The best Manfrotto tripod head review of 2023

Do you need a head for your tripod? Good news fluid head is the best choice you must buy for perfect video footage like a pro. One product you can choose is Manfrotto tripod head. This mini-video head comes with a smooth movement that you will capture the best video even how fast it is.

Moreover, the weight of 700rc2 is very light of 1.4pound, it will not weigh you out of carrying it for your outdoor shooting. Plus the affordability of its price that you can afford and use the product for more years. In today’s technology, you don’t want to be left over with imperfect video results. That’s why Manfrotto offers the finest and durable fluid heads to suits your needs in videography and photography.

Manfrotto company is an established manufacturer of fluid heads that use by many people from all walks of life around the world. Their product is so versatile that can use in all kinds of occasions and special moment with your family, relatives, and friends. Fluid heads are one of the important tools of a videographer and photographer for their shooting to capture the unprecedented video they need.

That’s why we see all the professional photographers and videographers have their fluid head in between their camera and tripod. Fluid heads provide the best capture while the tripod provides the best stability of the captured image. It is important to have the fluid heads than the other tripod heads to use in capturing your best art. In this article, we will discuss the features and the use of this product.

Features of the best Manfrotto tripod head

Manfrotto tripod head

Manfrotto 700rc2 is an important fluid head for a videographer if you want to have a steady video without rigging. This made of aluminum and steel while the only plastic part is the locking mechanism. A very well constructed with a nice long handle for a smooth pan with rubber at the end of the handle for a safe grip.

Manfrotto tripod head has a separate pan with locked at the side and with a standard of the quick-release plate. With a minimum load of three pounds up to five pounds maximum load so that you will not put anything lighter so you will not experience any backlash when you stop doing your pan.

Design to work with compact camcorders and cameras with a medium revving alarm telephoto lamp. It has fix length pan arm but it does have a separate locking mechanism so that you can angle them the way you prefer. It has the capability of 360degree pan up to negative five plus 90% till movement meaning you can angle them to your leisure.

With a fluid cartridge provides you nice move and panning. It is the US product meaning it has a standard of one-year guarantee. However, when you register it online you can have a five and ten years guarantee. So, Manfrotto tripod head is more recommended registering online, and it comes up with a warranty pamphlet and an instruction manual.

What are the pros and cons of Manfrotto 700rc2?

The main advantage of fluid heads is that it provides more dynamic shots by adding movement to your footage. With a simple shot, you can move either on the side or on the top which adds movement to your video that makes it more interesting. Fluid heads use a type of hydraulic system which allows a very smooth movement you can either loosen up or tighten up the pan or tilt.

In this way, you can have a smooth movement when it is fast which is the very best feature depends on the situation and on what on you are shooting. Fluid heads use around the world by an ordinary photographer or professional.

Manfrotto Video Head


Manfrotto 700rc2 is light with 1.4 pounds weight but made of solid materials that carry up to 5 pounds capacity. It is smooth, reliable, and sturdy which makes your shots into the next level. Manfrotto uniquely design to support the latest digital video equipment and suited for cameras with longer lenses.

That brings on quality and adaptability manners for the perfect video you want to have. However, it has a minimum capacity weight of 3 pounds for not making any backlash move while playing a video.

With easy quick release plate. This will help you to set up with your camera with a screw to secure it. And a secondary secure safety lock to make sure that you will have more confidence taking videos.

Manfrotto has several locks that help to secure the camera as well as providing a good quality video and pictures like a pro. The mounting plate has an easy secure lock without the use of screw but they properly lock. It is affordable and more than worth the price.


Manfrotto has only one support system which means it has a limited capacity of cameras up to 5.5 pounds weight. Another disadvantage of this product is that it is small in size. The mounting plate has no adjustable balance installed that you cannot move or adjust the camera.

Once you install the camera on it, that’s the main and only position of your camera, so if you need to adjust your lense you have no other way to adjust it. The knob that secures the mounting plate is not protected by anything so there is a possibility that it may unlock the knob without you knowing it.

With too many tights on the product, it tends to skip while you move your camera up and down or from right to left. So, the smoothness of your video will have small stuttering.

How to install Manfrotto 700rc2?

The fluid heads are easy to install. When you buy the product it is already ready to use that comes up with a warranty pamphlet and an instruction safety manual. At the center of the bottom of the Manfrotto has a big screw that holds the head to your tripod.

To set up the heads to the tripod, you turn the fluid head on the tripod screw until it is tight. The three small screws will help to hold the heads from the tripod. It is easy to install so you don’t have anything to worry about.

Manfrotto Video Head 2

How to use these heads?

Again, these fluid heads are very well constructed with durable materials that allow you smooth gripping on moving your head to give you a perfect video. The long hand helps you to have a smooth pan without rigging on your video.

Manfrotto tripod head has four locks with a different use for security purposes. The first lock is for the mounting plate so that your camera will standstill on the heads however you move the heads. The second lock is at the side of the head that will help you turn the head upside down up to 360degree.

The third lock is for the side turn of the heads if you want to turn from left to right you lose its lock. To steady the head, you lock the lower button to secure it. While the last lock is for the handle to lock it for you to enjoy your video perfectly.

Our Point View

The production of Manfrotto 700rc2 is very suitable for ordinary people who love to have a perfect video or pictures like a pro. Because of its smooth gripping, you can catch the whole view you want to catch for your video.

Manfrotto tripod head is small for easy to carry anywhere you want to go and it doesn’t consume much space on your luggage or bag. Though it is lightweight the materials are durably made from aluminum and steel that allows your camera to settle and stand firmly without and shaking while using it.

The disadvantage of this product is not a problem that you will not buy it because you can make a way to solve it. The solution is to be careful not to tighten the lock of the knob that controls the head to turn upside down so that you will not experience the static issues on your video.

This Manfrotto tripod head kind of product is very dependable in all ways of catching the beautiful background you love because of its rotating ability. While the issue of one support system is not a worry because the materials are durable that can hold a specific weight of 5 pounds.

There are a lot of people who recommend this product because of its many advantages besides its affordable price.


In conclusion, Manfrotto 700rc2 is very much ideal to use by an ordinary or professional videographer and photographer. The locks of each use help you control your hold on every direction you want to.

Though you are limited to use only a camera with only up to 5 pounds weights are not a hindrance if you are an ordinary videographer or photographer. There are a lot of camcorders that have a lightweight but the function is like a professional camcorder. So for your next shopping of fluid head try Manfrotto 700rc2.

Manfrotto Video Head with Flat Base, Video Head for Compact Video Cameras and DSLR Cameras, for Filming, Videography, Content Creation, Vlogging, Live Streaming
  • PROFESSIONAL: The 502 video head has a robust construction nad a maximum capacity of 10Kg
  • COMPATIBILITY: The Manfrotto video head is designed for compact video cameras, DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The slide plate connects it easily to cameras, and easily combines with accessories
  • FLUID MOVEMENTS: Thanks to the variable fluid drag system, on both pan and tilt, movements are fluid and adjustable
  • TWO VERSIONS: The video head is available in a flat base version, which is this head and has the letters "AH", and in a ball version as well, with the letter "A"
  • FLUID MOVEMENTS: Thanks to the sliding system, the pan tilt movements of the head are fluid and fully adjustable


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