Review of Best 43 inch TV – Top 5 Picks in 2023

Welcome to our review of the best 43 inch TVs in 2023! With the rapid advancements in technology, TVs have become more than just entertainment devices. They have evolved into smart, feature-packed screens that offer exceptional picture quality and immersive audio experiences. Whether you’re a movie enthusiast, a gaming aficionado, or simply looking to upgrade your viewing pleasure, a 43-inch TV can be a perfect choice for a variety of spaces.

In this review, we have carefully curated the top 5 picks for 43-inch TVs available in the market, taking into account factors such as display technology, smart capabilities, design, audio performance, and overall value for money. Our goal is to assist you in making an informed decision so that you can find the ideal TV that suits your preferences and needs.

Each TV in this list has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation, and we will delve into the strengths and weaknesses of each product to provide a comprehensive overview. Whether you’re looking for a TV with 4K resolution, advanced HDR capabilities, seamless streaming options, or simply the best all-around performer, we’ve got you covered.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your home entertainment experience to the next level, let’s dive into our top picks for the best 43-inch TVs in 2023!


Reviews of Top 5 Best 43 Inch TV

This guide will go over some of the best TVs in this size range. After all, to find you. Also, Give an idea of some of the best features. And even whatever you want to avoid. Over all, Give you some tips for that.

Samsung UE43TU7020 43 Inch TV

Samsung UE43TU7020 43 Inch TV


  • DTS TruSurround HD Technology
  • 1920 x 1080 Screen Resolution
  • 3 HDMI Inputs
  • Built In Freeview


  • Easy and Quick Setup
  • Great Value for Price
  • Slim Design


  • Average Sound Quality
  • Also, Some Switch Off Without Prompt

This 43 inch TV is a high definition model that offers a really crisp and clear picture. Even though it’s not 4K, many people are pleased with the picture quality that it offers.

It also has built in Free view, so without a cable service you can get 12 HD channels. After all, 60 standard definition channels, and 25 radio stations.

There is no subscription fee required. It also has three HDMI ports, so you can connect all of your favorite devices at once.

Samsung UE43TU7020 43 inch Ultra HD Smart 4K HDR TV
  • Crystal Display: Don't settle for anything less than long-lasting, crystal clear colour. With the Crystal Display we bring you pure colour, sharp contrast and brightness that are right up there with 4K resolution.
  • Crystal Processor 4K: Simply relax and enjoy all the content you love, with a 4K upscaling TV that adapts to give you striking Ultra HD picture quality. It even adjusts sound to suit whatever you’re watching.
  • HDR powered by HDR10+: Watch every scene burst from the screen with Samsung HDR TV. High Dynamic Range uncovers all the finest details, even in dark and bright scenes.
  • With the best-selling Samsung Smart TV¹ at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to enjoy TV. From live TV to BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV² and much more, Samsung Smart TV Hub brings all your favourite entertainment together, in one place.

Hisense 43A6KTUK 43 Inch VIDAA TV

Hisense 43A6KTUK 43 Inch VIDAA TV


  • 4 K Ultra HD
  • Built In Freeview
  • After all, High Quality Soundbar With Dual Subwoofers
  • Smart TV Technology


  • Great Value For Price
  • Also, Great Sound Quality
  • Also, No Lagging With Streaming


  • Menu is Slow
  • Bulky Design

This TV is best 43 inch tv known for its picture quality, because it has one of the best video technologies currently available 4K Ultra HD.

It has four times the number of pixels on the screen as your average TV. It’s also a smart TV, so you can connect to your Wi-Fi.

After all, download apps, and use built in streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu. If you don’t want to use a cable service. Then this TV also has built in Free view. Which doesn’t’ require a subscription.

Hisense 43 Inch VIDAA Smart TV 43A6KTUK - Dolby Vision, Pixel Tuning, Voice Remote, Share to TV, and Youtube, Freeview Play, Netflix and Disney (2023 New Model), Black
  • [Direct Full Array] Hisense TVs backed by a Direct Full Array boast a tight grid of individual LEDs that cover the entire back panel. These LEDs allow for precise control of brightness and contrast, resulting in crisp, vivid colors, and deep hypnotizing blacks from edge to edge.
  • [Dolby Vision] Never worry about subpar video quality or compatibility again. Simply choose and play whatever content you want, knowing you’re experiencing it in ideal detail, enhanced colors, and deeper blacks, thanks to the Dolby Vision.
  • [Pixel Tuning]Pixel Tuning is a dynamic approach to picture optimization that happens at the pixel level. Using an assortment of intelligent technologies like Global/Micro Dimming, Noise Reduction, Contrast, Brightness, and Sharpness Tuning to analyze signals frame by frame to optimize the picture for ideal detail, better dynamic contrast, reduced noise deeper blacks and brighter highlights, and more.
  • [VIDAA Smart TV] Today’s TVs need to be easy to use, quick to reach, and smarter than they’ve ever been before. With easy and instant access to over 150 broadcast, cable, satellite, DTV, and streaming platforms all in one space, the VIDAA TV allows you to seamlessly navigate your favorite content smoother and faster than ever before in one simple package.
  • [Share to TV] The Share-to-TV function lets you bypass this issue with ease and grace. Share content from your other devices directly to your screen. Use “Screen Sharing” to mirror your device on your TV, or the “Content Sharing” option, which lets you continue to use your device while only sharing specific media on the big screen for everyone to enjoy.

TCL 43P639K 43 inch TV Full HD Smart TV

TCL 43P639K 43 inch TV Full HD Smart TV


  • Smart TV Capabilities
  • Also, Ability To Add And Purchase Apps
  • 2 HDMI Inputs
  • 1920 x 1080 Pixel Picture Quality


  • Very Good Picture Quality
  • Smart TV Functions
  • Also, Ability to Connect Streaming Devices


  • Bulky in Size and Heavy
  • Confusing Interface

This 43 inch tv is well known for its brand name, meaning that the company has a good backing and reputation. While the picture quality is not 4 K Ultra HD, it is the next best thing at 1920 x 1080 Pixels.

It also has 2 built in HDMI inputs. Which is a decent amount for hooking up devices. It’s a smart TV, so it can be connected to the Wi-Fi and used with streaming services that are built directly into the interface, like Netflix.

TCL 43P639K 43-inch 4K Smart TV, HDR, Ultra HD, TV Powered by Android Bezeless design (Freeview Play, Game Master, Dolby Audio, HDR 10 compatible with Google assistant & Alexa)
  • 4K HDR: Get ready to experience the ultimate in home entertainment! Our state-of-the-art 4K HDR display is a visual tour de force, bringing to life all of your favorite content with vibrant colors, stunning detail, and an immersive level of realism that will leave you breathless
  • HDR10: Whether you're watching your favorite TV shows, movies, or sports events, our HDR10 technology ensures that every moment is ideally captured, providing endless entertainment of the highest quality
  • DOLBY AUDIO: But we don't just stop at picture quality - we also offer an incredible audio experience. With DOLBY AUDIO technology, the sound quality of your television is richer and more immersive than ever before, bringing you closer to the action than you ever thought possible
  • ANDROID TV: With our Android TV platform, you'll enjoy easy and unlimited access to all the content you love, exactly how you want it. Whether you're looking for movies, TV shows, music, or games, everything is right at your fingertips
  • GAME MASTER: If you're a gamer, you're going to love our Game Master feature, which automatically optimizes your picture settings for the best gaming experience, with the lowest latency possible

Ferguson F4320FR 4K UltraHD 43 inch TV

Ferguson F4320FR 4K UltraHD 43 inch TV


  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Motion flow Technology
  • Android TV
  • Energy Efficient


  • Also, Excellent Picture Quality
  • Also, Can Be Personalized To Each User
  • Very Easy To Learn Interface


  • Apps Lag Or Shut Down Sometimes
  • TV Itself Can Freeze Or Crash

One of the best, and most popular features of this TV is it’s picture quality, as it has 4K Ultra HD, which is currently the best technology.

It’s an Android TV, so you are able to personalize it to your exact specifications, and even connect it right to your smartphone.

Even for its decent size. The 43 inch tv itself is very slim, so it’s easy to move around and position in whatever room you choose. If you want to mount it to the wall, it doesn’t’ jut very far out.

Ferguson F4320FR 43 inch Amazon Smart Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote and Freeview Play, Access Prime TV, Netflix, Disney + Apple TV, HD Ready 2021 Model
  • Voice remote with Alexa
  • Official Fire TV platform
  • Access your favourite content - all through one home screen
  • Freeview Play with 100 channels and 20,000 hours of free ondemand content
  • 7 x HDMI inputs for your external devices and consoles

PHILIPS PUS7608 43 inch tv 4K Smart TV

PHILIPS PUS7608 43 inch tv 4K Smart TV


  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Color Prime Pro
  • Also, HEVC Decoding Technology
  • Smart TV Capabilities


  • Excellent Picture Quality
  • Also, Extremely Thin And Light
  • Great Streaming Functions


  • Sound Quality Is Mediocre
  • Setup Instructions Are Confusing

This Philips 43 inch tv not only has the great 4 K Ultra HD technology. Which is some of the best on the market right now, it has Color Prime Pro.

Which is supposed to deliver a wider range of the color spectrum to the TV. So not only is the picture quality great, but the colors are fuller and more vibrant.

The TV is incredibly thin, so it’s easy to move around, or even mount to the wall. It won’t stick out awkwardly or be difficult to move.

PHILIPS PUS7608 43 inch Smart 4K LED TV | 60Hz | Pixel Precise Ultra HD & HDR10+ | Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos | SAPHI | 20W Speakers | Google Assistant & Alexa Compatible | Anthracite grey bezel
  • ULTRA-SHARP VISUALS: The Pixel Precise Ultra HD engine optimises picture quality to deliver ultra-sharp images, vivid colours and smooth motion, while HDR10+ and Dolby Vision support enhances colour fidelity, contrast and brightness.
  • SMART TV: With the SMART system, you can access apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Apple TV and Youtube, use voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant, and enjoy SimplyShare, Screen Mirroring and Interactive TV.
  • CINEMATIC SOUND: Integrated 20W full-range speakers, A.I. Sound & EQ, Clear Dialogue, and Dolby Atmos, Bass Enhancement and Volume Leveller features offer breathtakingly realistic, rich and immersive audio in the comfort of your own home.
  • TUNER & CONNECTORS: This 4K TV has a built-in Digital TV Tuner and multiple connection options, including 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Wi-Fi 802.11n, Ethernet-LAN, Digital Audio Out, and support for HDCP 2.3, HDMI eARC and EasyLink.
  • English (Publication Language)


Which 43 inch TV is best?

Since all different brands and models are available. It is difficult to know which 43 inch TV will suit your needs I have done some research on this subject before. So here you should find the key size screen. Here are my top recommendations for that.

If space isn’t a problem – take a 44 “set or larger set / because they offer more than enough space to watch a movie / don’t feel too cramped.

Is a 43-inch TV big enough?

The question of whether a 43 inch tv is large enough can be approached from two different perspectives. One, the practical side which asks. Whether there is already room for your new big screen in a crowded room or in a home theater setup.

And secondly from the point of view of emotion. Nowadays we usually see what kind of pictures on our screen.

Does it matter emotionally?

If putting up real movie posters. There is no space because each wall is occupied by flat panels. Then it may not really matter in any way. However, if able to show some special moments. All those dreams will come true thanks to having a very small display.

Is a 43 inch TV too big for a bedroom?

Which type and how many TVs are best for you. When determining the size of your bedroom. Can be an important issue. A 43 inch tv may seem like a perfect fit at first. But if it is with low ceiling height or nearby furniture.

Is a small space which takes up valuable floor area. However it can create problems down the road. Such as eye pressure from looking upwards. Towards all those bright screens day after day. To keep us on the big screen with ideal conditions. Involved in finding enough personal space. Where there are still houses nearby.

What size room do I need for a 43 inch tv?

The size of your living room. How many TVs do you have? It can make a big difference. A small space can only be good for one or two large screens. When with an open floor plan. Like a stove or refrigerator without feeling crowded.

Its entertainment system has the same surface area as other equipment. And to accommodate game consoles. At least enough square footage is required. Out by them – so whether 43 inches is actually enough.

How far do you have to sit from a 43 inch tv?

Your seating distance from your TV will depend. On its size and what kind. If it is a medium sized or small flat screen. Then 3 feet should work just fine.

There are different types:

Some need more housing than others. It depends on how much space they occupy in a given surface area. Again – this varies by manufacturer. So make sure that you like these TVs (or other large pieces). When investing in any piece of equipment.

With our hosts round style choices. Before it is too late to see if something is working well. Find adequate seating options before making a decision

Why should I buy this 43 inch TV?

This 43 inch tv is for those who want to save space and money. An excellent choice for them. Its resolution is 1080p, which means staying in today’s market. The picture will be more crispy than other TVs. Watching sports games or movies with friends should not feel like such a special activity.

Because this model supports 3D signals. Which makes it easy to penetrate the extra depth displayed by the filmmakers during panoramic shots. (And more submerged). Think The Lord of the Rings film. Where you look into Boromir’s eyes. When he dies in Stormwind City Park). There is also diversity.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a 43 inch TV?

Measuring 43 inches is not necessarily the best for everyone. If you have a small living room or apartment. But a big screen TV can be too much. However it is perfect in rooms where the bedroom is. And there is no other confusion like the kitchen. Because then all your attention will go to see what is happening on the screen instead of the screen. Feel compressed from being surrounded by furniture.

The advantages include: 1) Higher resolution makes everything look sharper and clearer 2). Many video games become easier with these big screens. Because they are made more accurately. 3). This size allows the viewer to see almost every detail in the picture. 4) You do not need special equipment. 5)) It has been found that people like to see things closer than usual.


Based on the above analysis, we have found out that “TCL 43P639K 43 inch TV” (number 1 in the top 5 list) is the one which meets all our expectations and we have selected this one as the best on.

If you are looking for a 43 Inch TV, with excellent quality for the pricing, then this is the TV for you. It has great picture and sound quality, multiple HDMI inputs, and even comes with built-in Freeview.

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