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Best Portable Televisions for Caravan Use

If you are looking for a portable television. Which is easy to carry and can fit your family.

Then this is the appropriate option. It’s not just an incredible image quality. After all, But these TVs are also incredibly light weight. Makes them great when traveling with friends or family.

Portable Televisions


The best Portable Televisions. If you love traveling you need a more entertaining source for more fun while traveling. Avtex 16 inches slim portable TV provides you with a complete entertaining provider.

After all, allowing you to watch with more distance. It has many outlets to connect to other devices for more sources of viewing.

With its slim design it allows to have more distance on the screen. Which is good for watching while on move.

Product Description

  • Avtex has a widescreen, its 16 inches LED HD also has 12/240 volt for both leads supplied.
  • It has a digital tuner and satellite tuner. After all, Good quality picture and clear sound.
    You can pause, playback live TV. Or instant record to USB plus timer record from the program guide of EPG.
  • Moreover, it has a built-in DVD/CD player and input of USB, HDMI, and PVR record.
  • Furthermore, Avtex offers a three-year warranty.
  • With separate purchase, it can be mounted with compatible VESA of 75 x 75 mm.

Why is Avtex portable televisions wise for your Caravan?

This Avtex portable 16 inches television has a high definition quality of a picture. With a built-in HD Free view. To watch all the free channels available without subscription and monthly payments.

After alll, Plus it has a built-in DVB-S2 tuner for you to enjoy more satellite TV without an extra receiver. A built-in DVD player for fast play for your favorite movies and video.

You can also use this portable TV. As a computer monitor in VGA and HDMI input for more devices to connect.

With CI compatible and USB media center with media player this allows you to record and playback your favorite program from your multimedia files.

This is ideal for family viewing for your Caravan, Motorhome, Horse box or boat. This 12 volts television provides you connectivity to other devices with different connectivity for more choices of viewing.

Avtex L168DRS 16-Inch Widescreen Super Slim LED TV with Freeview HD
  • 16" Widescreen LED HD 12/240 Volt TV - Both Leads Supplied
  • DVBT & DVBT2 digital tuner & DVB-S & DVB-S2 digital satellite tuner
  • Pause/playback live TV/Instant record to USB plus Timer record from programme guide (EPG)
  • Built-In DVD/CD Player/ USB / HDMI / PVR Record
  • 3 Year Manufactures Warranty


Does portable television still work?

TV is a major thing in our society. It’s not just for watching movies or sports. It provides daily news and entertainment to many people around the world.

Portable television was an integral part. Since they were introduced during World War II. When the soldiers needed something small.

Which would be durable enough to make them look like radar systems. All those channels can get from other electronics without any interference. Which made coverage at its best difficult.

If you are unable to get out of anything but a thing called “war”. I am fighting across Europe on foot.

I am glad that we had talented minds like the technical engineers then. Because nowadays TVs come with equipped intelligence.

The television screen makes the top plus the speaker below.

Do they make portable televisions?

There are various portable televisions in the market. Some, for example, bring their own remote like this. So you don’t even need your phone or watch.

Televisions have existed since the advent of sponsored content. These were first introduced in America during World War II. As an alternative to a huge speaker that took up space inside the house.

How does a portable television work?

After all, Portable televisions are electrical signals to audio. And converts to video format. Which may be displayed on your TV, computer monitor or mobile device.

The first stage of the process is from the television antenna / cable company (ATSC) frequency. Convert an incoming signal through a suitable converter system.

Then its original DVD resolution image is VGA standard def. Convert to analog composite audio level 1 + 2 cable.

Which connects directly. Using the Optical Circuit Design Technique (OFC).

Amplifier inside the television set. OCF contains various other components such as filters. So that you do not interfere while watching TV at night.

What is a portable television set?

Portable televisions are a great way to take your TV with you on the go. These sets are easy to carry. And can be set up anywhere. These make it perfect for vacations or family trips.

Don’t get stuck in the side door of someone else’s house. You will have no problem seeing what your interests show. Because they want nothing from their closet (no offense).

Is portable television free?

After all, Portable televisions are not free. Some of them have monthly fees. There is no installation or repair service for anything. And if you do not become part of it. You will not be able to access it directly.

Want to watch TV in your own time. However, there are additional costs. Their cable package which can be anywhere from 50- $ 150 per year.

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