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Review – Samsung 88-inch Ultra-Large Q9F QLED TV

Samsung just made their 88-inch flagship Q9F QLED TV. It is also available on various online shopping websites that you can see by clicking here.

The Q9F QLED TV series is Samsungs best TV to offer from their 2017 TV line up. The Q9F QLED looks and feels premium, not just premium but a seriously premium TV. At nearly 75 kg, it is hefty for modern TV standards and its boundless 360 with a clean back finish will surely stun you and captivate your desires for a TV.

What’s more is that the new QLED branding uses Samsung’s third-generation of Quantum Dot technology which is far more advanced than the KS models, Samsung’s flagship TV of 2016.


Samsung 88-inch Ultra-Large Q9F QLED TV

Samsung 88-inch Ultra-Large Q9F QLED TV


  • SRP: £17,799.99
  • 88-Inch Display Size Q9F QLED
  • QLED Quantum Dot Technology
  • HDR 10
  • Smart Hub
  • 3400 Picture Quality Index
  • Motion Rate 240
  • 3840 x 2160 Native Resolution
  • 4.2 Ch Speaker with Woofer (60w)
  • Bluetooth Audio Support
  • TV to Mobile and Mobile to TV Mirroring
  • 360 Video Player
  • DVB-T Ready
  • 4 HDMI Ports | 3 USB Ports | 1 Component/Composite
  • Zero+ Frame Edge Design
  • Quad-Core Processor
  • For more details, visit Samsung Website.

Picture Quality

The c of Samsung makes its most immediate impact with its colors. It boasts a stunningly luminous quality of HDR colour tones across its display panel with rich tones that looks extremely vibrant. The bright tones doesn’t look bleached and retain their richness, and the image’s color detailing in heavily saturated pictures is beautiful.

The screen filtering of the Q9F QLED TV does an effective job of solving common HDR content issues such as looking too dark in a bright room. Its brightness peaks when watching HDR content. Samsung claims that the Q9F QLED TV has a 2000-nit light brightness output but the TV did achieve a couple of momentary 1800-nit peaks according to our experience. The screen is capable of delivering 1500 to 1800 nits or so of HDR brightness when playing a 10% HDR white box.


After watching a bright HDR content such as the Planet Earth II 4K Blu-ray footage, this TV is able to sustain a high peak brightness level far more consistently than other rival HDR TVs. Now that is something that’s really worth considering for this TV. Delivering a stunning boldness and consistency.

This 88-Inch Q9F QLED TV excels when it comes to details. Good quality native 4K images is crisp and clean, aided by the screen’s subtle and accurate colour management. The level of light control is also amazing given that this TV is an edge-mounted lighting system. The sharpness is also amazing when handling motion, either, be it a high frames per second video or freeview sports content.



With its superb upscaling system, sub-4K sources end up looking beautifully detailed and crisp. However, it’s still not a perfect TV given how expensive it is. Despite having a phenomenal light control system, we noticed that it still can’t prevent some HDR scenes from generating faint extraneous light. Lights that are running across dark areas of stand-out bright picture elements.

Another bummer is that this TV loses contrast and colours become saturated when watched from an angle any greater than 25 degrees from the center. Lastly, the colour-banding issues is still present for this TV which is a common issue for Samsung QLED TVs. This issue can affect subtle colour blends in HDR contents, causing you to draw your eye and distract you from watching.



The Q9F QLED TV proves to be a really capable gaming monitor when activating its Game mode, turning in a fabulously low input lag measurement of around 12ms response rate latency. Furthermore, this tv allows you to connect your computer to this TV without any accessories or installation. Also supporting over 6,000 high resolution games with dynamic entertainment.


While there are more TVs out there that offers better sound, the Q9F is loud, clean and detailed enough in its presentation thanks to its 4.2 speakers. Adding a separate sound bar to your set up a mere option rather than a necessity.

Our Verdict…

The Q9F QLED TV 88-Inch is a great TV but there are a few things that will make you think twice before purchasing such an expensive TV and that depends very much on individual needs and preference. If you have a budget and you are willing to spend this much for a TV then sure, go for it. It does leverage those fancy metal-covered Quantum Dots to display HDR footage with more verve and punch than other TVs. However, if your budget falls short then you might want to check out our best alternatives and are more budget friendly 4k TVs.

Lastly, despite falling short of the QLED technology, the 88-Inch Q9F QLED TV still makes a very compelling, HDR-friendly QLED TV to have given all the technology that Samsung equipped this TV for making it a futureproof TV.

  • QLED TV 4K 65" 65"
  • Quantum Processor 4K: Artificial Intelligence
  • HDR Quantum - Unmatched Contrast and Brightness
  • Quantum technology: 100% colour volume
  • Anti-marking


  • QLED picture quality is outstanding
  • Simplistic but modern industrial design
  • External Connection Box


  • Poor Viewing Angle
  • Banding issues with HDR Blends
  • Backlight Clouding Issues

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