The Best Curved Monitor

Best Curved MonitorFind the best immersive streaming experience with the Samsung curved monitor. It has a 1800R screen and a 1800 mm radius of arc for best curvature.  Hence, it develops a wider field of view, improved depth idea, and lessen peripheral disturbance to draw you wider into your content. It is either an online movie, favorite TV program, or play games. This Samsung’s deeper screen curve will perfectly saturate you in all your multimedia content.

Curved LED monitor

Samsung has a deep curve shape for better streaming comfort. The design of Samsung curved comes from the design of the human eye. The deeper screen size is 1800R curvature provides your eyes to mark smooth across the whole screen. Without the need to change the focus.

Eye saver for better streaming comfort

The Samsung monitor has less blue light emissions, this will help to vitalize the retina better than other colors. Thus, the mode of eye saver helps less eye fatigue and gives more comfort streaming experience. 

Excellent Image Quality

The VA panel of Samsung gives a 3000:1 difference ratio which brings deeper black, brighter whites and full in color for clearer, and vibrant pictures. The technology made in Samsung’s curve display lessen the light leak from the edge of the screen to make sure equal blacks. From side to side the whole streaming area.

Incredible slim design

The slim curve of Samsung panel has an extremely slim 11.9 mm figure, it is like a thin as a ballpoint pen. As well as, it is solid cured figure is more than half as slim as former curved- screen models.

Save energy consumption

A better and much more advantageous Samsung monitor provides energy-savings that brings brightness setting. Thus, the luminescence of screen blacks to less energy use by up to 10% is based on internal testing.

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