Philips 24 inch tv – HD LED TV

This best Philips 24 inch tv from Philips. A great addition to your home. It includes a button for power and channel selection.

A simple operation, as well as built-in speakers. Like YouTube or Netflix. Allows streaming services to be viewed without any additional equipment.

Philips 24 inch TV


The best TV you can have for your home entertainment with completes. It is made of an essential white gloss bezel with the silver side in a compact design for an easy movement.

This is perfect for every room with its hidden stand it is good for kitchen, study room, or in the guest room.

Product Description

Philips 24inch TV is light and easy to move anywhere with handy features. With both the power of HD resolution and LED technology.

This Philips model convinces the viewer with a sharp picture. The use of Pixel and HD provides brilliant colors and astonishing depth.

After all, Philips 24 inch tv you can see every detail in all of your programs and movies. This monitor can be used to connect your computer to your TV.

You can use it with more clarity and quality. With the 2 ports of HDMI and USB slot, it gives you all the right connectivity you need.

You can also connect other devices with your TV to enjoy your DVD and your private pictures, videos, and others.

When you buy it includes your 24inch LED TV, with a port of HDMI and USB, remote control, batteries. As well as, power cord, quick start guide, legal. And a manual for instruction for better use and safety, and a tabletop stand.

Point of View

People who bought this LED TV are happy with what they have for their kitchen, even for their study room and bedroom.

They are happy with the color white edges that provide a neat and beautiful background. With the stable good quality sound system that you hear every word and sound of what we are watching.

Moreover, this TV can be used as a monitor for your computer for more clear and wide space so that you will read and check properly.

Philips 24PFS6805/12 24-Inch TV (Full HD LED TV, Pixel Plus HD, HDR 10, Smart TV, Full-Range Speakers, Freeview Play, 3 x HDMI, 2 x USB, Ideal for Gaming) - Glossy Black (2020/2021 Model)
  • Get vivid colors and precise details with this 24 inch Full HD TV. Full HD LED, Pixel Plus HD and HDR 10 provide an optimized picture quality and sharp images with deep contrast.
  • With this 24 inch smart TV you can enjoy your favorite content on apps like Netflix. The intuitive operating system Saphi provides one-button access to a clear icon-based menu.
  • The 24" TV features a less than 20 ms input lag via HDMI which is especially great for gaming. Better refresh rates and enhanced visibility in dark scenes allow you to immerse yourself in the game.
  • This 24 inch LED TV comes with full-range speakers and a 5 band equalizer that will get you a clear dialogue and punchy bass. Wi-Fi, 3xHDMI and 2xUSB ensure a variety of connectivity.
  • Included in delivery: Philips 24PFS6805/12 TV 24 inch (60 cm), Remote Control, 2 x AAA Batteries, Power cord, Quick start guide, Legal and safety brochure, Table top stand


Do they still make Philips 24 inch TVs?

I have a good memory for my name and face. I can still remember when they stopped making Philips 24 “TVs in ’95. 

But now it seems like my brain is telling me this because there is nothing left on shelves or in online stores.

When trying to sound excited. The world may not know what you are talking about if your voice is too loud. – Take a deep breath before you speak. So that no one thinks that something shady has happened in their workplace (like murder).

What is the best smart TV for Philips 24 inch TV?

In case of buying a new television. This article will explore all your options. And it will help you decide which one is right for you.

I’m going through every model on Amazon. (They have lots of tons) Comparing them as well.

So why not have a brand or type choice in the store. We can find something affordable.

What is the best smart Philips 24 inch TV?

With all the different smart TVs on offer. It can be difficult to decide which one is best for your Price range.

And there are many reasons to go to this conclusion, including features, but also style. Do some research before you make your purchase.

So that later in life when technology changes rapidly. Or fix bugs found by users. Changes quickly with software updates from manufacturers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Philips 24 inch TV?

Those who want to watch some serious TV. The Philips 24-inch television is a great choice for them. The image quality of this model will please any viewer.

Its full HD resolution. And with bright colors that don’t pop out every scene like before. Price tags can be a problem. Which can be quite steep compared to other TVs of the same rank.

But if you are able, in these beauties. It is better to invest in one because they are more durable than most other models.

After all, for ten years or more. Depends on who you ask.


The new Philips 24 inch TV has a resolution of 1080p, which is higher than the previous model. The screen also offers vibrant colors and an aspect ratio that’s perfect for watching movies on it!

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