Portable Smartphone TV Speaker

Portable Smartphone TV SpeakerDo you want a new style of watching your favorite movie on your phone? This portable speaker stands for mobile phones like you are watching on your television. This is something like a mobile phone with a television, a retro-style stand with a built-in speaker, and a charger.

Product Description

  • The mobile phone speaker stand is a three-in-one function as a Bluetooth connection, as a stand, and a power bank for any model of iPhone. With this Bluetooth connection, you can enjoy listening to your favorite songs and watch your favorite movies.
  • Besides great connection, it is also a portable speaker, a compact body, a very loud voice prompt, a great stand with just one simple slide. This retro design speaker will completely change your mobile phone into a retro-style television. This will surely provide you the best enjoyable moment with you.
  • As you set your iPhone on the stand you can easily charge it with a lightning cable inside. You can open the front cover and the lightning cable you can enjoy watching while charging.
  • The design of a wood style appearance gives you a retro TV design a great gift for any occasion or even as a decoration. 
  • The built-in battery is rechargeable with 12 hours of usage time. With this, you can enjoy your music or movie viewing with great sound quality to enjoy.

Point Of View

Affordable in price is also an excellent product that works well with good quality results. People love this product with its design that not only for charging and mobile phone stands, it is also a great decoration. With its retro design, you can display it on your display rack or anywhere in your home. This is ideal for any model of iPhone and other smartphone charger and stand. 

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