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Best smallest smart TV with excellent Wi-Fi in 2022

A versatile piece of smallest smart TV technology. That can be used for many different things, from watching TV shows. And playing video games in your living room or movie in the bedroom.

At this present time to Small smart TV is as small as 43 inches. After all, Offer large functionality – if you are a cheap siblings. Without a very space on a television set.

As a matter, To get all the features to your older siblings. Meanwhile, Looking for a cheap way.

Best smallest smart TV All Product List:

Basically, For those looking for a small TV for their living space. The smallest smart TV we list is not a bad option.

They have better picture quality than big TVs. And offers the same streaming features. Without leaving too much detail in standard definition or HD programming. As a high-resolution model.

Let’s overview our top pick of the smallest smart TV. Which not only occupy less space in your home but also have the smartest features. Just like Wi-Fi connectivity and many more.

Best Smallest Smart TV With Wi-Fi | Top Pick

Sharp 1T C24BE0KR1FW 24 Inch small Smart TV

Key Features

With a built-in DVD player. The smallest smart TV is the SHARP 24 “LED smart television. It will be the perfect addition to your living space This HDTV is a slim, light weight design.

Which you can put on the wall or stand under it. Without any complicated setup! Including all its ports with 2 HDMI inputs. So nothing is left out.

Those who want their games to have a resolution higher than 480p (or even 1080i). As a matter of fact, Component video input for them; USB port.

Which can come in handy when connecting an external hard drive. There is enough space inside this TV frame. As well as, So as to be directly connected to each channel. It Can be taken advantage of by using it wisely).

At this present time, SHARP TV has many features. Which makes it perfect for your home After that, Built-in Wi-Fi and recording capabilities. As well as small smart TV streaming capabilities with apps.

Basically, This type of Netflix BBC player YouTube. From any device you own. After all, Live on TV – no shortage of entertainment.

Not only this set playback free view play content through its guide. But it also enjoys built-in PVR functions. So do not miss the lack of interest. All those favorite shows are always ready when needed. “



  • The remote does not quite sit right in your palm

Features Product:

Sharp 1T C24BE0KR1FW 24 Inch Smart TV, HD Ready LCD Display with DTS Studio Sound, Dolby Digital Audio, 2x HDMI 2x USB, Built-in DVD Player, Freeview Play and Wireless Streaming -White, Energy Class F
  • SHARP 24" LCD smart television with built-in DVD player: This HD ready TV features a slim, lightweight design ideal for wall mounting, plus an easy-fit stand. With built in DVD player & remote control included
  • Plenty of ports: Connect to an array of devices using the 2 x HDMI, SCART, 2 x USB, Component, Composite and Digital Optical Audio ports. Ideal for the lounge, kitchen, bedroom, play room, study or student accommodation
  • Built in WiFi plus recording function: A compact 24 inch TV with a multitude of features such as DTS TruSurround, Freeview HD and PVR recording using the USB Record function. In chic white finish
  • Smart TV streaming: With the smart capability of SHARP, you can access a range of apps - such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer and YouTube, direct to your TV. Plus screen share with your smart device using Miracast
  • Freeview Play is live and on demand: You can watch catch up through your TV guide and stay on top of the last seven days’ viewing, so all your favourite shows are available when you want them

Cello 22″ C22230FT2S2 Smart LED

Key Features

At this present time, Cello’s new smallest smart TV A regular television function. Therefore, Well as to handle additional features beside that side. There is an integrated DVD player with a remote control.

So you used to keep in front of your front in front of you. You can increase the entertainment while reducing the place.

The Built-in FreeView T2 HD channels including high definition programming. Allows to view digital content. This child is with old-fashioned TVs when taking so small real estate.

There is no need to use the floor space in the more valuable living room. As well as, Plus, USB input personal hard drive. Or below the memory lane like phon. Would like to connect any other.

However provides easy accessibility. The Cello is perfect for all your needs. It comes with USB and HDMI inputs. Which is the external storage device you.

Or allows to connect to the game console. With two AAA batteries. It will be ready at any time. So that the recording can start directly.

Although there are some TVs (place presence) while doing this task. You do not need any additional equipment.

Because if its wall-mounted design is not sure. Everything that is connected safely. However it helps to keep things tidy.


  • USB with an external storage
  • Built-in DVD player
  • Built-in Freeview T2 HD channels
  • HDMI input included
  • Wall mountable
  • Stunning picture quality


  • Can’t play blue-ray Discs
Cello 22" C22230FT2S2 12 Volt LED TV/DVD Freeview HD and Satellite Tuner Made In The UK, Black
  • Built-in DVD player, with a single remote control provided to operate the DVD features as well as regular TV functions. This allows you to maximise on entertainment while minimising on space used. (DVD located on the right side of product).
  • Built-in Freeview T2 HD channels, which allows you to watch and enjoy digital content including HD channels.
  • The USB input gives you the ability to connect devices such as personal hard drives, mobile phones and similar products to your TV.
  • Utilising the USB with an external storage device connected will allow you to record and even pause live television for later viewing.
  • The HDMI input enables you to connect external devices such as gaming consoles (PS4 and Xbox One).

Avtex 219DSFVP 21.5″ HD TV

Key Features

At this present time, Avanti’s TV does not activate your average smart or WebOS television. This is pre-loaded with applications. Which will expand in the future. At a time For which BBC IPLL And with YouTube you without any internet connection.

Basically, Looking for Lost in Action. Accordingly To clarify Frameless design of the edge from this end. That there Crystal clear words may completely submerge viewers.

After they left work early today. As well as, ITV Hub wakes up late to watch a horror movie.

Because thanks to Avtex technology. All in all, Social media networks and downtime at home. There is no confusion to confuse the users.

Avtex ATSC Tuner is for watching all your favorite shows. A great way, no matter where they are promoted The smallest Avtex smart TV has an input for 12v / 24v DC or 240 volt AC.

So that you without the need for additional equipment. You can enjoy free TV. With so low power consumption. And three years warranty protection from the manufacturer.

It will be hard not to get yourself back after this purchase.


  • Ultra-compact
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Full HD Connected TV
  • Freeview Play and HD
  • Three-year manufacturer warranty


  • The sound quality is not impressive

Toshiba 24WL3A63DB 24-Inch HD Ready smallest smart TV

Key Features

All in all, increased transparency. And go into action with HD image quality for visual details. From Amazon Prime Video Netflix and Free view Play.

Don’t miss your favorite TV show, music video or movie. All this on Toshiba 24WL3A63DB Ultra HD smallest smart TV.

With a wide range of built-in streaming applications. You can access everything at once. At least, Movies / TV via webOS 3. So your Toshiba TV is ready for anything you do.

At this present time, Starting with movies, games or music videos. This device has everything.

The speakers are designed by Onkyo. Which means they’re really good quality. And will enrich your tunes with rich detail

Also, HDMI port 2 to the user. Allows all of their devices to connect without hassle. So that the inputs do not need to be changed. While viewing something on the screen. “


  • HDMI 2 port
  • HD picture quality
  • Built-in streaming Apps
  • Built-in speakers
  • Wall mountable


  • Doesn’t come with a manual
Toshiba 24WK3A63DB 24-Inch HD Ready Smart TV with Freeview Play, Alexa Built-in (2020 Model), Black
  • Alexa Built In: Whether it's helping the kids with their homework, looking up recipes, or playing your favourite music, simply ask Alexa which is built-in to the Toshiba WK3A Smart TV
  • Built In Microphone: The built in far field microphone lets you control the TV without picking up the remote
  • Smart TV: From the latest movies and trending music, to your favourite boxsets, your Toshiba TV has got it all and with the top streaming apps built in as standard, it's up to date and ready to go
  • Great Audio Visual: Get great viewing plus Dolby Audio Processing which provides richer, clearer and more powerful sound to give you an enhanced experience with whatever you're watching
  • HDMI Ports: 2 HDMI ports built in as standard

TCL 32P500K 32-Inch LED Smart Android TV HD

smallest smart tv

Key Features

With a huge range of connectivity options. All in all, TCL smallest smart TV 32P500K. Suitable for those who want to be wire-free and mobile. After all, without an active internet connection.

Watch Netflix on your new TV. As well as, Thanks for its built-in Chromecast functionality. With the help of HDR technology.

Which creates a more intense. And profound contrast to the color – from The Spotless Company. After all, To get this amazing smart LED television of today. There is no better time than now.

The slim design of this smallest smart tv makes it perfect for any room in your home. At least, Makes an ideal partner. Especially, Display on a stand or mount it on the wall with the back bracket. Which is strictly tested.

Firstly, Make sure you have no worries about its durability. Furthermore, Input / output tones of voice recommendations are also included.

Before you buy today See our list above. So that we can help ensure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish. “


  • Runs Android operating system
  • Connect wirelessly
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Accurate contrast
  • Dolby audio


  • Free view Play is not included.

Features Product:

TCL 32P500K 32-Inch LED Smart Android TV HD, HDR, Micro Dimming, Netflix, YouTube, DVB Compatible, Dolby Audio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB 2 x HDMI, Narrow Design for Kitchen, Bedroom [Amazon Exclusive]
  • Watch Smarter:32P500K runs an Android Operating System – watch Netflix, YouTube and more straight out of the box. Enjoy Google Assistant, Chrome Cast and download more via the Google Play Store. Plus plug in and play with HDMI and USB connectivity. Free view Play not included.
  • More colours with deeper contrast featuring HDR and micro dimming technologies – Colours and contrast are intelligently optimised in every frame.
  • Connect wirelessly and be cable free. Connect directly to Wi-fi and Bluetooth, both options are ready to use.
  • A slim design is adopted for more viewing, making it an ideal TV for any room in the house – from the kitchen to the bedroom or for gaming. Display on a TV stand via the foot mounts or hang via rigorously tested rear brackets. Note wall bracket specifications = width 100mm x height 100mm.
  • Worry-Free Warranty: Comes with a 2-year warranty. For support email or call: 0203 795 3308.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do all smart TVs have wireless internet?

A: All Smart TVs have built-in Wi-Fi. And you can connect to your home network during. The setup of a TV or through settings.
Alternatively, if you want to wire internet access to watch videos. While away from Wi-Fi enabled devices. Such as smartphones/tablets, etc. Do not forget to extend an ethernet cable between your router.
And any compliant device to get reliable high-speed data transfer rates.

Q: How can I make my TV a Smart TV?

A: Do you want a smart one to turn on your TV? Well, there are plenty of options. You can choose from Apple TV or Amazon Fire Cube. They are both pretty great.
Another option would be a streaming stick. As well  as, Like Roku’s streaming stick and um … Google Chromecast. If you pack light on the trip with all this extra weight. If you do not mind, proceed directly.
And provides those things. All in all, Fight against such sweet internet access

Q: What is the smallest 4K TV you can get?

A: The smallest size of the latest 4K television set. An interesting feature for those who do not spread to other rooms. Want to fill their living room.
Such as manufacturers and sellers from Korea. In addition, Samsung’s maximum screen size is not more than 32 inches in total. Makes such a television.
The next smaller TVs are available starting at 40 inches. All in all, 8 taller than this smaller model. But still not too big by today’s standards. After all, Either way, you’ll see it

Q: How do I know if my TV has Wi-Fi capability?

A: If your smallest smart TV has Wi-Fi. It’s most likely equipped with an official logo from the Wi-Fi Alliance. You’ll also find this on its settings menu.
Where you can set up networks or connect to one already in use. As well as, making sure that everything is running smoothly. After all, Before leaving work for home.

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