RGTech Monarch 50 Indoor Antenna

RGTech Monarch 50This thin black antenna was invented by NASA to provide a clear reception from up to 50 miles of a signal. Thus, this antenna design for HD USED, it is both digital and analog signals from up to 50 miles away and from all directions. This design outlaws the traditional antenna; it catches the Freeview signal and it is suitable with any digital TV. Also, this antenna is the first that put together Ultra-wideband Technology, a technology used in radar, and the same that applied to an antenna created for NASA Jet Propulsion Lab.

Product Description

The first indoor antenna with Ultra-Wideband Technology HDTV. It provides you to watch your favorite Freeview HD program with a great quality picture. It can catch an HD Broadcasting that includes 4K and 1080p to any digital-ready – TV. Hence, it catches stations like HD/UHF/VHF/FM/DVB-T /DAB radio up to 50-mile reception range. Its integrated Ultra_wide band helps boost the reception, while the integrated 4G filter helps eliminate the interference by 4G mobile phone signals. This means this has a multidirectional reception. Best for people who work from homes, a home without cable or with satellite connection. As well as, office, car, caravan, yacht, and many more. You can use it in your desired spot with a 15feet long coaxial cable and a removable double coated foam tape. 

Point Of View

  • Good quality picture and can reach 80 Freeview channels as well as HD. Hence, it receives radio reception.
  • Very easy to set up and lightweight.
  • Good quality signal receptions even in the poor signal location.
  • Affordable and worth the price.
  • Easy to set up, it has its stand. You will only place it in your desired place.
  • Ideal shape and size no problem for the right place because of its high-frequency reception.
  • Compatible with all kinds of smart TV.

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