving you the pleasure to enjoy 120 frames per second video game play.

That is, as long as your console or hardware system allows you. Otherwise, if your console or system is not capable of giving you 120 frames per second for the games that you play, then you might not as well enjoy the full potential of this TV.

LG 49SJ800V for gaming

In terms of input lag, our test shows a mear 15ms input lag which is by far the lowest input lag we have seen on a TV. Of course, this is the result when in game mode.

Offering you almost the same performance that you can get from the most computer monitor. Truly an amazing TV.


The LG 49SJ800V comes with built-in 2CH speakers that use 20W of power. You might say that the built-in speakers are typical ones which are commonly found on any 4K TV’s on the market but you’ll be surprised.

The LG SJ800V actually features a Harman Kardon type of speakers. Its built-in audio is designed and engineered to deliver rich, full-range sound through its two integrated speakers.

LG 49SJ800V Audio Features

Watching a couple of movies proved that the audio is crystal clear. The audio quality is so amazing that you can clearly hear even the smallest effect of any movie that you will not hear if you watch it on other TVs.

Despite having an average power rating of 20W for its speakers, you will not even find the need to add a soundbar after listening to it. A real positive feature to look into for this TV.

Our Verdict

Overall, the LG 49SJ800V is really an amazing TV. You can enjoy a TV that features premium HDR performance that really supports real 10-bit panel depth.

Ultra HD resolution of 4K, special built-in speakers by Harman Kardon, and LG’s latest offering, Nano Cell Technology.

What we like most about this TV is that you can really have one of the best TV in 2017 with all the best and latest features.

The special built-in speakers designed by Harman Kardon is a great deal of bonus if you purchased this TV.

We also liked the low input lag of this TV paired with a high refresh rate. Giving any gamers a great gaming experience when they use this as their gaming monitor.

What we did not like about this TV is its stand. We highly recommend wall mounting this TV for you to pleasantly enjoy that minimalistic design of thin bezel and thin body design. Small to barely noticeable banding issue still occurs but nothing severe.


  • 120Hz Refresh Rate and 15ms Input Lag For Gamers
  • Nano Cell Technology
  • Audio Quality


  • Edge Backlight
  • Banding issue but minimal
  • Two ends stand
LG 49NANO866NA 49" 4K Ultra HD NanoCell Smart TV
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • webOS Smart Platform
  • TV Energy Efficiency Class A
  • Screen Size in " 49

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