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JVC Fire TV Edition 49” Smart 4K UHD HDR LED TV

JVC Fire TV Edition


A new edition of JVC that provides you the best home viewing with your smart Fire TV. It has complete access to all the external smart devices, where you can watch all the videos, photos, and many more. Plus the smart presence of Alexa helps you a little effort to control everything on your home entertainment.

Product Description

  • It looks all better in 4K with its four times Full HD resolution, you will amaze at the clear and its color definition.
  • With its HDR filling, you will see the best in-depth color and the vivid brightness of a more authentic watching encounter.
  • For the built-in Fire TV, you will enjoy the apps available like the skills of Alexa. And more channels that include Channel 4, YouTube, BBC, Netflix, ITV, Disney and many more without a monthly subscription.
  • This edition of Fire TV aimlessly mixes live broadcast TV and viewing channels on a linked home screen. However, it needs a TV aerial.
  • With the help of Alexa, you can easily control your TV which includes Voice Remote. Also, it launches apps, easy search for TV shows can play music, control compatible smart devices, and many more with your voice. However, if you don’t want to use your voice for the control you can use its available remote control.

Point of View

This is a new generation of smart viewing of our favorite movies and all kinds of videos we want to watch with the control of our voice. Thanks to the smart skills of Alexa it all happens in the way you wanted. JVC 49 inches TV provides you the cinematic experience at the expense of your home space. Most owners of this smart fire TV are amazed by its features. Though it is expensive with its price you will be paid-off due to its complete home entertainment showcase.

JVC Fire TV 50'' Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV
  • Everything looks better in 4K – with four times the resolution of Full HD, you'll marvel at the detail and colour definition.
  • Plus, with HDR content you'll see a greater depth of colour and brilliant brightness for a more realistic viewing experience.
  • With the Fire TV experience built-in, enjoy thousands of apps, Alexa skills, and channels including Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Disney and more (subscription fees may apply).
  • Fire TV seamlessly integrates live broadcast TV and streaming channels on a unified home screen (TV aerial required).
  • Easily control your TV with the included Voice Remote with Alexa—plus, launch apps, search for TV shows, play music, switch inputs, control compatible smart home devices, and more, using just your voice.

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