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Strong Reception Outdoor TV Antenna

Outdoor TV Antenna


Do you need an antenna for your outdoor activities? An antenna made by Mercury provides the best reception for your outdoor activities. The best antenna you can have for your caravan or boat for clear viewing for your TV, and good sounds for listening on the radio. It is easy to install at an affordable price which people are looking for before the description of the product. In this article, we will know the perks that we can have when we purchase this antenna.

Product Description

With an improved strong reception specially designed for camping and marine use. With a built-in amplifier provides you a clear picture even if the signal in your area is weak. This is easy to install and can even be mounted to a pole of up to 38 mm with the use of a clamp with built-in high gain amplifier 20dB gain and 2db loss. This is also good for your caravan or for your yacht or boat. Even in the middle of the sea, you have a good reception for your TV or radio.

Point of View

People love this antenna for their caravan because of the clear reception both picture and sound anywhere you go. It is also easy to install. Upon purchase, it has an inclusion of amplifier to be set-up inside your vehicle plus a main adaptor and a 12V plug-in which are very useful. Moreover, it receives more than 50 channels in the area where they are located with an excellent reception. Very affordable, and it is worth the price. It lasts longer but depends on how you use it or take care of it. Almost all buyers of this antenna said that this is highly recommendable to use anywhere. Others said they will buy another unit for their home.

Mercury Outdoor TV Aerial Kit for Camping,Caravan,Boat
  • Improved reception model
  • Specially designed for camping and marine use. The built-in amplifier gives a clear picture even if the reception signal is weak. Can be mounted on a pole of up to 38mmØ using the clamp supplied.
  • Ideal for installation on caravans, campers or boats
  • Built-in high gain amplifier 20dB gain , 2dB loss
  • Features a splitter to connect a second radio or TV set

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