Samsung ue40ku6000 reviews 40 inch tv 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

When it comes to 4K TV. The best Samsung ue40ku6000 reviews High Dynamic Range is one of the latest features. That one should know and the Samsung UE40KU6000 is one of the first 4K Smart TV. That possess this feature.

Let’s take a closer look at the Samsung UE40KU6000 40-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV and see if it offers value for your money.




  • 40-Inch Screen Size (101 cm)
  • TN Panel
  • 50Hz Refresh Rate (100 Motion Rate)
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Digital Broadcasting (DVB-T2C/DVB-C) / Analog Tuner
  • 3 HDMI Ports
  • 2 USB Ports333
  • 1 (Y/Pb/Pr) Component In Port
  • 1 Ethernet Port RJ45
  • Quad-Core Processor
  • Supports Wi-Fi Connection
  • Dolby Digital Plus DTS Sound System
  • Built-In Streaming Service
    • Amazon Instant Video
    • Netflix
    • Catch up TV
    • HBO Go
    • Hulu
    • Pandora
    • YouTube
    • M-GO
  • For more details, Visit SAMSUNG.

According to Samsung, the Samsung ue40ku6000 reviews. After all, Ultra HD Smart TV has a picture quality index (PQI) of 1300.

What is Picture Quality Index (PQI)?

Samsung’s Picture Quality Index (PQI) rating is Samsungs very own rating that they use to rate the quality of their TV.  

It is affected by a number of factors such as resolution, colour and other image enhancement techniques. Basically, the higher the PQI, the better the TV but one should keep in mind.

That PQI does not apply to all brands of TV in the market. It only applies to Samsung TVs.

What is HDR?

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) simply means. That a TV with this feature can provide better contrast, greater brightness levels. And a wider color palette.

In simpler terms, HDR aims to recreate an image that’s closer to the actual scenery. When seen by the human eye.

Closer Look – Display Panel


At a closer look, the Samsung ue40ku6000 reviews Ultra HD 4K Smart TV boasts an elegant and modern design. Its display panel is capable of displaying 4K content.

And it further enhances the viewing experience thanks to the native support of HDR for this TV.

The image quality is impressive. After all, Despite being an entry-level 4K Smart TV, the shadow details, color, image reproduction. As well as, and image quality is on par with those that are more expensive models.

The display panel is rated 100 Motion Rate. Which means that it is capable of 50Hz refresh rate. For gaming, that means it is only capable of producing 50 frames per second.

Which is quite okay for console gaming. Where most games are locked at 30 frames per second. But the experience might not be so pleasant. When used with high-end PC for gaming.

Overall, the quality is by far amazing for its price.

Closer Look – System – Samsung ue40ku6000 reviews


As a Smart TV, the Samsung ue40ku6000 reviews features a quad-core processor. After all, And a built-in cloud game, web browser, and Apps. This TV uses Samsung’s very own operating system.

This TV also supports the use of Miracast. After all, Wi-Fi Direct, and TV to Mobile Mirroring. This means that this TV gives you the option to watch TV on your phone. After all, or tablet or have your phone or tablet display on your TV.


Lastly, this TV has a built-in UHD Upscaling technology by Samsung. Which means that it converts a non-4K content into 4K quality for that better viewing experience.

Closer Look – Audio – Samsung ue40ku6000 reviews

Samsung ue40ku6000 reviews

In terms of audio quality, this TV features Dolby Digital Plus sound system and uses 2 channel speakers with down-firing bass reflex. 

After all, Dolby Digital Plus is basically a digital. After, audio compression scheme developed by Dolby Labs. It is designed to produce a higher quality of audio. Through multi-channel digital audio.

What’s a bit disappointing for us for this TV is that it doesn’t have a 3.5mm audio port for those. That wish to use their headphone with this TV.

Now that’s something to consider if you plan to buy this TV. If it doesn’t bother you, then this TV will be a great choice.

Our Verdict – Samsung ue40ku6000 reviews

Samsung ue40ku6000 reviews

The Samsung UE40KU600 UltraHD 4k Smart TV is a great value TV. Though it may not be a 2022 model, that’s what makes this 4K Smart TV a great buy.

With all of its features and capabilities, you can’t go wrong with this TV.  The price will definitely be cheaper in the future. As well as, more 2022 model becomes available from Samsung and from other brands.

The Samsung ue40ku6000 reviews is like your personal theatre at home rather than a TV. After all, Thanks to its features such as 4K native resolution.

After all, UHD Upscaling technology, HDR support. As well as, And a Dolby Digital Plus audio system. As well as, Picture quality is superb. That is to say, and is on par with those far more expensive models.

Overall, the Samsung ue40ku6000 reviews Ultra HD 40 Inch tv. After all, 4K Smart TV is one of the best 4K Smart TV. That you can buy.

As well as, Unless, of course, if you prefer the latest models. Otherwise, in terms of price and features, this TV really puts the value on your money.

Samsung Series 6 J6300 40-Inch Full HD Smart Curved LED Television with Freeview HD (2015 Model)
  • Immerse yourself in the perfect Curved Full HD TV with 800 PQI
  • The leading Smart TV platform now faster with further streaming, catch-up and app services
  • Enhance your viewing with auto Depth Enhancer
  • Powerful Performance with Quad Core Processor

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