Logitech Z323 Your Great Room Soundbar

Logitech Z323Do you need a speaker for your laptop or desktop? Logitech offers this Z323 model for more sound trip enjoyment while doing your work or just want to enjoy listening to your playlist. This Logitech Z323 composes one Subwoofer and two satellites with 360 degrees sound that can subdue the whole place of your room. You can enjoy the sound from different angles even directly from behind the speaker. 

Product Description

  • Each satellite has a glossy front with a curved design that looks sophisticated each with its different functions.
  • The speaker has a single power knob for volume located at the right satellite. This satellite also has two ports of 3.5mm each, for connecting your headphones and for the auxiliary audio source. There is also a plug to connect to your computer.
  • The main subwoofer has its ports for right and left satellites. It has bass control, the main power plug. 
  • Hence, if you want to use this Logitech with our home theater system. This comes with a handy RCA port at the back of the main speaker.

Point Of View

It has a perfect combination of sound, the bass is good, it has a bass adjustment whatever you want the bass sound. In every speaker, the quality of sound is the number one requirement we are looking for. That is why we buy a speaker for our desktop or even for our Television set. This is perfect for all kinds of rooms like in your bedroom, guestroom, or in your kitchen. This is also great for playing video games, you will immerse on every sound it creates from your enemy to yours. Surely this is a great soundbar that you can partner with your laptop or desktop. It has a port for your headphones which is located at the side of the right satellite which is more interesting. 

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