Review – LG OLED65E7V 65″ 4K Ultra HD OLED Smart TV

Today, we take a look at one of the most expensive and considerably LG’s flagship TV for 2017, the LG OLED65E7V. It’s being sold on Amazon. It basically offers OLED picture quality with Ultra HD capabilities and stunningly powerful audio. Is this TV worth investing into? Let’s find out!




  • 65-Inch Display Size
  • OLED Display Panel
  • Ultra HD 4K Resolution (3840 x 2160)
  • Active HDR with Dolby Vision | HDR10 | HLG
  • Ultra Luminance
  • 120 Hz Refresh Rate
  • True 10 Bits Panel Bit Depth
  • 22 ms input lag
  • WRGB Panel


  • Analog (NTSC/PAL/SECAM)
  • DVB-T/T2/C/S2/S
  • M16P System on Chip
  • LG webOS 3.5
  • 4.2 CH Dolby Atmos Speakers
  • 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Dimensions: 1461 x 877 x 62mm (W x H x D)
  • For more information, visit LG Electronics.

Picture Quality


Despite having a massive 65-inch display size, the LG OLED65E7V is already pretty good out of the box. After spending some time watching movies and playing with the default configuration, we tend to find ourselves making simple fine adjustments to what is already a superb image.

We further test the picture reproduction of this TV by playing Marco Polo and the LG OLED65E7V performed an amazing job. Especially on the lantern scene in the first episode, the OLED display perfectly did its job, with its floating lights against a pitch black sky.

The LG OLED65E7V is clearly an improvement on last year with a 25% increase in peak brightness and in detail. Not only do the lanterns stand out more brightly against the blackness of the night sky, they also glow naturally like your seeing the real thing. The scene surely did a stunning demonstration of OLED’s strengths.


Praising an OLED TV for its black performance is the new standard these days, but it still impresses us especially compared against LCD/LED.But, the LG OLED65E7V is still inferior in terms of brightness against LCD models.

After watching a few episodes of Marco Polo, this TV makes every scene look striking, without over saturating anything that will make it look unnatural. Detail levels are excellent, when watching a 4K Blu-ray content or even 1080p movies.


The LG OLED65E7V also has a neutral and natural approach to colours with a wide range of colour palette provide a high level of colour accuracy every scene. For a TV this size, we highly recommend getting the best out of 4K. The picture quality of this TV is deeply amazing with its clarity and control of the image. Really impressive.


Gamers will definitely love this TV. Offering a stunning picture quality along with its low input lag of 22 ms on game mode. It is by far the lowest input lag from high-end TV’s that we have ever seen.


It also features 120 Hz of native refresh rate for that fluidity and smooth experience of gameplay when playing video games. Allowing you to enjoy 120 frames per second if your PC or Console allows you.


The LG OLED65E7V has powerful built-in speakers. It features a 4.2 CH Dolby Atmos speakers. It basically has 2 speakers on each side that use 10 W of power and with one 20 W subwoofer on each side.


Giving you that audio quality with a strong punch. For us, the audio is great. You won’t even think about adding a soundbar once you hear the audio reproduction quality of this TV.

Our Verdict

LG’s OLED TVs are stunningly amazing and it gets better every year. With the OLED65E7V, LG has taken its OLED technology to a whole new level. LG has proved to be one of the most reliable brands in terms of TV with this TV’s superb picture quality. Paired with a powerful built-in audio and jaw-dropping design, and the LG OLED65E7 is really irresistible if you have the budget.

It is being sold for less than less than £3,900 compared to its launch price.


  • Contrast Rich
  • OLED Blacks are black
  • Stunning Audio Quality


  • Expensive
  • Brightness is inferior to LCD
  • No HDR Support