Top Multi-Touch Screen Monitor 2019


The touchscreen technologies are prominent in today’s generation – it can be either a phone, tablet and even a television could be used as a touchscreen. However, the touchscreen simply allowing the user to interact with the computer by touching the screen of the devices. Likewise, in today’s era, the touchscreen turns out to be … Read moreTop Multi-Touch Screen Monitor 2019

Review – Philips Brilliance 4K LCD Display (BDM4350UC/00)

Review Philips Brilliance 4K LCD Display BDM4350UC 00

If you’re looking for an affordable or the best monitor in the cheapest category of 4K monitor display, then you have come to the right place. We are taking a closer look at the Philips Brilliance 4K LCD Display (BDM4350UC/00). A monitor display that is capable of Ultra High-Definition resolution at 60Hz. One of its main … Read moreReview – Philips Brilliance 4K LCD Display (BDM4350UC/00)