Review – Hisense 85A6BTUK HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Hisense has revealed their flagship TV for the year 2023 and it’s the Hisense 85A6BTUK. It’s a massive 85-inch TV that features all the latest features that you can get from premium TVs such as ULED, 4K Resolution, Freeview, Quantum Dot Technology, HDR Premium, and much more. It’s currently available on Amazon. Is it worth the price despite not having an OLED display panel or you’re better off with other models? Let’s find out!

Is it worth the price despite not having an OLED display panel or you’re better off with other models? Let’s find out!


Hisense 85A6BTUK HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Hisense 85A6BTUK


  • Hisense 85A6BTUK
  • 85-Inch
  • Backlight Type: ULED
  • VA Display Panel
  • Quantum Dot Technology
  • Panel Bith Depth: 10 bit (8 bit + FRC)
  • 120 Hz Refresh Rate
  • <50 ms Input Lag
  • 2700 Picture Criteria Index
  • HDR 10 | HLG
  • 802.11ac
  • Ultra HD 3640 x 2160
  • MediaTek 5658 SoC Quad Core Processor
  • VIDAA U2 Operating System
  • 30w Speakers 2Ch
  • For more information, visit Hisense Website.

Picture Quality

Hisense picture quality

The Hisense 85A6BTUK is a massive TV seating at 85-inch display size. One will surely wonder if the picture quality is still decent at that size. Fret not, as this TV is packed with the latest features that you can find from premium TVs.

Hisense 85A6BTUK features a native display resolution of 3840×2160 which is the size of Ultra HD or 4K. It also features a panel bit depth of 10 bit (8 bit + FRC), Quantum Dot Technology, Premium HDR with Peak Brightness of 1000 nits, VA Display Panel giving you a full-colour display without any saturation when viewed from an angle of up to 176 degrees, premium HDR such as HDR 10 and HLG, and a refresh rate of 120Hz.

All those pictures enhancing features together makes the Hisense 85A6BTUK a real premium TV.

Hisense 85A6BTUK smart tv

In terms of picture quality, the Hisense 85A6BTUK performs really well. Although it doesn’t use OLED display, which should have been given the price, Hisense uses the term ULED. OLED and ULED are not the same display panel. ULED basically is the term that Hisense uses for a collection of 20 different patents around four key areas:

  • Ultra Wide Colour Gamut
  • Local Dimming
  • Ultra 4K Resolution
  • Ultra Smooth Motion Rate

This TV has a wide palette and is capable of reproducing a really broad array of colours for images that look brighter and more detailed. Added to that, the use of VA display panel allows this TV to have high levels of contrast. Making blacks far blacker. The use of premium HDR such as HDR 10 and HLG also gives this TV a high level of brightness that peaks at 1000 nits. Making whites far whiter without losing any detail or causing any colour saturation.

Having both features in this TV allows this TV to reproduce images and pictures with far more detail and wider colour accuracy.

Lastly, the Hisense equipped this TV with quantum dot technology. Basically, without much going on technical terms, this technology further enhances the TV’s colour reproduction and accuracy. Giving images a much more life and detail.


In terms of gaming, the Hisense 85A6BTUK can perform well for a TV though we are quite disappointed given the price. This TV is capable of 120Hz refresh rate, allowing you to play your video games at 120 frames per second if your PC or Console hardware allows you. Furthermore, it has a rated maximum of 50 ms input lag in game mode.

Hisense gaming experience

On our test, we got a 37 ms input lag rating which is quite decent for a TV. Although, we were hoping to get at least 27 ms given the price of this TV. Another TV’s out there can provide almost or better performance at a cheaper price.


One thing that should also be noted for this TV is its built-in speakers. The Hisense 85A6BTUK comes with a 2 Ch speakers that use 30 watts of power. Compared to other premium TV’s, the Hisense 85A6BTUK is a decent performing one. The audio quality is likable and packs a punch when you set the volume high. Although the audio quality sometimes depends on the content, fortunately, we did not encounter much of it as an issue with this TV.

Hisense audio

Although we still do recommend to add a sound bar or external sound system for that deeper and stronger audio performance when watching movies.

Sonos Sound Bar Review – https://topuptv.co.uk/sonos-sound-system-reviews/

Our Verdict

The Hisense 85A6BTUK is really a great TV. It’s a feature packed TV that gives a performance worth your money. A real value indeed. What we liked about this TV is its multiple pictures enhancing technology and features.

Despite not having an OLED display panel, ULED compasses 17 different patented technologies with regard to colour, brightness, resolution, and motion to create an immersive and unique viewing experience. So basically, ULED is an alternative to OLED for a cheaper price.

What we did not like about this TV is its massive size and not using OLED panels. At a 70-inch screen size, we think that it’s too big for a 4k Ultra HD resolution. It should have been 8K at least. We also believe that 40-inch is the sweet spot for 4k Ultra HD.

Lastly, not using OLED despite its selling price makes it somewhat an odd price point for us. Yes, we believe it is because of its massive screen size but we think that it’s better to spend or purchase those that give better picture quality for smaller screens and for a cheaper price. Such as the LG OLED55B7V 4K Smart OLED TV.


  • User-Friendly Smart TV Interface
  • 4K UHD IPS Display
  • Smart System Hardware


  • Expensive
  • Direct LED Panel
  • No Google Play Store for Android System
Hisense 85A6BTUK (85 Inch) 4K UHD Smart TV, with Dolby Vision HDR, DTS Virtual X, Youtube, Netflix, Disney +, Freeview Play and Alexa Built-in, Bluetooth and WiFi (2022), Operating System VIDAA
  • 4K UHD: 4 times higher resolution than FHD TVs. Binge watch your favorite shows, immerse yourself in the latest movies, or thrill in every moment of the hottest games.
  • DTS Virtual X: Enjoy an immersive audio without the need for height speakers, the bass perception engages you into the center of a performance.
  • VIDAA U5: An easy, smart and intuitive OS, simply access to rich contents and global applications (Disney+. Youtube, Netflix and Freeview Play etc.), making your TV more interesting.
  • Sports Mode: When a sports signal is detected, it switches to Sports Mode for an immersive live stadium experience, from picture to sound.
  • Game Mode: Game mode boosts your chances of scoring legendary wins by significantly reducing input lag.

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