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Retro Etpark Handheld Game Console

Retro Etpark Game Console

Are you looking for a game that is not violent but enjoyable to play? This game console from Etpark provides you a full Retro game console that you and your children. This will let you back on your child video gameplay simple but fun and enjoyable. This game console helps your children develop the coordination between hand and eye movement. 


Product Description

  • With 400 built-in Retro games, you and your kids will take you back to your childhood fun.
  • You can both play on TV and with the two-game player – There are an AV cable output and a great gamepad that you can connect this game console to a TV and enjoy the exciting two-player game on the big screen.
  • With a rechargeable battery, this game console has a built-in 800mAh rechargeable lithium battery. With a maximum play of five hours when the console is fully charged so you can enjoy more games to play. 
  • This is a great game console not only has 400 games to play but also it is compact and easy to carry anywhere and any time you go. You can enjoy this with your kids even if you are on the airplane or anywhere for you not to feel bored.
  • Most importantly it is a very affordable and perfect way to give as a birthday gift and on other occasions. It is also a way of remembering your childhood games.

Point Of View

This is an interesting game the kids know the difference between the games of their parents and their present games. Parents and kids will enjoy the games that will help them to have closer bonding. Most of the games will help you relax and let go of the stress from work and school. With an affordable price, you can not only own one game console but as many as you want. So that you and your family and friends will enjoy this great video game.

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