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Review – Hisense H50N6800 50-inch ULED 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV

Today, we take a closer look at the cheapest Ultra HD Smart TV that supports HDR, the Hisense H50N6800. If you’re on a budget and are looking for a brand new TV, then you might want to include this Hisense H50N6800 to your list of choices. For just a lower price, you can grab this Hisense TV that supports HDR and with a screen size of 50inch.

Is this TV worth investing into? Here’s what we think.


Hisense H50N6800 ULED Ultra HD HDR Smart TV

Hisense H50N6800


  • Model: H50N6800UK
  • 50inch Display Size
  • Ultra HD 3840×2160
  • VA Display Panel
  • ULED Backlight Type
  • 8bit + FRC Panel Bit Depth
  • 178° Viewing Angle
  • 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • 2200 Picture Criteria Index
  • HDR Support (HLG | HDR10)
  • Quad Core Procesor MediaTek5658EDEJ
  • <50 ms Input Lag in Game Mode
  • 2 Ch Speakers (20W)
  • VIDAA U Operating System
  • 2x HDMI 2.0, 2x HDMI 1.4
  • 2 USB 2.0
  • 1 USB 3.0
  • 802.11ac Dual Band
  • DVB-T2/T/C/S2/S Freeview HD
  • For more information, visit Hisense.

Picture Quality

Hisense H50N6800

Out of the box, the default setting of the Hisense H50N6800 already produces amazing results. When a scene is lit well, it puts out a crisp output of images. Watching  Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, the water has a decent amount of details as well as the other scenes. Skin tones are natural from the default setting of this TV.

Despite being a 4K HDR TV, an HDR TV for its affordable price will surely have some compromises. One of these is the use a VA-type panel. This panel is capable of producing strong colours, inky blacks, and high level of colour accuracy. However, it suffers from poor viewing angles. Images lose their contrast and colours become less intense when viewed at an angle.

The Hisense H50N6800 employs a stripe of LED at the bottom edge of the panel. This is to illuminate the entire screen. A local dimming setting is also made available in the user menu that intends to improve the contrast and black level.

In terms of HDR performance, you should not expect much from this TV. So we highly suggest lowering your expectation right now. For a TV that sells in an exact price, its luminance peaks at 405cd/m2 in HDR mode.

Hisense H50N6800

The Hisense H50N6800 is capable of handling Ultra HD Blu-rays that are mastered to 1000cd/m2 quite but the same can’t be said for HDR contents that are mastered to 4,000cd/m2. This is due to Hisense’s tone-mapping which isn’t capable of producing those bright highlights. So that means that you may have to disable HDR mode for some movies to get the best image and viewing quality.

Lastly, the Hisense H50N6800 uses a technology called ULED. ULED, or Ultra LED, is the term Hisense uses a combination of 20 patented technology for Ultra Wide Colour Gamut, Ultra Local Dimming, Ultra 4K Resolution and Ultra Smooth Motion Rate. ULED TVs have a wide palette and are capable of reproducing a really broad array of colours for images that look brighter and more detailed.


Hisense H50N6800

In terms of gaming, gamers will surely appreciate the Hisense H50N6800. It offers a decent performance in terms of video gaming. It has an average of less than 50 ms input lag when setting to game mode and it features a native refresh rate of 60 Hz.

Hisense H50N6800

On our tests, the input lag is only 31ms in both 1080p SDR and 4K HDR games modes. Offering you a decent but enjoyable video gaming experience. Allowing you to enjoy 60 frames per second for the smoothness and fluidity as well as lessening any possible screen tearing when video gaming.


Hisense H50N6800

The Hisense H50N6800 is one of those TV’s we reviewed that we’d recommend adding a soundbar. The quality of sound that you can get from its built-in speakers are okay and decent but you might find it lacking some punch when you start watching movies or listening to music.

Watching Guardians of Galaxy Vol.2, we felt that it needs more power in bass tone and an increase in loudness as it seems to lack in that criteria. The sound quality starts to get displeasing if you force it at 100% volume.

The addition of a soundbar will definitely solve those sound issues and will leave you satisfied with the audio quality. You might want to read our review of Sonos Sound System.

Our Verdict

Hisense H50N6800

Overall, the Hisense H50N6800 is really a budget-oriented TV. Giving you a glimpse or to at least enjoy features such as HDR for an affordable price. However, for us, if you already have the budget to spend for this TV, then you will surely have a bit more to buy a far better TV than the Hisense H50N6800.

What we liked about this TV is its affordability and probably the cheapest HDR Ultra HD Smart TV on the market. The performance is above average but not a deal breaker. The picture quality is above okay or decent and the overall performance is satisfying in a sense for its price.

What we did not like about this TV is the poor performance of the display panel and the low performance of the HDR. This is pretty much something that should be expected from a TV that offers premium features at an affordable price. Compromises will surely be made to get this TV and its features at that price point.


  • Price – Cheapest HDR TV
  • Low Input Lag & 60 Hz Refresh Rate
  • Premium Sleek Design


  • VA Display Panel
  • Poor Peak Brightness of HDR Content
  • Audio
HISENSE 50A7100FTUK 50-inch 4K UHD HDR Smart TV with Freeview play, and Alexa Built-in (2020 series), Black
  • 4K Resolution - With 4x more pixels than traditional Full HD, Hisense’s 4K Ultra HD resolution is the benchmark for stunningly realistic picture quality and pin-sharp clarity.
  • DTS Studio Sound - An immersive sound experience. Volume Levelling cleverly smooths transitions between inputs and when changing channels.
  • HDR Technology - HDR dramatically enhances detail by maximising contrast and colour accuracy for more true-to-life colours and amazing levels of clarity. The detail in the darkest areas of a picture aren't lost.
  • VIDAA U Smart TV - access Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Freeview Play and Rakuten with direct access keys on remote.
  • Freeview Play - Catch up on the last 7 days via BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5 and UKTV Play.

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