Sniper 22 inch small led tv for multi-purpose use

Do you want to have outdoor activities but you don’t want to miss your favorite program? Here is the solution Sniper offers you a small led tv portable 22 inch without any hassle from cable. Portable and comfortable while watching outside your home to your favorite program or even watching movies.

Sniper 22 inch small led tv

Sniper 22 inch HD LED

If you are going out of town or camping but you don’t want to miss your favorite program or you don’t want to feel bored. This portable TV is your partner for viewing outside your home. It small led tv saves more space and no need for more cable best for caravan, camper, motorhome this Sniper 22 inch HD LED TV. This travel TV has its DVB-T2 freeview, DVD player and DVB-S2 satellite TV receiver.

Also, This small led tv has built-in Bluetooth to allow wireless connection for Bluetooth soundbar or headphones. Moreover, with its USB PVR functionality you can plug in your USB drive to record and playback your favorite program and you can pause live TV. Furthermore, it has built-in DVD/CD player so no need for cable wire to connect your player which will give hassle and more space.

small led tv

Also with its built-in DVB-S2 satellite you can receive free satellite and free-to-air satellite television services. All you have to do is to connect a dish of your choice to the standard F connector LBN input. You will also provide a main adapter. For you to power it from your 12 volt to 24volt depends on the kind of vehicle you have. It also comes with a stand when you purchase it. Or you can buy a wall mount if you want to have more space and be safer.

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Very comfortable when setting up and convenient you can enjoy watching your favorite TV program outside your home with good reception and sound. A recommendable small led tv portable TV for vehicle use and traveling. Almost all of the owners of this travel TV. They are satisfied with its features.

Sniper 22″ HD LED Travel TV, DVD, Satellite S2 and Freeview T2, 12V, 24V & Mains. Bluetooth 4.0
  • 12/24 volt power lead for travel use plus mains adapter
  • Freeview HD and HD satellite receivers built in, built in DVD/CD player
  • Built in Bluetooth audio for soundbar or headphones
  • USB PVR function for pausing live TV and recording
  • Grade A LED Screen, very low power consumption 22 watts


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