The Best Monitors for Graphic Design in 2020 – Our Top 5 Picks

Graphic Design is one of the fields in which the screen is everything. In order for you to provide the best possible work that is accurate, you need a screen that will cater to the needs of modern technological advancements. Therefore, we have compiled a list of BEST MONITORS FOR GRAPHIC DESIGNING. For the most part, successful graphic designers look for a couple of things that make their minds whether or not a monitor is going to give them an edge over others.

This includes Screen Size, Resolution, Color Accuracy, I/O, Look and Feel, and finally, the Price. Hence, let’s get you the right monitor for graphic design.


Choosing Best Monitors for Graphic Design – Factors

Let’s talk about some of the factors that make a monitor worth buying.

  • Screen Size

Size matters (that’s what she said). When it comes to working on high quality and detailed images, the monitor size can take your graphic design game to the next level. Hence, choosing the highest possible screen size while also keeping the resolution in view is something that every graphic designer should look up to. Moreover, it really matters to your work. For example, if you have limited desk space and want to maximize the resolution, a 24-32 Inch Monitor can do the trick.

And if you want to go for dual monitors, it’s better to keep them as concise as possible and spend money on the resolution.


  • Resolution

For a designer, the resolution is basically everything. Having a good monitor for graphic design means having a great resolution. Talking about the pixels on the screen, the more pixels you have, the better the results are going to be. Nowadays, many YouTubers, Filmmakers, and Graphic Designers are using up to 4k or even 16k monitors to go all out. While it’s obvious that it’s to the time t go extreme, 4K remains the best choice for designers.

Moreover, Quad HD (2K) is also a great choice when it comes to wide monitors. However, the cost will increase with an increase in resolution. If you have the budget to spend, consider going for a 4K monitor.


  • Color Accuracy

We all know how important colors are for brand identity and accuracy. Nowadays, most of the monitors have the feature to calibrate colors but still, getting a monitor who has the best colors out of the box is the optimal choice for everyone.

Therefore, you should consider buying a monitor that shows the most accurate colors.


These are the top three factors by which we can analyze the best monitors for graphic design.


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The Best Monitors for Graphic Design – 2020


1. Artisul D16 15.6 Inch Drawing Tablet

Starting off with Artisul D16 Drawing Tab. For a graphic designer, it’s always better to have a pen touch-sensitive monitor. This device features an FHD touch screen display with 8192 pen pressure levels. Take your creativity to the next level with this 15.6-inch display. Now, I know it isn’t the ideal size when it comes to designing. However, for artists, it can be a blessing considering the price point and the features that they give.

You also get the option to customize 7 shortcut keys and the monitor comes with an adjustable stand. All these aspects make this device one of the best monitors for graphic designers. The color are on point and you can see all the details.



  • Beautiful Design
  • FHD crisp display
  • Comes with an adjustable stand
  • Pen Touch support


  • 15.6 Inch Size



2. BenQ PD2700Q 27 Inch 1440p QHD Monitor

monitors for graphic design

Taking things on a whole other level, we have the BenQ’s 27-inch computer monitor for graphic design. With such an eye-catching design comes a high-quality display that is ideal for designing products. With the anti-glare display, you don’t have to worry about the accuracy and reflection of things. The sole purpose of creating this device was to provide the best possible experience for graphic designers.

The 27-inch display with surely awaken your inner creativity. Moreover, there are a lot of ports too and the monitor comes with an adjustable stand. Considering all the pros. this device is one of the best monitors for graphic design and photography.



  • 27-Inch Display
  • 1440p Resolution
  • Flicker-Free and Color Accurate
  • IPS Panel
  • Anti Glare



  • High Shipping Fee




3. Dell P2719H 27 Inch LED-backlit

monitors for graphic design

Dell makes one of the best office LEDs and it’s good to see something new. This computer monitor for graphic design is all about an eye-catching design and powerful internals. Featuring a 27-inch LED-backlit monitor that supports an FHD resolution, this bad boy can get you through any graphic intensive task you want.

Moreover, having a big real estate can really help build up the productivity and creativity level. The IPS panel will make sure to deliver the best possible experience and color accuracy. Considering all the plus points, the Dell P2719H is one of the best monitors for graphic design.


  • IPS Panel
  • 27 Inch LED Backlit
  • Full HD Resolution
  • Rotatable Design



  • FHD Resolution




4. LG UltraWide 29UB67 29-inch 

monitors for graphic design

When it comes to making the best displays, I’ll give the gave to LG. They make one of the best (if not best) monitors for graphic design out there. It’s a super-wide LED coming with a 29-Inch bomb display. Moreover, with an FHD panel, you can do multiple things like Graphic designing, Photo, and Video editing. in addition, even games would look fabulous on this display. The device also supports a rotatable feature.

LG (hands down) is our favorite choice when it comes to monitors for any sort. Therefore, all these aspects make this ultrawide device the best monitor for graphic design.


  • Ultra-Wide Display
  • FHD  Panel
  • Flicker-Free Display
  • Adjustable and rotatable design


  • 5 ms response time (Could be better for gaming)


monitors for graphic design


5. Samsung LU28H750UQUXEN 28-Inch 4K Ultra HD

monitors for graphic design

For the people who want to go all out in this genre. Who has the budget and need for a display that will last longer and will provide the best possible quality? This Samsung monitor is the ultimate choice for graphic designers in 2020.

Featuring a 4K display with a screen size of 28 inches, this is the best choice. Whether you’re a gamer, designer, programmer, or just someone who watches a lot of TVs, this LED will give you the best response time you’ve ever seen in any monitor before. 1ms is ideal for gamers and designers. Moreover, it also supports FreeSync technology to take it to the next level.


  • 1ms Response rate
  • UHD 4K Display
  • 28 Inch Display Size
  • Ultra Slim Beautiful Design


  • None


monitors for graphic design

monitors for graphic design

monitors for graphic design


We have posted one of the best monitors for Graphic Design available in 2020. All the links attached below the product so that you can easily buy them with one click. These monitors will really step up your productivity and creativity game. Believe me, a good screen can actually awaken a mastermind that is sleeping for a long time.


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