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Review – LG UK6300 Ultra HD 4K TV with ThinQ AI

The LG UK6300 is a 2018 4K TV model that supports multiple formats of HDR content, including HDR10 and HLG. Available in 43, 49, 55, and 65-Inch. It is an entry-level 4K TV from LG and it is the successor of the LG UJ6300, a popular cheap 4K TV in 2017. Unlike the UJ6300, the LG UK6300 now supports HDR10 and it also comes with LG ThinQ AI.

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The LG ThinQ AI is the brands’ exclusive feature to their supported 2018 TV models. It features AI functions such as voice, video, sensor, spatial and body recognition and detection. Giving supported devices a way to learn your preferences and needs in order to save you the hassle of manually managing every device each and every time.


LG UK6300 Ultra HD 4K TV



The LG UK6300 is crafted with a slim, seamless body that’s ideal for any room aesthetic. Similar to its predecessor LG UJ6300, this TV retained the two feet stand design with a thin bezel. However, it doesn’t offer any options to aid you in your cable management.


If comparing both 2017 and 2018 models, UJ6300 and UK6300 respectively, not much has been changed with its overall design. The changes are very minimal. The bezels are thinner than the 2017 but on their side, it looks exactly the same.



The back of the LG UK6300 has a different story. Unlike the UJ6300 the features a glossy plain plastic back cover, this TV has a seamless embossed like back cover made from plastic. In terms of its I/O, the ports are located at the same location. The LG UK6300 features 3x HDMI 2.0 ports, 2x USB 2.0 ports, and all the standard ports that a typical 4K TV would have. Although if you’re looking for DisplayPort or Mini-HDMI port, then you’re out of luck.

LG ThinQ AI – What is LG ThinQ AI?

The LG UK6300 is a new 2018 LG UHD TV with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) ThinQ feature. This TV becomes the hub for the smart home – Using Intelligent Voice control, speak into the LG Magic Remote* to pull up family photos, control light settings, check the weather and more. This feature makes any TV a sophisticated device. Giving you the option to check and gather information without the need to look at your phone or wait for the news channel. The inclusion of Google Assistant is also a welcomed feature for us.

Picture Quality

As one of the cheapest 4K TV in 2018, the LG UK6300 offers one of the best picture quality at this price range. Having a native resolution of Ultra HD 4K, it produces sharper and crisper images. It is also capable of producing pictures with vibrant vivid colours that are very close to lifelike quality. That’s probably thanks to its IPS display panel that empowers the TV to produce a wide range of colour that’s very close to lifelike. Aided with ULTRA Luminance technology, that uses self-lighting pixels to bring the darkest of shadows to life and the brightest scenes to a much more intense level. However,

The UK6300 uses a powerful quad-core processor that minimizes video noise, enhances sharpness and assures accurate colours for a remarkably lifelike 4K picture. This LG 4K TV supports multiple formats of HDR content, including HDR10 and HLG, both optimized with scene-by-scene picture adjustment.

The only issue we found is its poor black uniformity and low contrast ratio. However, that’s pretty much expected from a cheap 4K TV.

Audio Quality

LG UK6300 Built in speakers

The UK6300 features a 20W built-in 2.0 CH Down Firing speakers. Overall, it gets the job done but a soundbar would definitely be better by a margin. The built-in speaker is decent overall but the bigger the room, the more disappointing it gets.



LG Uk6300 4K UHD TV Gaming PlayStation xBox Sony Microsoft

The LG UK6300 is probably one of the best cheap 4K Ultra HD Gaming TV on the market. It has an outstanding low input lag of ~11 ms, which definitely will please many gamers. However, Game Mode is the only mode that offers low input lag for HDR gaming because when HDR is set and when the input’s icon is set to PC or console, the TV acts as though the input is not a PC/Console system. That’s one important thing to note about this TV but overall, it’s probably the best 4K gaming TV of 2018 that cheap and affordable. Literally without breaking the bank.

Our Verdict



  • Latest LG EcoSystem | LG ThinQ AI | Google Assistant | LG webOS 4.0
  • Multiple HDR Platform | HDR10 | HLG | Active HDR
  • Affordable 4K HDR Smart TV
  • Outstanding Input Lag


  • Poor Contrat Ratio
  • Black Uniformity
  • 60Hz Panel
  • RGBW Pixel Pattern

The LG UK6300 4K Ultra HD TV offers an average picture quality but it’s the best one so far for its price range. The only issue we have with it is the low contrast ratio and the poor black uniformity. The black tends to look more grey rather than actually black but that’s an expected issue given that we can only achieve such feat with OLED. Although the issue can be ignored or less problematic when setting it in a bright room.

In terms of gaming, this TV offers an outstanding performance with a very low input lag. Although the same thing cannot be said with its refresh rate of 60Hz which is standard nowadays. So if you’re looking into jumping the 4K Ultra HD TV system but on a tight budget, this TV could be the one for you. It features the latest and has the latest as well as a decent to outstanding performance but don’t expect any miracle or any QLED or OLED quality performance.

LG 43UP75006LF 43 inch 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV (2021 Model) with Freeview Play, Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Google Assistant and Alexa compatible
  • Dazzling 4K Ultra HD viewing with vibrant picture quality
  • Absorbing and atmospheric sound quality with AI Sound
  • webOS smart platform with Freeview Play, Netflix, Disney+ and more
  • Instant movie theatre with FILMMAKER mode and HDR
  • Google Assistant and Alexa compatible

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