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Portable Video Projector with Wifi

Another smart device that your family will enjoy, Portable Video Projector with Wifi. This will take you to a brand new way of watching and gaming experience. If you are looking for the best alternative for your smartphone this is it. It has a built-in adjustment on the brightness of the device which is beneficial for our eyes. With so many features and advantages, you can also enjoy the low-cost of the product. The features of the device are more worth than its price.

Portable Projector

The Product Features

With a size of 21×14.5x8cm and a weight of 1.2kg, you can bring this smart projector anywhere you go. You can have an excellent entertainment for you and your family. With endless apps content, you can enjoy loading your favorite apps like Netflix, Instagram, and many more. You can even surf the internet anytime you want. With large storage of 8GB, you can enjoy anything you want like you are doing on your smartphone because of the wifi connection. The advantage of this projector is that there is an advance lamp that is very good for the eyes and energy savings. It has adopted a cold LED light source with an effective soft diluted reflection light. With this application, our eyes will not hurt instead it will relax our eyes from the direct light of the TV

Our Points of view

This is beneficial for all of us especially for families who made watching movies as their connection to each other. With its portable size and built-in wifi, you can bring this smart device to other places. The picture is nice and the sound is good. When you buy the product it includes AV signal Cable, remote control, power cable, and manual. It is more interesting is they have a one full year warranty and a lifetime customer support.  

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