Review – LG OLED55E7N 55″ 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Today, we take a closer look at one of LG’s high-end offering for the year 2017, the OLED55E7N. Most reviews and owners declare that this is by far the best TV of 2017. And who are we to disagree? To further know more about the OLED55E7N, we had to have our hands on the TV and do a review. Guess what we found out after testing the TV out.



LG OLED55E7N 55″ 4K Ultra HD Smart TV



  • OLED Display (Glass Frame)
  • 55-Inch Screen Size (80 ppi)
  • Ultra HD 4K (3840 x 2160) Native Resolution
  • UHDA Premium
  • Tru 10 Bits Panel Depth
  • 21 ms Input Lag
  • 120 Hz Refresh Rate
  • HDR – Active HDR with Dolby Vision
  • HDR10 | HLG | Dolby Vision
  • Ultra Luminance


  • DBV-T2/C/S2
  • 4 HDMI Ports
  • 3 USB ports (1x 3.0)
  • Hi-Fi Audio
  • 2.2 ch 40W Speaker System with Dolby Atmos (Built-in Soundbar)
  • LG webOS 3.5
  • For more information, visit LG Electronics.


Picture Quality


The LG OLED55E7N is probably one of the most stunning and top notch TV for the year 2017. OLED display panel gives the best black depth and level to any television. Black is pitch black for this TV.

Colour reproduction is stunningly amazing too. As long as you configure the TV’s settings right, it’ll deliver stunningly deep, rich, natural colours that surpasses the previous LG OLED generation.


The OLED panel used for the OLED55E7N has a brightness that can pick a little over 700 nits for HDR (about 800 nits), which might be a minor improvement but is still an improvement compared to last year OLED models.

In terms of motion handling, the performance of the OLED55E7N is quite similar to the last year’s E6 OLED models.

Another worth noting is that the response time of this TV is so fast that the known issue of inherent motion blur of LCD panels is gone on OLED. This means that video or movies that are not shot at high frame rate can get a strobe effect.

Audio Quality

The LG OLED55E7N features a powerful built-in speaker. The speaker system of this TV is a 2.2 ch that uses 40W of power.


LG claims that the speakers are on par with typical soundbar thus the reason why they call the speakers a built-in sound bard. However, despite having powerful speakers and Dolby Atmos credentials, the performance of the audio quality is a bit questionable for us. Although, the audio quality of the built-in soundbar of the OLEd55E7N is by far better than the vast majority of its rivals.


In terms of gaming performance, the OLED55E7N has 21 ms input lag according to our tests. This will surely be loved by many gamers. The lower the input lag, the better the performance of the TV for gaming. As well as with motion handling performance.


The OLED55E7N also features a high refresh rate of 120 Hz which is commonly seen on high-end gaming monitors. This allows you to enjoy video games running at 120 frames per second for that fluidity of gameplay. As long as your hardware allows you to run at that frame rate.

Our Verdict

OLED is definitely the king of picture quality with its stunning and still top of the line overall image reproduction performance. For gaming, it might also be the king of console gaming. So there are lots of reasons to consider the OLED55E7N no matter if you’re a movie lover or a hardcore or casual gamer.

The OLED55E7N, without doubt, is a TV that we will highly recommend.


  • Stunning Picture Quality
  • Very Low Input Lag in Game Mode with Very High Refresh Rate
  • Elegant Thin Glass  Design


  • Expensive
  • Banding Issue With Generic HDR Contents
  • Speakers Can Be Divisive
LG Electronics OLED55B9PLA 55-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart OLED TV with Freeview Play - Black colour (2019 Model) [Energy Class A] with Alexa built-in
  • Organic self emitting pixels achieve the deepest levels of black due to their unique ability to completely switch off - no light is emitted or passing through the pixel
  • ULTRA HD 4K resolution is four times that of Full HD producing brilliant clarity and vivid details that amaze, even when viewed up close
  • The 2nd generation α7 Intelligent Processor allows for the premium image quality of OLED TV bringing a clearer and brighter viewing experience and AI processing can enhance any image
  • LG TV's can recognise major High Dynamic Range formats such as HLG, HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Technicolor, so you get the HDR experience, no matter what HDR entertainment you're enjoying
  • Find information and control smart home devices by speaking into your LG Magic Remote (purchased separately) or use your Alexa devices (purchased separately) to control your TV with a simple voice command (Alexa available via update mid 2019)"