October 2019 Best LED Curve TV

This month’s best buys for curved TVs seem like a Samsung TV model numbers list. Who else can make the best-curved telly than the pioneer brand itself? From the traditional flats screen televisions, curved ones revolutionized entertainment experience. Curved TVs look like someone tried to bend their flat screen only to end up with a gracious arc.

The first curved televisions were released about four years ago. Both Samsung and LG claim to be the first one to sell curved TVs. Still, a lot of homeowners went gaga over it. Curved TV sales skyrocketed, with Samsung smart TV models as some of the favorites.

True enough, the Samsung TV models list has a lot to offer. From reducing screen glare to a more immersive viewing experience, it’s a wise entertainment investment. So this October, we will celebrate our picks for curved TV with five of Samsung’s offers.


Samsung 49-Inch MU6220 Curved HD TV

Let’s start with the Samsung MU6220 with a 49-inch screen. This entertainment darling has a 4k HD resolution and a high dynamic range for clarity you’ve never experienced before. Aside from enjoying shows through an aerial connection, you can also use the three HDMI ports it comes with.

You simply don’t get a television; you will be treated to a well-rounded audiovisual technology. It has a thumbnail preview where you can see everything and pick what you want. This Samsung OLED TV 4K meets European television standards.

With the surrounding effect of the curved screen, you will have a more immersive viewing. This has an auto depth enhancer that gives you the freedom to adjust color brightness. This Samsung curved TV will fit with VESA mounts to save space on your living room.

The only downside that we found here is that it only comes with a regular remote control. There’s no smart controller which is a bit odd for its technology.




Samsung UE65MU6200 65-Inch UHD TV

If you’re building a home theater, make sure to add the Samsung UE65MU6200 65-Inch TV on it. Aside from the giant display, this TV has built-in applications that you can enjoy. And if you want to connect other devices, the Bluetooth technology will come in handy.

As a smart TV, you can experience its full features in a few clicks. Among all Samsung TV sizes, this one is the biggest so far. But it’s not just big on the screen; it’s also a champ in resolution as a 4K full HD television. But that’s not all of it yet. This TV also comes with an AM and FM tuner. It’s every audiovisual experience in just one appliance.

You can plug-and-play other devices here as well. This TV has an Ethernet cable, USB ports, and an HDMI slot. However, it doesn’t have any port for headphones. Even if it’s big and heavy, the 65-inch Samsung TV is easy to set up.



Samsung 55-Inch M6320 Full HD

Are you looking for a curved TV that comes with an equally functional remote control? This Samsung 55-Inch won’t disappoint. Samsung smart TVs are known for its unrivaled image clarity and crisp sound. By purchasing this, you’ll get that and more.

This isn’t a 4K TV, but we can say that its 1080p Full HD is still stunning. It comes with an Ethernet cable, a USB port, and an HDMI slot to level up your entertainment experience.

The Auto Motion Plus technology will ensure quality even in the most action-packed scenes. It also has the Auto Depth Enhancer technology to make colors appear deeper and fuller. But don’t expect that it will have a 3D mode, anyway.

For its screen width of 55 inches, this is surprisingly light and easy to set up. Not to mention its affordable price tag compared to other Samsung tellies, this is totally value for money.


Samsung M6300 49-Inch Full HD Curved TV

If you don’t have the luxury of space at home, the Samsung M6300 49-Inch TV will be the mid-range option. Aside from fitting in your living room, you will also love its convenience. It comes with a remote control but you can also control the screen using your smartphone.

Tired of watching typical shows? Plug your devices all at the same time and control it using Samsung’s 2017 Smart Hub. You will get complete access without the need to plug and unplug repeatedly. It also has an MPEG 4 tuner so you can watch your pre-downloaded movies and shows in an instant.

If you want to save space at home, this can be mounted on a 200x 200 VESA. Also, this is energy-efficient; consuming only 110 kilowatts per year when used for about 4 hours a day.

You can’t use your headset here, but that’s not a deal-breaker if you’re getting it as a family TV.


Samsung UE55KU6100 Ultra HD

Who wouldn’t be over the moon once they got a 4K HD TV? This Samsung UE55KU6100 Ultra HD Telly is big in size, winner in resolution, and a champ in features. It’s surprising for a 2016 model, to be honest.

This TV is equipped with UHD upscaling and PurColor that make hues look livelier. Unlike other models in the Samsung smart TV range, this one allows you to adjust colors with extreme accuracy. It has 192 adjustment points for red, cyan, magenta, green, yellow, and blue. That gives more realistic and eye-pleasing colors.

Don’t write this TV as a mere HDR screen. This can double as a screen for your Mac and Windows laptops. It can also open the world of console gaming for your family bonding time. Mind you, this works flawlessly in PS4 Pro!

This Samsung TV model numbers list includes only a few of the best models you can find. It’s undeniable that Samsung is the total winner here. They succeeded in keeping curved TVs alive despite some issues regarding its build and reliability. And if you also want to level up the viewing game, it’s time to get these smart televisions.

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