October Best Portable HD TV with Freeview

A portable TV with HDMI allows you to enjoy watching even if you’re away from home. As a small telly, it can fit on your car or RV without missing any of your favorite shows. Also, there’s no need to pay for subscriptions. Some small portable televisions have built-in channels.

If you’re the type of person, who’s always on-the-go, a small TV will suit you well. Many manufacturers produce small versions of home TVs. And true enough, nothing beats binge-watching while you’re on the move.

Aside from the small build, you’d want to look for added features. A portable telly with different ports is excellent. This means you can plug other devices and enjoy this piece of technology even more. And even if it’s small, it should produce clear colors and crisp sounds.

August DA100D 10-Inch Portable TV with Freeview

It may look like a picture frame, but this portable TV is packed with features. Its 10-inch screen is comfortable to the eyes. And to keep you entertained, it has a built-in Freeview tuner and a recorder so you won’t miss anything.

You can also enjoy Timeshift TV on this telly. You can pause and rewind what you’re watching if you have to go to the bathroom or answer the phone. This telly is powered with rechargeable batteries or a 12V adaptor if you want an uninterrupted viewing.

You can also save your favorite audiovisual files on this television for later viewing. If you love binge-watching, you don’t have to worry since this is energy-efficient. For an average use of 4 hours a day for 365 days, it would only consume 12 kilowatts.





Are you looking for a portable TV that can compete with Philips portable TV? Well, the LEADSTAR will be an excellent choice. It’s studded with various input and output slots for gaming, viewing, and listening modes.

This TV has a 1024×600 SD resolution and a Freeview tuner. Aside from that, this is highly versatile as it can be used on DVB-T2 countries like France, Denmark, and Spain. This is a one-time investment since its LED panel has a long life. It supports PVR and real-time TV recording.

Even if this is a portable TV, it still comes with a remote controller. There are also built-in speakers for loud and clear viewing. If you want to stay discreet, you can use the earphone socket on the side.



This 12-inch screen isn’t just bigger than other portable TVs; it’s also one of the clearest. The VBESTLIFE TV boasts a 1280X600 resolution and a DVB-T-T2 compliant system. With that, you can binge-watch ATV, digital, and analog formats.

This TV can support a variety of video and audio formats like MOV, MKV, WMV, MP4, RMVB, and more. It has a VGA interface that supports SD cards and other computer equipment.

The VBESTLIFE is a wise-buy especially if you’re travelling. It comes with a 110V-240V adapter. This means that you can enjoy pre-saved movies and shows anywhere you go. If you’re traveling, you can record TV shows and watch it later.

This comes with a remote control for added convenience. You can place it on your RV and relax as your whole family enjoys your nightly bonding.



Reflexion DVD1017T2HD Portable TV

Reflexion DVD1017T2HD Portable TV

If you’re vacationing on a motorhome, you probably want a portable TV that can double as a DVD player. For starters, this Reflexion TV has a DVB-T2 technology with a Freeview tuner. All you need is to press one button to enjoy your favorite shows in an excellent quality.

If you get tired of the Freeview channels, you can play your DVDs on the built-in player. No need to purchase another appliance just to have this feature. It offers a whole ton of viewing options to its users. In fact, it even comes with an aerial antenna just like an actual TV. However, this aerial can have poor reception so purchasing another one is the best solution. Other than that, everything will work perfectly.

Its functions can give portable TV Amazon a run for its money. Yet, it’s surprising that the small portable TV price of this model is very affordable.


Denver Portable TV with Freeview

Denver Portable TV with Freeview

For traveling families who want to bring the basics of TV viewing on their cars, the Denver model is exceptional. It comes with a Freeview tuner and a rechargeable battery for plug less viewing. But for an uninterrupted streaming, the car adapter would be handy.

Like portable TV Argos and other models, you can record shows and movies here. You can also pause the live TV if you have to attend to something for a minute. This convenience may not be outstanding but it still serves an important purpose.

Aside from this, the TV will come with a portable aerial, earphones, mains power adapter, and a remote controller.


ZHY DVB-T2/DVB-T Portable TV

ZHY DVB-T2/DVB-T Portable TV

If you’re looking for a TV with Freeview and TF cards and flash drives support, the ZHY model is unbeatable. If you want to enjoy your usual Freeview shows, you can stream various channels. Once you get tired, you can plug your TF card and start watching your pre-downloaded movies.

With this TV, you will enjoy the freedom of recording your favorite shows and using Timeshift.

Aside from viewing, this portable TV will also allow you to listen to your favorite music. Using the mini HDMI and AV input, you can plug your digital camera, CCTV, microscopes, and decoders here. It’s such a unique and versatile TV that’s way functional that what its price dictates.

A portable TV with HDMI is a must-have for those who want to binge-watch away from home. Added functions and features will level up the viewing and listening experience. These six models here are sure to bring your TV experience to new heights. It could be small, but these televisions are powerhouse entertainment hubs.

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