The Best 16 inch TV to Buy

Cello 16 inch TVAn ideal TV for every door depends on the size of the TV. If you live in a small room, a 16 inch TV is ideal for you to enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows. Also, a 16 inch TV is perfect for your Caravan and motorhome. Choosing the right TV must be something that you will enjoy not only the regular channels but also other features that you will love. Here are some of your choices with other different features that you will enjoy at an affordable price. Moreover, they are UK made TV.

Cello 16 inch TV with Built-in DVD and satellite Tuner

  • With a built-in DVD player, no need to have a separate DVD player that provides you multiple ways of watching your favorite movies and videos.
  • Freeview HD Tuner or satellite allows you to have more channels to view without monthly subscriptions this also includes HD channels.
  • A USB port gives you access to connect other devices like your mobile phones, your hard drives, and other related products for your TV.

Ferguson 16 inchFerguson 16 inch With Freeview HD Tuner

  • Filled with convenient features like built-in satellite tuner T2 HD channels.
    A built-in DVD player for more sources of entertainment. This helps you save space and time to operate.
  • A USB input helps you record your movies and TV program from Digital channels. Or you can also connect your other devices like Skybox to enjoy more sources of viewing and playing games.

The above 16 inch TV is the two of the ideal television brands that you will surely enjoy all kinds of viewing and streaming your favorite movies and video. With its affordable price, you will make your budget in an easy treatment. Above all, they both offer a two-year warranty that will help you save money when something happens to your television.

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