September 2019 Best DVD Player

DVD players are staples in every home entertainment package. Getting the DVD player best buy nowadays is part of keeping up with the digital age at an affordable price. This piece of technology has gone through various modifications. As new technologies surface, its original build is retrofitted to include wireless connectivity, Blu Ray system, and the likes.

With an array of features to choose from, there are cheap DVD players for everyone. Here, we’ve reviewed three of the best sellers that don’t feel like daylight robbery.

Sony DVPSR760HB.CEK DVD Player

Sony DVPSR760HB.CEK DVD Player

Sony has always been a top choice when it comes to family entertainment. And to our surprise, we’ve found this DVPSR760HB. CEK DVD Player that’s way cheaper than their usual offers. Though affordable, this is loaded with features that bring audiovisual experience into new heights.

This Sony DVD player has an image-enhancing technology for deeper colors and crisp images. And since this is compact, it can fit almost any living room. It has an HDMI cable that allows TV connectivity in an instant.

The best thing is that this DVD player can memorize resume points for up to six previous discs. Just play it and continue where you left off. You can also control both the TV and the player with just one remote control.



LG DP542H DVD Player

LG DP542H DVD Player

No need to settle for standard viewing. The LG DP542H DVD Player offers a full-spectrum 1080p up-scaling. You can now enjoy your favorite shows in almost full HD quality. It allows a more immersive experience together with its progressive scan technology.

There’s no need for DVD player download as this LG player will give everything you need. It doesn’t flicker and the images always look fuller. You might even think that you have a top-dollar player in your living room.

It can also playback everything including movies from the web and multiple formats. Aside from the stunning image projection, LG also does it well with the crisp audio.

As a multi-region DVD player, this offers more functionality for various video formats. This is pretty easy to use. Just remove your old player, toss it in anywhere you want, and plug-and-play this LG model.



Panasonic DVD-S500 Multi-region DVD Player

Panasonic DVD-S500 Multi-region DVD Player

From one of the leading brands, you simply can’t go wrong with Panasonic. Its DVD-S500 Multi-region DVD Player will provide smooth and trouble-free viewing.  You’ll enjoy non-grainy images and excellent color projection.

This is powered with the Dolby Digital sound technology for the best audio quality. Also, this is paired with a detailed video projection from various sources. It can be from Blu Ray DVDs and flash drives. And if a power outage disrupted your viewing, you can pick up where you left off with the power resume technology.

This is a multi-region DVD and one that’s famous among Blu Ray player reviews. Even if it has excellent functionality, it is as affordable as Target DVD player price tags.



A DVD player best buy will give you the enjoyment in the least possible price. As much as top-dollar options are amazing, you shouldn’t belittle what these little babies can offer.

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