Top 5 latest Samsung tv reviews of 2023

Let’s just admit it, even if we go through thousands of Best Samsung Smart TV online, half of the people only filter out the Samsung products and buy one of them. Here is top 5 Samsung tv reviews provided.

Without a doubt, Samsung has set an example for the best TV. Therefore, for all the such hardcore Samsung fans, we are here with the new exciting list of Best Samsung Smart TV in every size and price range.

Most of the people who are here are only because of the Samsung brand model and will only choose Samsung product over anyone else. Therefore, for the same reason, we have got this post exclusively for Samsung lovers.

If you are not focused on any one brand can just want a Best Samsung Smart TV. You can check out our other posts where we have compared all the TV according to the size of the screen.

However, for the people who are looking for only Samsung Smart TV, here are some of the Samsung tv reviews you can take a look at.

1. Samsung 43 Inch Q65C QLED 4K Smart TV

Samsung 43 Inch Q65C QLED 4K Smart TV

If you are a big screen lover, this is the best Samsung smart TV you should take a look at. It comes in 5 different sizes starting from 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, and for the people who are looking for the huge screen TV, they also have a variant with a 65 and 75-inch display.

Most of the people will only choose either 43-inch or 55-inch, you can go with the one that you like the most and are comfortable watching the TV in. You can also get TV without HDMI cable in case you already have and want to save some money here.

Moreover, talking about the screen resolution, it is 4K smart TV with true ultra HD colors. It gives amazing cable management as the cables are hidden, it means the cables are also cluttering free. As the model is provided by Samsung.

You will find the Best Samsung Smart TV hub to explore the channels. Moreover, it consists of HDR 10+ and for the same reason, you will get amazing colors, brightness control. And gives you the standard quality picture. It has wireless connectivity technology. It has an energy class A.

The LED display makes the screen looks the best. Moreover, the image aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9 which makes it the best image quality.

Also, the model is new and was launched in 2023. So, you will get all the modern features that you are looking for. If you are worried about the budget, you will get the TV at an affordable rate.

However, if you think, it is a bit expensive, you can surely choose different screen size or go with our other pick for Best Samsung smart TV, UK.

Samsung 43 Inch Q65C QLED HDR 4K Smart TV (2023) - Quantum HDR QLED TV With Alexa, Dual LED Technology, Crystal 4K Processor, Object Tracking Sound, Built In Gaming TV Hub, Slim Profile & Multi View
  • Stunning 4K QLED Visuals With Dual LED & Quantum HDR - Powered by Quantum Dot, our QLED 4K TV delivers over a billion colour shades for a vibrant image. Dual LED provides bold contrast with true to life colour and Quantum HDR improves brightness.
  • Immersive Audio That Suits Your Space - With Adaptive Sound and Object Tracking Sound, our Samsung QLED TV offers cinema style audio that adapts to what you are watching & puts you in the action. Add a Samsung Soundbar for harmonious Q-Symphony too.
  • Console Free Gaming & Smart TV Streaming Built In - More than just a television, our Samsung QLED TV has a built in Gaming TV Hub for console free gaming, just connect a controller! With Samsung TV Hub, access BBC iplayer, Netflix, Prime Video & many more.
  • Easy To Connect, Control & Communicate - Our Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV comes with Alexa and other voice apps built in as well as multi-view, and video call apps for easy communication. Also, connect your way with Bluetooth, WiFi and HDMI ports.
  • Always Remember To Check The Label - Does your box say Q60C on it? Not to worry, the Q65C Smart 4K TV belongs the Q60C class of TVs as an advanced model! They use the same style of box, but the Q65C is a different TV. Check the Amazon Label.

2. Samsung AU7100 50 Inch 4K Smart TV

Samsung AU7100 50 Inch 4K Smart TV

The next Best Samsung Smart TV for you is this model with 50-inch screen size. Talking about the other variants, you can get different screen size namely 43-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch or, you can get it for 85-inch.

We have selected the variant with the 50-inch screen because of the price as well as the comfort. Most of the people will prefer either 43-inch or they will go with 50-inch.

However, if you like a big screen TV at your house, you can surely for this variant. Just like the model we have mentioned above, here you will get different screen size along with the ultra HD display.

In other words, you get 4k screen resolution where you can easily see the each and every single little detail carefully. This is most loved Best Samsung Smart TV as the color and the overall picture quality is just amazing.

Also, you will get the best experience even if you go with the bigger screen on this model. There is nothing more amazing than a 4K screen and a bigger screen.

Moreover, you can stream your favorite shows on the TV as they have adjustable brightness options with great sound. You can also explore variant channels using the Samsung Smart Hub.

In this way, the TV is one of the best Samsung smart TVs that you can go for. You can get the model at a little less price than the one we have placed at #1.

Samsung AU7100 50 Inch (2021) – Crystal 4K Smart TV With HDR10+ Image Quality, Adaptive Sound, Motion Xcelerator Picture, Samsung Q-Symphony Audio And Gaming Mode - UE50AU7100KXXU
  • Home Entertainment Excellence With The AU7100 – A Smart, Ultra HD TV that delivers it all, the Samsung 50 Inch AU7100 smart tv blends stunning visuals, vibrant colour, crisp audio and striking slim fit design to enhance your living space.
  • Get A Powerful Picture With Stunning 4K– Your 50 Inch Smart TV includes Dynamic Crystal Colour and a Contrast Enhancer, so you can watch all your favourite shows in stunning 4K detail, with colours that pop and contrast that gives a clearer image.
  • Experience Audio Perfection with Adaptive Sound on your TV- your Samsung TV adjusts sound in every scene to what’s on screen, so you’ll feel as if you’re part of the action. Q-Symphony allows for a cinema experience when you add a Samsung soundbar.
  • Upgrade Your Office Set-up Or Dive Into Gaming With Your Samsung TV – PC on TV allows you to access your office PC remotely from your Smart TV, so you can do it all, straight from your living room. Our Smart TV also offers an immersive game mode.
  • Start Experiencing Samsung TVs - We believe a TV is more than something you watch. It should inspire, amaze, envelop and immerse you. From quality picture, to elegant design, our TVs push the boundaries of what is possible and what a TV can be.

3. Samsung 50 Inch BU8000 4K Smart TV

Samsung 50 Inch BU8000 4K Smart TV

We have already ranked the TV as #1 when it comes to the best 50-inch Samsung smart TV. The dark titan TV also manages to get in the list of our best Samsung smart TV.

It is a smart TV that does not have ultra HD display and hence for the people who are looking for an affordable option here, you can go with this one.

The TV comes with 1080 pixels display, that makes it Full HD resolution. It is pretty good, not as excellent as compared to the Ultra HD but you can surely go with this one if you want to save some money and also want to get a better screen.

Moreover, it has a cloud gaming feature which makes it the Best Samsung Smart TV for the gamers out there. The sound output is 20 W and it has energy class A. The overall sound quality is excellent.

Talking about the picture quality, you won’t enjoy as much as you do in the Ultra 4k screen but it is a good option to go with. You can explore the channel using its smart hub.

You can also connect the TV using USB, HDMI, and Ethernet. It has an LED screen and you can get under For the people, you really liked this model but want the same model in different screen size, here is sad news for you.

Unfortunately, you can only get this model in Best Samsung Smart TV 50-inch screen size. If you want a bigger screen, you will have to go with a different model. 

Samsung 50 Inch BU8000 UHD Crystal 4K Smart TV (2022) - Airslim Design With Alexa & Smart TV Streaming Built In, Object Tracking Sound, Contrast Enhancer, Boundless Screen & Adjustable Stand
  • Immerse Yourself In Exceptional Colour All In 4K - Dynamic Crystal Colour delivers a new level of UHD, allowing you to experience a billion shades of colour for a lifelike, vivid picture no matter what you watch.
  • Super Slim And Elegant Design - The Saumsung BU8000 smart TV offers an incredibly powerful processor within a beautiful, slim design. For a TV that looks great wherever you place it, and easily fits into any space.
  • Incredible Adaptive Audio that follows the action - Experience epic sound AI Adaptive sound on your 4K Ultra HD Smart TV that changes to match the content you are watching or game you are playing for a truly immersive audio experience.
  • Enjoy Your Favourite Streaming Services In One Place With The Smart Hub - Samsung TV Plus offers all your favourite content in one, easy to use place so you can watch a huge variety of content right from your Samsung TV.
  • Start Experiencing Samsung TVs - We believe a TV is more than something you watch. It should inspire, amaze, envelop and immerse you. From quality picture, to elegant design, our TVs push the boundaries of what is possible and what a TV can be.

4. Samsung 55 Inch Q80B QLED 4K Smart TV 

Samsung 55 Inch Q80B QLED 4K Smart TV

Best Samsung Smart TV UE55NU7300 model comes with a 55-inch screen and lots and lots of connectivity options. Before talking about the connectivity options.

The TV has a 4k resolution which makes it Ultra HD resolution. Starting from the crystal clear quality, it has everything that you need to see a clear picture and watch your favorite show in excellent quality. Therefore, you should go to the TV. 

As we mentioned in the first section, here you will get a lot of connectivity options. Some of the options here include HDMI, USB, Ethernet, etc.

Moreover, you can also connect it with wireless LAN and Component/Composite. If you are using the sound system or any of the other devices.

This is the best model you should go with as here you can also connect Optical Digital Audio Out and RF In. Smart TV has an LED screen and uses DVB-T2C as its tuner technology. Also, the image aspect ratio is 16:9.

It is one of the Certified HDR Smart TV and comes with energy class A.  Unfortunately, there are no other variants other than the screen size of 55-inch.

Moreover, It has Best Samsung Smart TV intuitive 2022 Smart Hub. It is Amazon’s choice, so you can check it out. The best part about it is that it has a curved screen. Moreover, it has a clean cable solution.

Samsung 55 Inch Q80B QLED 4K Smart TV (2022) - Dolby Atmos Object Tracking Surround Sound & Alexa Built In, Wide Viewing Angle Screen With 100% Colour Volume, Super Ultrawide Gameview & Multi View
  • Experience Stunning Contrast With Direct Full Array - with precision controlled LEDs within your Samsung TV screen, you'll see ultra-deep blacks and pure whites. Giving you an amazing viewing experience, whatever you're watching, all in stunning 4K.
  • A Game-changing 4K Processor With 100% Colour Volume - Samsung's powerful Quantum Processor 4K delivers glorious picture & sound for a truly breath-taking viewing experience. Our Smart TV also delivers 100% Colour Volume for a dazzling picture.
  • Next-level Audio Performance On Your Samsung TV - Dolby Atmos offers top channel speakers that create a truly immersive and powerful audio experience, for that cinematic feeling at home. With 3D surround sound built-in too.
  • Multiple Voice Assistants & Smart TV Streaming - Choose your favourite voice assistant and control the Samsung TV Smart Hub without moving a muscle. Turn up the volume, pause or play with only your voice, for a simple TV experience.
  • Start Experiencing Samsung TVs - We believe a TV is more than something you watch. It should inspire, amaze, envelop and immerse you. From quality picture, to elegant design, our TVs push the boundaries of what is possible and what a TV can be.

5. Samsung UE43TU7020 43 inch Smart 4K TV 

Samsung UE43TU7020 43 inch Smart 4K TV

There are many of the screen sizes, Best Samsung Smart TV 43-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch. Moreover, it has a Q Color technology, Q contrast technology as well as there is Q HDR.

It is certified HDR 1000 Smart 4K TV. The model is not like other models that we have already seen. It has the whole new QLED technology.

Therefore, the model is not only unique in this entire list of best Samsung smart TV, UK, but it is also very expensive when you compare it with others.

For the same reason, there are many people who don’t prefer to go with such TV and go for normal TV instead. You can choose as per your choice. 

Talking about other features. The TV has HDMI support along with USB. You can moreover connect with Rf in and digital audio out.

This is the best TV if you want to watch your favorite internet shows on Netflix, YouTube or on your cable. For connecting with the internet.

You can do it either with wireless LAN or alternatively, you can do with Ethernet. Just like most of the models of Best Samsung Smart TV, here all the connectivity options are given.

The mode was recently launched, so it has all the new features of today’s generation. Also, the overall look and feel of the TV are amazing. You can directly get the TV from Amazon website.

This series of Samsung is specially made for the QLED technology. So, if you want to check out different model under the same technology, you can surely take a look at the same series.

Samsung UE43TU7020 43 inch Ultra HD Smart 4K HDR TV
  • Crystal Display: Don't settle for anything less than long-lasting, crystal clear colour. With the Crystal Display we bring you pure colour, sharp contrast and brightness that are right up there with 4K resolution.
  • Crystal Processor 4K: Simply relax and enjoy all the content you love, with a 4K upscaling TV that adapts to give you striking Ultra HD picture quality. It even adjusts sound to suit whatever you’re watching.
  • HDR powered by HDR10+: Watch every scene burst from the screen with Samsung HDR TV. High Dynamic Range uncovers all the finest details, even in dark and bright scenes.
  • With the best-selling Samsung Smart TV¹ at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to enjoy TV. From live TV to BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV² and much more, Samsung Smart TV Hub brings all your favourite entertainment together, in one place.


Choosing the best Samsung smart TV

  • Please note that there are different variants of each of these TVs. You can get the TV on a different screen for each of the models.
  • The other thing that you need to keep in mind is while you are going with the smart TV, some of them also have a variant that does not have smart features enabled. So, you need to make sure which one you want to choose.
  • Also, we have only taken some of the most useful and important features. So, you need to check out Amazon for detail review. Alternatively, you can also check our store where you will find each and every feature.
  • Don’t follow the list blindly and choose the one that you think is the best and which fits your needs. We have just selected the top models that you should take a look at.
  • The main requirement for most of the people here is always the screen resolution, you can easily get ultra HD resolution at affordable price. If you want a bigger screen, it will cost you more. So, you can just decrease the screen size if the Samsung Smart TV you want to go with is going out of your budget.
  • Also, we have only picked the best ones from the Samsung brand that is available on Amazon. You can simply buy from the link given below each of the reviews.

So, keep these and mind and you can proceed to purchase your favorite Samsung Smart TV in the UK. Happy shopping.

Samsung tv reviews

Samsung tv reviews

Samsung TVs have consistently proven to be a reliable and popular choice among consumers. With their advanced technology, innovative features, and high-quality display, Samsung has established itself as a leading brand in the television industry.

Samsung TVs are known for their exceptional picture quality, offering vibrant colors, sharp contrast, and deep blacks. Whether it’s a high-definition or 4K resolution, Samsung TVs deliver an immersive viewing experience, bringing movies, TV shows, and games to life. Additionally, their HDR (High Dynamic Range) capabilities further enhance the visual appeal by delivering a wider range of colors and better overall brightness.

Another notable aspect of Samsung TVs is their sleek and modern design. They feature slim bezels, sleek stands, and thin profiles, allowing them to blend seamlessly with any home décor. Samsung also offers a variety of screen sizes to cater to different preferences and room sizes.

Samsung has invested heavily in developing smart TV capabilities, incorporating their Tizen operating system into their television lineup. This enables users to access a wide range of streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, directly from the TV. The intuitive user interface and user-friendly remote control make navigation and content selection effortless.

Furthermore, Samsung TVs often come equipped with additional features like voice control, built-in Wi-Fi, and multiple HDMI ports for connecting various devices. They also offer support for various connectivity options, including Bluetooth, USB, and screen mirroring, allowing users to enjoy a seamless multimedia experience.

While Samsung TVs generally receive positive reviews, it’s important to consider individual preferences and requirements when choosing a TV. Factors such as budget, room size, and specific needs should be taken into account to make the best decision. Reading customer reviews and comparing specifications can provide valuable insights to ensure a satisfying purchase.

Overall, Samsung TVs have established themselves as a reliable and top choice among consumers due to their impressive display quality, sleek design, and extensive smart features. With their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Samsung continues to set the bar high in the television market.

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