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Nostalgic Arcade Game by JXD

Nostalgic Arcade Game

Want to reminisce about your old games when you were young? Well, JXD wants you to play your favorite games with your children, a game that will help your bonding more exciting and enjoyable. This old Nostalgic arcade game comes with almost 9000 games to choose from at an affordable price. You will share your best moment with your children. 


Product Description

  • A dual-core sentimental Old Mini Arcade Console. This is a game to remember and share with our children of today. From the shape of the products to the game itself you will share memories with your children while playing each game.
  • With 32 GB TF built-in 9000 games. It is supported by CP1/CP2/NEOGEO/GBA/GBC/GB/SFC/BIN/MD which can be saved, deleted, or added.
  • It has two handles for two players with an HDMI output that can play for a bigger screen on the TV. For more excitement, it has a sound that you can turn on while playing, video, and pluggable headphones.
  • With a USB charger, you can recharge the battery and be ready to be used for five hours of gameplay.
  • If you want to save your games or play there is an instruction that you need to follow, in the manual that is included in the product.

Point Of View

Though the whole product is small when played directly to it. However, when you connect it to your TV or monitor you will enjoy and feel the old games before. Fortunately, the product is compatible with any other products too. The games are really nostalgic and very retro where you can enjoy remembering the games you played before. Our children can compare the old games and the present games they play today, they see a big difference. Simple games but very interesting to play.

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No products found.

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