Review – Panasonic FX700 Ultra HD 1600Hz 4K HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview Play

Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Panasonic FX700 Ultra HD 4K TV. This TV boasts a 1600Hz motion handling engine within its display panel and every essential feature that a 4K TV should have. It’s available in 49, 55, and 6 inches.

As an entry-level 4K TV, the Panasonic FX700 is considered as one of the best 2018 models in this category. With support for multi HDR platform such as HDR, HDR10. HDR10+, and HLG, its definitely a TV to look out for. But does its selling price, starting at, justify its performance? Read our review below to know more about this TV.


Panasonic FX700 Ultra HD 1600Hz 4K HDR Smart LED TV

Panasonic FX700 Ultra HD 1600Hz 4K HDR Smart LED TV


The Panasonic FX700 Ultra HD 1600Hz 4K HDR Smart LED TV is one of those elegant looking, minimalistic, and affordable 4K TV on the market. It features a design concept called “Art & Interior Switch Design”. This TV is available in 3 sizes — 49-Inch, 55-Inch, and 65-Inch.


Art & Interior Switch Design

The Art & Interior Switch Design was first introduced by the brand back in 2017. It was first featured by their DX740 Premium Ultra HD 4K TV lineup.

Panasonic FX700 4K Ultra HD HDR10 Art Switch Design

For the Panasonic FX700, it is basically a design concept that allows you to adjust the feet stand of this TV. You can either set the feet stands closer together or farther away from each other.

Picture Quality

The Panasonic FX700 Ultra HD 1600Hz 4K HDR Smart LED TV is an entry-level TV that features all the basic essentials and necessity of a 4K TV. It has a native 4K resolution with an IPS panel to pair it with as well as Panasonic’s own Wide Colour Spectrum technology. The Wide Colour Spectrum panels allow the picture reproduction to produce images that really do look exactly as their creators intended them to look. Making pictures and image look more realistic and immersive.

Panasonic FX700 Ultra HD 1600Hz 4K HDR Smart LED TV picture quality

The black level of this TV is a bit on the poor side. Due to the design of IPS pixel array, that allows it to have a wide viewing angle, it suffers from a poor black uniformity and poor contrast ratio. It’s more noticeable with HDR contents. Colour reproduction is excellent, its capable of producing images that are very realistic in details and the colour accuracy is spot on.

As we already have mentioned above, the contrast is poor as well. It’s definitely on the poor side when compared against OLED but for an LED display and its price, it’s quite decent enough.

The motion handling of the display of this TV is quite excellent. However, the claimed 1600Hz refers to something else and note the refresh rate of the display. The claim is more useful for differentiating between Panasonic’s own line-up. It doesn’t really translate into its real-world specification and performance.

Overall, the picture quality of this TV is excellent out of the box and we can get better performance once you calibrate the settings properly.


In terms of Audio, the Panasonic FX700 4K TV features a 20 W (10 W x 2) built-in speakers. In terms of quality and performance, the speakers are capable and it gets the job done. However, it lacks the loudness and punches for movies. The issue becomes more prominent when this TV is placed in bigger rooms. We highly recommend pairing this TV with a soundbar like the Panasonic SCHTB8EBK Black 3D 80W 2ch Soundbar.


Panasonic SCHTB8EBK Black 3D Compatible 80W 2ch Soundbar with Bluetooth

Panasonic SC-HTB8EB-K Wireless Soundbar with Bluetooth Wireless Music Streaming
  • Enjoy high quality sound quality of your own music straight from your smartphone or tablet thanks to the htb8’s Bluetooth feature
  • The htb8’s low-profile design lets you place your soundbar in front of the TV without blocking the view. You benefit from a large speaker, while the slim body has been kept
  • Enabling you to make the most of your living space, The htb8’s wall mountable feature allows you to change the sound direction from 0° to 90° depending on whether you choose to pace it on a counter, or on a wall. Create the optimal theatre space to suit your preferences
  • 80W total output power for high quality sound, True to the cinema
  • Bluetooth wireless connection - stream your music wirelessly