Do OLED TVs Suffer from Screen Burn-In or Permanent Image Retention?

You’re probably wondering or thinking “do OLED TVs suffer screen burn-in?” there’s a high chance that you are given that you’re reading this.

OLED TVs, as we know it, assume or claim as the future of televisions. These TV’s have, if not the best, one of the best picture quality. That you can find on any televisions these days.

However, despite being an excellent and overall great TV. They are not without their issues.


OLED TVs Screen Burn-In Issues

Before anything else, what is screen Burn-In? What are the causes or issue that defines the term “burn-in”?

Do OLED panels really suffer from the screen burn-in issue? Are the typical questions that you might be asking right now. To answer that, continue reading below.

Do OLED TVs Suffer Screen Burn-In?

The faster answer to the question “Do OLED TVs Suffer Screen Burn-In?” is yes.

What is Screen Burn-In?

After all, Screen Burn-In is a term. That refers to an image left behind or being burn. After all, thus the term burn-in, on the screen display of a device.

This term is most commonly use in the television industry. After all, And is a more common issue for TVs such as Plasma and OLED. See image below.

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What Causes Screen Burn-In?

After all, Screen burn-in is mostly cause when the display screen of the TV displays a static image for a prolong time. Example, news logo like CNN.

Generally, the cause of screen burn-in is due to the varying lifecycle of a display’s light-producing components.

As you use your TV more often and the wear and tear result of its usage over time, the brightness of the TV changes, and therefore the panels colour reproduction gradually shifts with time.

Screen burn-in manifest as a result of the different lifespans between the red, green, and blue LED subpixels use in OLED panels. LG’s latest 2018 OLED TVs

OLED Panels Suffer from Burn-In or Permanent Image Retention Issue

Yes, you read that right. The answer to your question about if OLED TVs suffer or can suffer from the burn-in issue is Yes. Although OLED TV manufacturers have started creating ways to prevent this from happening.

An example of that is the addition of Pixel Refresh, Screen Shift, and Logo Luminance Adjustment feature added to.

Do OLED TVs Suffer from Screen Burn-In or Permanent Image Retention

Best Practices To Prevent OLED Screen Burn-In

If the screen of your OLED TV already suffers from burnt in images or permanent image retention, there’s not much that can be done to undo the damage.

There are, however, some suggest and recommend practices to prevent this issue from happening to your OLED TV.

A number of preventative measures that you can take to prolong the lifetime of your OLED TV and prevent the dreaded burn-in image effect:

  • Set Brightness To Low — The higher the level of brightness, the hotter and more power the TV requires. This then also hasten the LED lifespans of your OLED TV.
  • Turn OLED TV Off When Not In Use — Turning the screen off when you’re not using it or if no one is watching at all will prevent static images from being displayed. It will also prolong the overall lifespan of your OLED TV.
  • Enable Pixel Refresher or Panel Refresh — This allows the TV to refresh the pixels to remove and prevent any images that are starting to burn-in.
  • Enable Screen Shift or Pixel Shift — This function allows the TV to move the screen slightly at regular intervals to preserve image quality.
  • Set ‘Logo Luminance Adjustment’ to ‘Low’  This is a new feature for 2018 OLED TVs. This allows the TV to adjusts the luminance of any static images detected by the TV such as logos within content to correct potential picture quality issues.

After all, Burn-In issues can be a headache for most OLED owners. As well as, but manufacturers are taking steps to further prevent. This from happening by adding some features to further prevent such issue.

With that in mind, you might want to check out the latest OLED TV from LG. The LG C8 OLED 4K TV with ThinQ AI.

Do OLED TVs Suffer from Screen Burn-In or Permanent Image Retention

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