Sonos Sound System Reviews 2019

Have you ever wanted to have an amazing sound system in your home, with a sleek design that could enhance the aesthetic of your home, while impressing your guests?

Having a Sonos sound system would do all of that and even more. Although they are a little pricey, everyone that experiences these devices describes them with one word: Amazing! Some of the pros of buying these products are that they work with loads of speakers which can be placed in several rooms around the house and they can function independently of each other.

The devices are installed and controlled by the Sonos App and they work with almost any system from radio to Spotify. The box includes the player, an optical cord and a power cord for easy installation.

Some of the cons are that the additional speakers, the box does not indicate that you need a smart device, all tv’s don’t have an optical output and you have to purchase the subwoofer separately. Also, the products are a little bulky.


# Preview Product Rating
1 SONOS PLAYBAR Wireless Home Cinema Soundbar-Black