Best Samsung 65 inch Dyanamic Crystal Colour 4K Ultra HD

The Samsung TV models list never ceases to amaze us with its technological wonders. From flat screens to curved versions, they have a lot to offer families, binge-watchers, and casual viewers. Not to discount what other TV brands have, but Samsung always finds a way to stand out.

Samsung TV sizes vary from humble 39 inches up to a massive 65 inches. But many are concerned about their electricity bills when they go big with their telly. The good news is that many Samsung TVs are made to be energy-efficient. So if you’re ready to take on the “big screen”, we reviewed some of the best picks.

But before we dive into it, here’s a quick rundown on Samsung TV model numbers list’s performance:


To start with, Samsung is famous for their curved TVs. That alone makes them a top pick for home theaters. They a have sleek and slim design, although not as blade slim as what LG models have to offer. Also, a lot of plastic is used in the construction. That’s a big thumbs-up on the weight department but a jeer on durability.

But overall, its mediocre build isn’t a deal-breaker. If you give more value to image and sound quality, that is.


Color and sound wise, most viewers have nothing to complain about Samsung smart TVs. Its QLED, OLED, and OLED models are topnotch in performance. But in general, Samsung doesn’t do well on removing judder. It’s the jittery part when the scene moves fast that the TV can’t smooth the rough edges.

But boy, all these are vindicated in the upscaling aspect. Even a low-quality broadcast can be upscaled to 4K. When it comes to gaming, Samsung is stellar. It has very low input lag which makes it a very versatile option.

Overall value

With its massive, 65-inch build, Samsung TVs get a 9 out of 10 rating. There may be some bits and bobs that aren’t impressive, but it’s normal in all appliances. It’s a total value for money here.

So now that you have an idea, here are the best options:

Samsung LED smart TV 65-Inch Dynamic Crystal Colour

Samsung LED smart TV 65-Inch Dynamic Crystal Colour | samsung tv

If you want clarity, functionality, and high-end technology in one, this Ultra HD TV is a catch. All your connected devices and content can now be accessed through the 2018 Smart Hub. It has life-like colors which is highly adjustable if you want a different deepness.

This Samsung TV also has a DVB-T2CS2 tuner which is an added perk for your viewing experience. And as promised, this is energy efficient. It consumes meager 164 kilowatts if used for 4 hours a day throughout the year.

Another feature here is the hidden cable system for less clutter. It comes with two remote controls too: a regular one and a smart remote controller.



SMART Ultra HD MU6400 65-Inch Samsung TV

SMART Ultra HD MU6400 65-Inch Samsung TV

This MU6400 TV banks on its image clarity and adjustable contrast and color tones. This isn’t surprising as this Samsung model has the combination of High Dynamic Range and Active Crystal Color. It comes with the One Remote Control to easily browse content. But is the remote far from your cozy spot? No need to fuss since you can control the TV using your smartphone.

Its 4K LED technology is one for the books. Even if you’re not getting the Samsung OLED TV 4K, this is still a worthy investment. It comes with a built-in Freesat and other apps to keep you busy. If you don’t want to miss anything, you can record the shows using a memory stick. The files will be encrypted and it will only work on this TV.


4K Ultra HD 65-Inch UE65NU7100 Samsung Tv

4K Ultra HD 65-Inch UE65NU7100 Samsung Tv

Looking for the best 2018 model? The Samsung UE65NU7100 is a total stunner. As a given fact among Samsung TVs, this has true to life colors courtesy of its Ultra HD 4K resolution. Its Auto Motion Plus technology will make viewing more immersive as if you’re included in the scene you’re watching. It feels like you’re watching from the stands.

It has an outstanding brightness setting and an impeccable shadow detail that never lags. If you want to manage your files with ease, use the 2018 Smart Hub. It has clarity and functionality all at the same time. This TV also has a DVB-T2C tuner.


Samsung UE65MU6120 65-inch HD TV

Samsung UE65MU6120 65-inch HD TV | samsung tv

Putting your money on Certified Ultra HD TV is something you wouldn’t regret. The color detail on this TV is present in all of Samsung’s 65-inches. Nothing new, though, but equally enjoyable in terms of viewing. Using the One Remote Controller, there’s nothing else a binge-watcher could wish for.

The only note here is that the upscaling isn’t the best for low-quality videos. But anything above 720p would be a visual treat. There’s also backlight fogging when all the lights are off which can be fixed by getting a white LED lamp. This can be a deal-breaker, but considering the quality, you’ll never regret keeping it.


Samsung UE65MU6200 65″ 4K Ultra HD TV

Samsung UE65MU6200 65" 4K Ultra HD TV | samsung tv

If you want to experience the curved Samsung smart TV models, the Samsung UE65MU6200 is beyond compare. It has a Mega Contrast ratio, built-in apps, and well-rounded connectivity. The only disappointment here is the lack of ports for headphones.

The TV HD channels here are crystal clear. But if the normal channels look bluish, a check on the aerial connection will diagnose the problem.

If you want to rest your eyes from viewing, you can explore the AM/FM tuners. It can also handle mpeg4 files and gaming. This is a 2017 model, but the 4K resolution will never make you feel that it’s a year behind.


This Samsung TV models list is just a quick look at what this brand has to offer. It’s just a proof that Samsung has established its name and reputation in the television industry. If you’re saving up for a home theater, might as well go big with these options.

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