4 Top Logitech Harmony Remote Reviews

Imagine sitting back and relaxing after a hard week. Pulling up your Logitech Harmony Smart Remote to enjoy a movie or put on some mood music or get into a new game. This remote is the second-best thing to having a butler waiting on hand to cater to your every whim. With a flip of the wrist and a push of a button, you’ll be controlling your home like a pro. Logitech Harmony Remotes work with hundreds of thousands of devices.

Depending on the device you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of next-generation features. Even the lowest-priced version comes with a colour screen to make it easier than ever to program and control functionality. Eyes-free gesture control and vibration feedback are a few of the features found on more advanced smart remote models. Customers consistently rate all three selected remotes as highly capable devices that make life more enjoyable. The remotes feature a simple setup procedure, and you’ll love the immersive approach to controlling your media.


Reviews of Top 4 Logitech Harmony Remote Controls in the UK in 2017

Logitech Harmony 650 Remote Control


Garnering rave customer reviews and an impressive set of features at a rock-bottom price, the Logitech Harmony 650 is the ideal remote for those who want a simple to setup device. It’s easy to use, and the remote practically program itself. The colour screen gives you impeccable resolution and displays the icons for your most beloved channels.

  • Colour Smart Display
  • Eight Remote Functionality
  • Large Brand Support
  • Online Setup Wizard
  • Highly Intuitive
  • Device Database Continually Updated
  • One-click Activity Button

Logitech Harmony Ultimate One Remote Control

Customers love this remote for the high-quality and durable design. The remote offers a host of advanced features, and this remote is almost as entertaining as your media. You’ll love the sleek black finish, and the ability to recharge the remote to save on battery costs. Users love how the device fits comfortably in their hand, and they are able to enjoy a remote that boasts a sleek and modern look.

  • Motion Activated Backlit Keys
  • Use Gestures to Control Most Functions
  • 2.4-inch Touchscreen Display
  • One-Touch Activity Settings
  • Charging Station Included


Logitech Harmony 950 Remote Control

Coming at you in high-definition, your entertainment options never felt so limitless. You’ll get full control of 15 home entertainment devices with this single remote. It’s designed to power up your entire entertainment powerhouse and make it possible to easily switch between tasks. Compatible with over 270,000 devices, it’s highly unlikely that this remote won’t work for your system. It’s the only remote you’ll ever need.

  • Intuitive Motion-Activated Buttons
  • Long-Range Capabilities
  • Intelligent App Switching
  • Control Room Lighting
  • Adjust Your Thermostat
  • Program Smart home Functions
  • Create Schedules or Triggers



Why Harmony Beats the Competition

A Harmony remote offers controllers that are designed to work in a way that complements how you live. While other remotes are content to maintain the status quo, a Harmony remote blends seamlessly into your life and improve your experience.

The Best Remote for You

After a careful analysis and testing of the above-listed smart remotes, the Harmony 950 Remote is the best overall value and it comes with plenty of features. Invest in a good remote and you’ll see how it will become your impeccable gadget for your home.

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