The latest multi touch screen monitor reviews of 2023

The multi touch screen monitor technologies are prominent in today’s generation – it can be either a phone, tablet and even a television could be used as a touchscreen. However, the touchscreen simply allowing the user to interact with the computer by touching the screen of the devices. Likewise, in today’s era, the touchscreen turns out to be multi-touch screens and it’s better from the usual touchscreen itself. So, check these top multi-touch screen monitor 2018 that involves the best features and catchy in today’s generation.

Before anything else, let’s define what multi-touch screen is and how it becomes better than the usual touchscreen that what we used to have. So, the multi-touch screen is a technology that enables a trackpad or a touchscreen that recognize more than one or two points of contacts with a surface.


Difference Between Multi-Touch Screen And The Usual Touchscreen Technology

Likewise, the difference of multi-touch screen and the usual touchscreen technology is, the multi-touch screen allows the person or the user to touch more than two areas from the certain device and it will function well without an error.

multi touch screen monitor

Eventually, the term “multi-touch” actually originated and popularized by Apple Company in the year 2007, but the actual existence of “multi-touch” technology is the early year of 1985. On the other hand, the multi-touch is used in the year 1985 and eventually upgraded in this recent year.

The Multi-Touch Screen is identified as the newest and upgrade touchscreen in today’s era. Likewise, the additional function for multi-touch is, it has the potential to activate certain subroutines that are attached to predefined gestures. But as a matter of fact, the multi-touch has various advantages and unfortunately, it has disadvantages too.

On the other hand, in every technology, there are certain advantages and disadvantages, so these are the important factors we should consider before purchasing the certain gadget. It is so necessary to consider these factors to avoid complications in the certain technology and if it suits you.

Likewise, the Multi-Touch Screen is so catchy in today’s generations but first, here are some advantages and disadvantages of a multi-touch screen that you need to consider in choosing the best multi-touch screen for you.

Advantages of Multi-Touch Screen:

  • Switch and Button are not often required for Multi-Touch Screen.
  • The input devices such as zoom-in/ zoom-out, rotations and etc are eventually can be modified through touch or software itself.
  • It is easier when it comes to the maintenance, unlike with the keyboard and physical switch. Additionally, there will be no dirt and dust that we get from the space between the buttons.

Disadvantages of Multi-Touch Screen:

  • The screen itself would easily get dirty and it becomes less visible. In addition, it may cause scratches on the screen that oftentimes, it may cause malfunction to the screen or the whole system of Multi-Touch Screen technology.
  • The operations would be a little bit “clumsy” unlike with the push buttons and mouse.

So, on the other hand, the Multi-Touch Screen includes both advantages and disadvantages, and otherwise, it also includes various benefits that could help in the daily lives and it also affects the society itself.

There is no doubt that the Multi-Touch Screen became so relevant in today’s generation for an instant. Fortunately, the television and PC Monitor is included in the Multi-Touch Screen technologies that allow you to have two or more click on the devices.

Furthermore, here are some examples of Multi-Touch Screen Monitor that are too innovative and advance to use in daily lives. So, check these best Multi-Touch Screen Monitor that involves the best features and useful as well.

ViewSonic TD2423 24-inch multi touch screen monitor

ViewSonic multi touch screen monitor

The ViewSonic TD2423 is a 24-inches Multi Touch Screen Monitor that includes PCAP. However, the Projective Capacitive Touch Technology or PCAP for short is a wireless Internet communication that allows the user to receive signals from other devices.

Additionally, it also has a scratch resistant to prevent the first disadvantage of a Multi-Touch Screen. But don’t worry, the ViewSonic TD2423 built with 7H Surface Hardness. The surface hardness of this Multi-Touch Screen Monitor prevents scratches and damages on the screen itself.

The Multi-Touch Screen Monitor produced 1080p Full HD display resolution. Fortunately, the viewing angle of Hanns G HT225HPB expands to 178 degrees.

However, this Multi-Touch Screen Monitor can be slide easily and has smooth touch control, unlike the other Multi-Touch Screen Monitor. It produces vivid images, high graphics, wide view angles that loved by the individual.

Nonetheless, the product dimension of ViewSonic TD2423 is 33.1D x 54.2W x 80.6H cm. While it has a weight of 4.68 kg with 4 wattages. It absolutely works so flawlessly, smooth and accommodating!

The ViewSonic TD2423 is an excellent example of a Multi-Touch Screen Monitor. It allows interactive applications and it is an exceptional colors performances.

ViewSonic TD2423 24-inch 1080p HD IPS 10-Point Touch Monitor with Scratch-Resistant Screen, Stylus Compatible, Dual Integrated Speakers, HDMI, VGA, DVI, Adjustable Tilt
  • Intuitive 10-point touchscreen
  • Finger, stylus, and glove touch compatible
  • Magnetic pen placeholder
  • Adjustable back tilt up to 40-degrees
  • English (Publication Language)

Iiyama T2252MSC-B1 Multi-Touch IPS LED

iiyama T2252MSC-B1

The Iiyama T2252MSC-B1 is a 22-inches provide HD Multi-Touch Screen Monitor. It includes blue light reducer that allows your eyes to feel less tired while using this monitor. Actually, Eyes get tired after long hours of working and looking at the monitor. That is why the Iiyama company provides blue light reducer for the Multi-Touch Screen Monitor.

Another special feature is, it offers IPS Technology that is connected with the contrast and the viewing angles of it. Additionally, it offers VESA standards that absolutely suited for you.

The Iiyama T2252MSC also has the scratch resistance that prevents such scratches and damages that may happen in the screen. The scratch resistance is a glass that overlays with the original screen. It is somehow helpful with the Multi-Touch Screen and for you as well.

It has a response time of 7 milliseconds which is faster than other Multi-Touch Screen out there. While the real angle of view is 178 degrees which are definitely convenient.

When it comes with connectivity, it actually allowed for USB and Video Graphic Array (VGA). Another best feature is, it has 1920 x 1080 for display resolution max. The 1,920 pixels for horizontal resolution and the 1,080 pixels for max vertical resolution.

Nevertheless, it has an image contrast ratio of 5,000,000 and provides 18.1 watts for effective use. Likewise, the product dimensions are 29.6 x 4.8 x 49 cm with the item weight of 2 kg. It also has 1 USB 2.0 ports, 2 HDMI Ports, and 1 VGA Ports.

The Iiyama T2252MSC is eventually convenient, fast and accommodating too. It has high performances and it is a reliable multi-touch screen monitor. It involves the best features and at the same time, it includes complete materials for Multi-Touch Screen.

iiyama T2252MSC-B1 22' Black, IPS, Full HD, Projective Capacitive 10pt touch, HDMI, Display Port
  • CAPACITIVE TOUCH - This technology uses a sensor-grid of micro-fine wires integrated into the glass that covers the screen. Touch is detected because electrical characteristics of the sensor grid change when human finger is placed on the glass.
  • IPS - IPS technology offers higher contrast
  • darker blacks and much better viewing angles than standard TN technology. The screen will look good no matter what angle you look at it.
  • SCRATCH RESISTANCE - Scratch resistance is essential for touch solutions used in public places and schools. This is achieved thanks to a glass overlay covering the screen.
  • BLUE LIGHT REDUCER - reducing the amount of blue light ultimately allows our eyes to feel less tired while working long hours with a computer screen.


On the other hand, the Multi Touch Screen Monitor can apply or can use as a television or PC monitor indeed. If that’s the case, this will be the coolest television and/or PC monitor, perhaps. This shows that the world is too innovative and we can interact with other people with just one click.

Well, the touchscreen actually started on a phone and now here it is, it blooms instantly. From the phone gadgets and now we have what we called, “Multi-Touch Screen.” There is no doubt that Multi-Touch Screen is becoming popular in this new era.

This is somehow helpful and increases entertainment with more convenient and easy functions. The Multi Touch Screen used anywhere, either school, offices and etc… It is easy to bring somewhere else and without hesitation. Additionally, it is comfortable in the eyes and perfect for offices and/or schools.

Multi-Touch Screen is for convenience and to make work easier.  This is applicable in every place and comfortable to use. Nonetheless, if you need one, then check the top Multi-Touch Screen Monitor 2018 that will surely love by everyone. It is absolutely perfect for today’s generation that includes various benefits.

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