Review – GRUNDIG 65VLX9681SP 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Smart TV

Today, we take a closer look at the GRUNDIG 65VLX9681SP Ultra HD Smart TV. Grundig is a German brand electronics that made a come back in the UK market last 2014. They don’t have much of a lineup offering in the UK market but their current TVs that are already available are really pricey. Is it worth the price? Let’s find out!




Grundig 65VLX9681SP



  • 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
  • Direct LED Backlight
  • VA Panel Display
  • 120Hz Refresh Rate
  • 0.65 Maximum Luminance
  • 2000 Video Perfection Index Rating
  • 3D Sound System


  • HDR10
  • Ultralogik 4K Quad-Core Processor
  • Smart Inter@ctive TV 4.0 Plus Operating System
  • DVB-T2/C/S2
  • 4x HDMI™ 2.0
  • 3x USB (1x 2.0, 2x 3.0)
  • For more information, visit Grundig Website.

Picture Quality

The GRUNDIG 65VLX9681SP is a German brand TV that uses VA type of display panel. In terms of its picture quality, the GRUNDIG 65VLX9681SP produces deep colours with a wide range of colour accuracy, wide viewing angles, and is mostly on point in terms of colour detail. The black level can get really deep once you configure the setting to its appropriate configuration. Brightness and white level reproduction is amazing and doesn’t intrude much with the balance of contrast. This is probably due to the use of VA display panel together with the support of HDR10.

Grundig 65VLX9681SP

VA type of display panel is great in terms of colour reproduction but not on par when compared to IPS. GRUNDIG equipped this TV with a direct-led panel, further enhancing the picture quality. This improves the local dimming that also drastically improves the quality and detail of the blackness of an image. Furthermore, GRUNDIG equipped this TV with their Multi Color Enrichment technology that allows this TV to produce deeper colours such as red is redder, green is greener, and blue is bluer. Significantly increasing the displayed colour spectrum (REC 20.20) and that which the human eye can perceive.

Image result for HDR

Overall, the picture quality of this TV is by far near perfection. Colours are intense and more vivid, blacks scenes are more detailed and blacker, brightness and white levels are amazing. The Micro Dimming Engine technology of GRUNDIG optimizes the contrast level. To further enhance the picture quality, the built-in quad-core processor analyzes each image and determines which parts of the screen are darker or lighter.

Grundig 65VLX9681SP

According to GRUNDIG, the screen of this TV is divided into 600 blocks, and each is individually controlled by the processor. Allowing this TV to produce optimized black level for each pixel. Creating a far better image with far more striking contrasts, better brightness and sharper image. In fact, we can still see the details during dark scenes.


In terms of gaming, the Grundig 65VLX9681SP has an average of 45ms input lag latency. Which is quite bad given the price and performance of this TV. I mean, other models out there that has the same selling price performs way better and has better input lag latency.

Grundig 65VLX9681SP

Although, the refresh rate of this TV is lovable. This TV has a native refresh rate of 120Hz. Giving you a smooth gameplay experience no matter what you feed it with. Either with console or PC, you will have a smooth gameplay with this TV but the input lag is undesirable.


Grundig 65VLX9681SP

The Grundig 65VLX9681SP boasts a 3D Sound System which is basically just an eight built-in speakers with two subwoofers per channel. The speakers are positioned at the front, at the bottom, and at the back of the speaker section producing a 3D Sound System.

In terms of actual audio quality, it does really produce a strong audio. The sound packs a punch thanks to the included two subwoofers. The speakers themselves use 60W of power.

Overall, the sound quality is great and by far satisfying. Once you use it for movies or video game, you won’t need or even think about adding a sound bar or a separate sound system. The loudspeakers on the front project sound towards the viewer at a lighter and better quality for an incredible immersion when watching. The particular location of the speakers projects the sound towards the viewer, ensuring a unique sound that fills the entire room.

Our Verdict

At its selling price on Amazon UK as of this writing (Sept 6, 2017), you’d probably feel that you’ll get more features and better offers from other models. Well, you’re basically right. Other TV models at the same price offer far more superior features like the LG OLED55B7V.

So to be honest, unless Grundig offers something more or lowers the price, there are other better TV models out there.


  • 120Hz Refresh Rate
  • HDR10 with Micro Dimming Technology
  • Amazing Audio Quality


  • Expensive
  • Poor Input Lag
  • VA Display Panel


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