Sonos Sound System Reviews 2019

Have you ever wanted to have an amazing sound system in your home, with a sleek design that could enhance the aesthetic of your home, while impressing your guests?

Having a Sonos sound system would do all of that and even more. Although they are a little pricey, everyone that experiences these devices describes them with one word: Amazing! Some of the pros of buying these products are that they work with loads of speakers which can be placed in several rooms around the house and they can function independently of each other.

The devices are installed and controlled by the Sonos App and they work with almost any system from radio to Spotify. The box includes the player, an optical cord and a power cord for easy installation.

Some of the cons are that the additional speakers, the box does not indicate that you need a smart device, all tv’s don’t have an optical output and you have to purchase the subwoofer separately. Also, the products are a little bulky.


Reviews of the Best Sonos Sound Systems in 2019

Sound Bar and Subwoofer





Complete with six mid-range speakers and nine amplifiers, these products provide top notch sound to complement any multi-media device. The sound bar alone does not adequately amplify the lower range sounds. Many purchase the subwoofer with it to remedy this. The playbar only comes in black.




Lauded for its size, this compact speaker packs an incredible sound. Like all of Sonos’ products, it runs from the router and an Ethernet instead of Bluetooth, and from the Sonos App, so it functions as long as the Wi-Fi is stable. You can also use your smart device independently while operating it. All speakers come with a function called the true tune that calibrates the sound in each room that it is in. Some of the cons of the play:1 are that the sound only comes out of the front and the bass is a little weak. The colours for the speakers are white and black.

Play: 3

Similar to the Play:1, this midrange speaker can be used with other Sonos speakers or independently. The setup and function are the same, which makes them compatible to work together. The pros are that it has sufficient bass and mid tones due to the built in bass radiator. All Sonos speakers can be used with the bridge (sold separately), and an Ethernet cable which connects to your router. The speakers can also come with a wall mount (sold separately). And, if you play two of them at the same time, you can create a stereo sound.

Play: 5



This is the flagship speaker of the Sonos line. This revamped version of the play:5 seeks to please. It comes with three subwoofers which supply enough bass to create a premium sound. It also has the other standard functions of the Sonos speakers. One sleek difference in this model is that it comes with a touch panel instead of buttons to control functions. It can be coupled with another play:5 for a stereo surround sound or with a sound bar to create a 5.1 surround sound experience.


The benefits of going with the Sonos line are that the name Sonos is synonymous with quality sound, the speakers are top notch and provide consistent quality based off of Wi-Fi. They are equipped with power cords, so you don’t have to worry about charging a battery and they meet all of your sound needs from simple listening to major entertainment.

The major con is the price. The sound bar and the subwoofer are both cost in affordable price. However, if you have the money to spend on quality equipment, these speakers will not let you down. There are other alternative devices that could provide you with a similar experience.

Some purchasers were extremely satisfied with the purchase even though it was way out of their budget. Others experienced it but opted for another brand because they thought it was too heavy in the pockets. Having a surround sound system in your home is not a necessity of life, however, it is a nice amenity for personal enjoyment and entertaining.

If the soundbar and subwoofer are too expensive, you can opt to buy a play:3 speakers instead, or mix and match according to your personal preferences. Another con is the bulkiness of the products. If you have a small living space, the soundbar and two subwoofers could be overwhelming for both you and the neighbours.

The devices are engineered to prevent treble and shaking, but they would still require adequate spacing to function properly. All in all, be wise in your purchasing decisions.

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